What Are The 3 Holidays For Veterans

What Are The 3 Holidays For Veterans? Military Service

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Acknowledging our heroes goes beyond mere custom; it is a sincere acknowledgment of the sacrifices they have made.

As someone with a military family member, I remember witnessing the pride enveloping our community during three special holidays dedicated to veterans. 

With that, we set aside three special days throughout the year to express gratitude for our veterans’ sacrifices. But what are the three holidays for veterans?

In my brief introduction, I’ll describe these three holidays and their significance in bringing us together in respect and remembrance. Read on. 

What Are The Three Holidays That Veterans Celebrate?

Armed Forces Day Parade

Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and Armed Forces Day are the key holidays dedicated to honoring veterans and their service. 

First, Veterans Day, observed on November 11th. Second, Memorial Day, held on the last Monday of May, and Armed Forces Day [1], celebrated on the third Saturday of May.

“We sleep peaceably in our beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf.”

– George Orwell, English Novelist

Each holiday serves a distinct purpose, reflecting our veterans and active-duty personnel’s commitment and sacrifices. But is Veterans Day only for military personnel?

Veterans Day & Memorial Day: What’s The Difference?

Memorial Day is a solemn tribute to military members who have made the ultimate sacrifice, losing their lives in service. 

On the other hand, Veterans Day is a day to honor the service of all American veterans, both living and deceased. 

While both days revolve around respect for military personnel, they serve different purposes – one to remember the fallen and the other to honor all who have served. 

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How Does Veterans Day Differ From Armed Forces Day?

While Veterans Day pays tribute to those who have served in times of war, Armed Forces Day holds a broader scope. 

Observed on the third Saturday of May, Armed Forces Day is dedicated to honoring current and former military personnel who have defended our freedom. 

This national holiday honors the service and sacrifice of all Americans serving in or serving in the United States armed forces.

Which Holiday Is Often Mistaken For Veterans Day?

Memorial Day is frequently mistaken for Veterans Day due to their similar themes of honoring those who have served in the military, even though these two holidays hold distinct purposes. 

Nevertheless, both holidays are essential, and recognizing their unique significance is vital to honoring our heroes appropriately.

How Is Veterans Day Observed In America?

Flag on a Pole

1. Parades & Church Services

Communities across the country organize parades and church services to honor veterans. 

Parades serve as public displays of appreciation, allowing citizens to come together and show their gratitude for the dedication of veterans.

2. Flag at Half Mast

One common practice is to lower the American flag to half-mast on Veterans Day. 

This symbolic gesture demonstrates respect and mourning for the military personnel who have passed away in service to the nation.

3. School Observance

While Veterans Day isn’t universally recognized as a school holiday, some educational institutions close in honor of the day. 

“Three days of honor, each a chapter in the story of bravery – Veterans Day salutes the past, Memorial Day remembers the fallen, and Armed Forces Day stands as a beacon for the future.”

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Others remain open but arrange special assemblies or activities to educate students about the importance of the holiday and the role veterans have played in safeguarding the nation’s values and freedoms.

Note: When Veterans Day falls on a weekday, communities often organize parades and events on the preceding or following weekend to maximize participation.

What To Avoid Doing On Memorial Day?

  • Letting Politics Intrude: Keep politics aside and focus on paying respects to fallen heroes, irrespective of political affiliations.
  • Acknowledge Its Significance: Remember the importance of Memorial Day. Remember that it’s a time to honor fallen military personnel.
  • Skip “Happy Memorial Day”: Avoid using phrases like “Happy Memorial Day,” as it contradicts the occasion’s solemnity.
  • Forgetting its Existence: Pay attention to the purpose of Memorial Day amid sales or leisure activities. Reflect on its true meaning.
  • Be Mindful of Thanking Current Troops: Reserve expressions of gratitude for Veterans Day or Armed Forces Day. Memorial Day is specifically for remembering the fallen.

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What is appropriate attire for Veterans Day?

There are no strict guidelines, but wearing blue and red is respectful. 

These colors symbolize support for all U.S. military branches, allowing you to show your appreciation for veterans on this important day.

What are three traditions associated with Memorial Day?

One of the many Memorial Day rituals involves wreath-laying at Arlington National Cemetery’s Tomb of the Unknowns.

And you’ll find religious services, parades, and speeches. Another common practice is placing flowers, flags, and insignia on the graves of veterans to honor their sacrifice.

But what are the most important facts about Veterans Day?

What is the most famous food on Memorial Day?

The most famous foods on Memorial Day are the classics like BBQ recipes, burgers, and hot dogs [2] sizzling on grills.

To Sum It Up

In my experience, witnessing the significance of these three holidays dedicated to veterans has been truly inspiring. 

Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and Armed Forces Day each hold a special place in honoring those who have served or are currently serving in the military. 

Memorial Day’s solemnity reminds us of the ultimate sacrifice made by fallen heroes, while Veterans Day expresses gratitude for all veterans’ service. 

Armed Forces Day, with its inclusive focus, recognizes active-duty personnel and those who have sacrificed for our freedom. 

These holidays unite us in remembering, honoring, and respecting the brave men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting our nation.


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