Wedding Gifts for Your Son and Daughter in Law

Wedding Gifts for Your Son and Daughter in Law

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The marriage ceremony of your son or daughter-in-law is undoubtedly a momentous occasion.

It’s a GRAND celebration! Of course, as the groom’s parents, you can’t NOT have a wedding gift prepared.

So what’s a thoughtful gift you can bring to the wedding? If you haven’t had one in mind yet, we got your back.

Here are some of the best wedding gifts for son and daughter-in-law.

7 Wedding Gifts for Son-In-Law

Of course, you’d want the wedding gift to be memorable.

And the way to do that is to find something that will touch his heart AND stand out from the other gifts.

1. Engraved Wallet Card

An engraved wallet card is one of the cheapest yet memorable wedding gifts for your son.

You can even have the photo customized to make it more personalized and heartfelt.

May it be your favorite moment with him or a complete family picture; it’s a great way to keep the special people in his life with him wherever he goes.

Check out these heartfelt quotes you can tell for your firstborn son here.

2. Classic Watch

Classic Watch

Classic and timeless, sometimes a man ONLY needs a watch as his accessory.

Its simple design and look make this watch an all-around addition to every fashion he dabbles on.

Moreover, this watch can be engraved with a special message at the back, making it a thoughtful wedding gift idea for the groom.

Perfect as a family heirloom too!

3. 7-in-1 Slow Cooker

After the party and marriage, things will be different for your son and daughter-in-law.

Transferring to a new home with a new life will have challenges and speed bumps along the way.

Why not help the moving process and new chapter for the couple by getting them a 7-in-1 slow cooker?

This slow cooker makes meals EASIER  by slow-cooking tough meat such as loin, ribs, steak, and more.

You can turn it into a thoughtful wedding gift idea by adding some of your favorite recipes for a slow cooker!

Believe it or not, home goods are the perfect present for a married couple.

4. Amazon Echo

As married life goes on, home management can be much more challenging. 

Make their lives easier by turning your son’s home into a smarter one with this Amazon Echo.

It has an in-built Alexa voice assistant that can assist the newlyweds in their day-to-day lives. But when should you give your groomsmen gifts?

5. Wireless Headphones

When your future newlyweds are music lovers, these wireless headphones will be the perfect wedding gift.

With an uptime of 30 HOURS with a full charge, they can listen to their favorite songs together non-stop.

This can also help as they navigate living in the same space together if one of them isn’t fond of loud noises.

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6. Passport Covers

What’s the first thing newlywedded couples do? Of course, it’s to plan their honeymoon trip somewhere around the world!

These passport covers make their ordinary passport look stylish. So whenever the couple presents their passports, they’ll do it with style.

You can make it more memorable by engraving their initials on the cover to make it a sweeter honeymoon abroad.

7. Subtle Bracelet

A simple yet meaningful bracelet will complete any fashion style a person wears.

This bracelet resembles an infinity symbol, to represent the infinite love a mom or dad will have with their son, every single day.

This is a great way to send your love as parents to your groom.

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8 Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Future Daughter-in-law

1. Mystery Subscription Box

A mystery subscription box is a gift that will SURELY keep them on their toes.

This specific wedding gift will give a whole new meaning of fun to an indoor date night between the new couple.

Moreover, subscribers to these boxes receive a stand-alone case that has everything they need to solve the mystery every month.

Fun and exciting, right?

2. Mini-Getaway

Outside of the honeymoon phase, newly wedded couples deserve a little break from time to time after working hard to be a mom and dad.

Treat them to something relaxing as well as a place they can have fun and relax.

Have them enjoy and unwind from a different view of another country or pay your daughter-in-law’s date night.

3. Wine Subscription

Wine Subscription

Wines [1] are must-haves for a date night. Or a treat to unwind after a hectic day for the family.

With a wine subscription as a gift, you can get MORE than three bottles of various wines from different regions RIGHT at your doorstep.

This wedding gift, no doubt, will bring joy to the bride and groom. But do the bride’s parents give a wedding gift

4. Anniversary Wine

If you want a similar gift, but are not really up to the subscription thing, this wine box is PERFECT.

This wine box is one of the perfect gift ideas for your daughter’s wedding anniversary, BUT WAIT; there’s an additional two wine bottles for their 3rd and 5th anniversary as a married couple.

Not only are you going to save a ton for future wedding anniversaries, but you get to enjoy each wine with the new family!

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5. Wine Table

What’s a wine night without a proper wine table?

Make your date nights special with a fancy table of wine.

This specific wine table can be engraved with their family names to make it a personalized gift for the newlywed couple. Plus, it’s retractable!

Make honeymoon moments much sweeter and romantic with this wine table gift.

6. Flower Keepsake Jewelry

Your daughter’s wedding day SHOULD be the most unforgettable event in her own life.

