What Colour Goes With Lilac For A Wedding

What Color Goes With Lilac For A Wedding? Explained

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Selecting the ideal color scheme is a crucial choice that establishes the ambiance for the wedding celebration. And one charming shade that has been capturing the attention of numerous soon-to-be brides is lilac.

But what color goes with lilac for a wedding? 

Having attended a magical lilac-themed wedding firsthand, I can confidently share that this enchanting color pairs beautifully with various complementary shades. 

Today, we’ll explore which colors work best with lilac, creating a dreamy atmosphere for your special day. Read on. 

What Color Pairs Well With Lilac For A Wedding?

Silver, blush, sage green, gold, and white are all perfect partners for lilac, producing stunning results. For an elegant effect, try pairing lilac with silver. 

To create a romantic [1] and feminine atmosphere, combine it with shades of blush or pale pink. 

Try pairing lilac and sage green to create a fresh, earthy tone that evokes the blooming season. 

Next, to add a luxurious and glamorous feel, gold is a great choice to contrast lilac’s softness. 

Finally, the classic combination of white or ivory with lilac will never go out of style, creating a beautiful, delicate, and sophisticated look.

Is Lilac A Suitable Color For Weddings?

Lilac [2] is a beautiful color choice for weddings, especially in the summer or spring. Its romantic and soft undertones convey elegance and tranquility, making it the ideal wedding backdrop. 

“The smell of moist earth and lilacs hung in the air like wisps of the past and hints of the future.”

Margaret Millar, American-Canadian Writer

Plus, it’s perfect for any vintage, classic, or modern wedding style. It looks great on all skin tones and can be paired with many colors to create a unique and visually stunning wedding palette. 

From bridal dresses to floral arrangements, lilac can add a splash of sophistication to any wedding celebration. But what does a red wedding dress exactly mean?

What Undertone Goes Well With Lilac?

Lilac is a beautiful pastel hue that harmonizes with similar tones, such as yellow, gray, olive green, and orange. 

Gray is an excellent choice for a complementary color as it has a calming effect that allows the lilac to stand out. 

However, warmer shades, including mustard yellow, can provide a vibrant and exciting contrast if you want a more vibrant color combination.

What Does The Color Lilac Represent At A Wedding?

The color lilac holds special meaning at a wedding; it is chosen for its association with romance and affection, making it a perfect fit for honoring love and unity. 

Its delicate hue symbolizes beauty, femininity, and tenderness, infusing the atmosphere with charm and whimsy.

Also, lilac brings a sense of tranquility, creating a calm and peaceful ambiance.

What Colors Are The Most Popular For Weddings?

Floral Backdrop for Wedding

1. Classic White

White remains a perennial favorite, symbolizing purity, elegance, and tradition. It is a blank canvas for incorporating other colors and allows for endless creative possibilities.

2. Elegant Navy

Navy blue has become a sophisticated choice, offering a rich and refined aesthetic. Its versatility allows it to be combined with various colors, creating a striking and timeless palette.

3. Timeless Black & White

The timeless combination of black and white exudes a sense of glamor and sophistication. This classic duo creates a sleek and polished look for formal and modern weddings.

Find out the meaning of a black wedding dress here.

4. Gold

Gold is synonymous with luxury and elegance, often used as an accent color to give weddings a glamorous touch. 

It pairs excellently with various colors, including blush pink, white, and deep hues like navy or burgundy.

5. Petal Pink

Petal pink is a lovely, soft shade full of innocence, loyalty, and joy – perfect for a romantic day. 

“In a dance of elegance, lilac whispers its vows, embracing the grace of a delicate romance.”

– Howkapow Gift Site

A few touches here and there – on flower bouquets, cake decorations, or bridesmaids’ attire – bring an ethereal, dreamy look to the proceedings without being overwhelming.

What Are The Best Colors Wedding Guests Should Wear?

  • Pastels: Soft pastel colors like lavender, mint green, or baby blue are popular for daytime or spring weddings. They exude a light and airy feel, creating a harmonious and cheerful atmosphere.
  • Jewel Tones: Deep jewel tones such as emerald green, sapphire blue, or burgundy add a touch of elegance and sophistication to evening or winter weddings. They create a vibrant and luxurious look.
  • Earth Tones: For rustic or outdoor weddings, earth tones like olive, terracotta, and mauve can be a wonderful choice, blending well with natural surroundings.

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Is lilac an attractive color to wear?

Yes, lilac is an attractive color to wear, as it is a subtle shade of purple and can easily be matched with neutrals and other tones. 

What does the color lilac represent?

Lilac is a color that traditionally symbolizes the joy of youth, innocence, friendliness, and confidence.

Are the colors lavender and lilac the same?

Lavender tends to be a lighter, bluer shade, often associated with the color of lavender flowers, while lilac is typically a bit deeper and pinker, reminiscent of lilac blooms.

Wrapping Up

Having witnessed the magical pairing of lilacs with various colors, I can confidently attest that silver, blush, sage green, gold, and white are all exquisite companions that elevate the beauty of lilacs to new heights. 

Combining these hues yields breathtaking results, creating a visually captivating and harmonious wedding color palette. 

Lilac itself, with its delicate and romantic undertones, is a splendid choice for weddings, particularly in summer and spring. 

Its ability to evoke a sense of tranquility, elegance, and timeless beauty makes it a perfect backdrop for celebrating love and unity.


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