Make it a forever memory by projecting a beautiful piece of jewelry with a necklace.

Pick a stem from the wedding bouquet and trap it within a necklace or any accessory you have chosen to preserve it for a lifetime.

It’s cute and pretty at the same time, just like any other girl would want their necklace to be.

7. Instant Camera

Instant Camera

Instant Camera comes with Instant Pictures on the spot. Believe it or not, instant cameras have a particular meaning that is better than your smartphone.

Compared to digital copies, an instant camera delivers a hard copy version of photos on the spot. This hard copy carries a romantic and deep feeling to the captured moment.

This is a GREAT gift to capture fun moments from their honeymoon destination and future weekend getaways.

8. Personalized Wine Cooler

You’ve seen it before, you see it again; wine bottles!

Wine is a great wedding gift to make the wedding day a special day for the groom’s parents as well as for your daughter-in-law.

But, what good is tasting wine if it’s not chilled?

Get your daughter-in-law a wine cooler so that the taste of wine would remain crisp and tasty in the moments to come.

4 Wedding Gifts for the Couple

Can’t make up your mind about who you are gifting to?

You can get these sentimental wedding gifts for both the groom and bride!

1. Photo Collage Blanket

A way to start a great day is by looking at your partner beside you in bed. So why not make it better by having the couple reminisce and cherish their wedding day by giving them a customized blanket?

This blanket will instantly transform a boring and plain blanket into a sentimental gift. You can have your daughter-in-law’s wedding photos, date, as well as their vows printed on the blanket.

2. Paying for the Reception

If you’re looking for more practical ideas, you can offer to pay for the reception.

You’ll be surprised how much a wedding can cost a couple; photographer, make-up, reception, decor, suits, rings, and a whole lot more items needed.

It would be best if you assumed that your son and daughter-in-law’s bank account would have a hard time keeping up with the expenses.

Why not remove the burden from them by paying for everything? If not everything, at least offer to spend for a portion of the celebration.

It may not be gifts, but your son and daughter-in-law will appreciate the kind gesture that you have made for them.

By paying off most of the expenses, they’ll be more focused and get to enjoy the actual wedding ceremony itself.

3. Family Portrait

Family Portrait

Not one house doesn’t have a family portrait on their bedside.

Give your daughter-in-law this customized printed family portrait. You can make a print or draw the portrait yourself, to make it more personalized.

Gifts like this will glue the two new families with a stronger bond than ever before.

4. Photo Frame

If you get them a family portrait, you should get a photo frame as a gift.

Like a camera, a photo frame immortalizes a moment captured in a durable and simple frame design.

It serves as interior decor for their new home as well!

This photo frame can be in print and personalized with your daughter-in-law’s wedding vows during the ceremony.

It’ll serve as something to look back into the good memories before the marriage, making each moment in the future sweeter.

How to Buy Wedding Gifts for the Newly Wed Couple

Now that your son and daughter-in-law have a new page and chapter to conquer, your wedding gifts should also be ideal for their marriage.

We can agree that finding a gift for someone, moreover for the bride and groom, can be a challenging task to do.

Before you know it, the wedding day has arrived and all you got is yourself as a gift.

Here are some tips that you can use to choose your wedding gift for their wedding day.

Choose Something Useful

Your son and daughter-in-law are not children anymore. So you got to think big and treat them as responsible adults.

Choosing a wedding present should have some use at home; home goods are CRUCIAL to having a happy life.

Don’t be shy if your gift ideas are unusual compared to wines, gift cards, and money.

Your rice cooker or Roomba present will be helpful for the newlyweds for a very, very long time.

Choose Something Memorable or Sentimental

As parents, you already had the first-hand experience of what someone can expect after marriage. Don’t let that happen to your daughter-in-law and her fiance.

Give them a wedding gift that would take them back to reminisce about their early years.

When the going gets tough, just by looking at the gift will automatically bring the good memories back in the day for your daughter-in-law and her fiance. But is an engagement ring considered a gift?

Always Remember To Stick With A Budget


Regardless of who you are gifting to, ALWAYS make sure that the seller of your gifts is under your price range.

It’s not ideal to spend a ton of money for one gift at the wedding ceremony (unless you’re handling the reception).

You’ll get a good hearing from your daughter-in-law and your wife for sure for spending this much.

It’s important to remember that your gifts SHOULD ALWAYS come from the heart, whether it’s cheap or expensive. But what is the cute Valentine’s day wishes you should say to your son and daughter-in-law?


A wedding day is one of the best and most memorable events for the groom and bride.

Parents, friends, families all come together to celebrate the union of two souls.

As parents of the groom or bride, you can make it a special day by giving them a present that comes from the heart.

We hope we helped you plan out your gifts for the wedding day of your son and daughter-in-law.


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