Valentine's Day Activities For 4th Grade

10 Best Valentine’s Day Activities For 4th Grade

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Valentine’s Day becomes a thrilling event for 4th graders as they engage in various activities designed to create lasting memories.

But what are some of the Valentine’s Day activities for 4th Grade students?

Our team listed a few fun activities that the kids will surely experience loads of enjoyment. 

So get ready to bring extra love and cheer to your 4th-grade classroom this Valentine’s Day with these fun activities.

Top 10 Fun Activities To Do For 4th Graders On Valentine’s Day

1. Organize Valentine’s Day-themed Sing-A-Long

kids singing for valentines

Teachers and students may organize a sing-a-long in the classroom or outside the schoolyard. 

Have students break into small groups and assign each group a specific Valentine’s 

Day-themed song to learn and practice. Once everyone is comfortable with the music, gather and have each group take turns singing their song. 

It can be a great way to get everyone singing and having fun together while getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit.

2. Making A Valentine’s Day Slime Contest 

For a fun and creative Valentine’s Day activity for 4th graders, why not consider hosting a Slime Contest?

Students can use various materials, such as glitter, beads, food coloring, and more, to craft a unique slime.

After making their slimes, they can be judged based on their creativity and design. The student with the most creative and best-designed slime will win.

3. Create Valentine’s Day-themed Craft

Fourth graders can create anything from a hand-painted Valentine’s Day card to a decorated poster to hang in the classroom, depending on their skill level. 

Supplies such as construction paper, markers, glitter, glue, stickers, and other fun items can be gathered ahead of time. 

“Every child is an artist.”

Pablo Picasso, Spanish Painter

Allow them to take their time and encourage them to use their imaginations. When completed, have them share their craft with the class to bring a little extra joy to Valentine’s Day. 

4. Valentine’s Day Trivia Competition

A trivia game can be a fun and interactive activity that allows students to showcase their knowledge about the holiday. 

The competition can feature questions about Valentine’s Day, famous Valentine’s Day symbols, history and fun facts about the holiday. 

It can also be used as an opportunity for team building and friendly competition. Plus, prizes like candies, cookies, or a stamp of stars can be given to the winners as an added incentive.

5. Relay Race 

In this activity, teachers can set up a course with various Valentine-themed hurdles and tasks the students must complete. 

Divide the students into teams and have them compete against each other, which adds an extra layer of fun and excitement. 

The relay race can be set up indoors or outdoors and can involve activities such as passing a heart-shaped balloon between team members, filling a heart-shaped bucket with candy, or a balloon-popping race.

But what fun things can you do with your family on Valentine’s Day?

6. Lip Sync Battle

Lip sync battle encourages creativity and is a great way to have some laughs. It is a fun way to get the students to show off their skills and have good old-fashioned fun. 

The students can choose their favorite love songs, dress up in costumes, and create unique lip-sync performances. 

And it builds camaraderie and teamwork in a safe and fun environment.

7. Throw A Dance Party

kids dancing

Fourth graders can create a festive atmosphere for the dance party with Valentine’s Day decorations, such as streamers, balloons, and a red and pink color scheme. 

You can also provide a playlist of favorite danceable hits from the latest pop artists or pick songs from various genres that everyone can enjoy. 

The event will be even more memorable if a small photo booth is put up with props for the fourth graders to take pictures with their pals.

8. Make Valentine’s Day-themed Snacks

Making a snack will not empty the students’ stomachs but encourages teamwork. 

Students can decorate and create unique snacks with simple ingredients like cookies, candy, and icing [1]. 

They can work together to develop creative ideas and try out different recipes. 

It is a great way to engage them in the holiday and an excellent opportunity to learn about food science, nutrition, and safety while having fun.

9. Write Valentine’s Day Poems

a student writing

Composing and writing poems is an excellent way to help them explore their creative side, express their feelings, and practice their writing skills. 

By writing poetry, they can show appreciation and love to friends, family, and even themselves. This can also be a great way to learn about the power of words and the beauty of art.

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10. Play A Valentine’s Day Version Of “I Spy.”

Fourth graders can have a great time with a creative spin on the classic “I Spy” game. It practices their observation skills while having a good time with friends. 

The game starts with one person describing Valentine’s Day-themed items they can see, like a red heart or a chocolate box. Other players then take turns trying to guess what the item is. 

The game can be modified to make it more challenging by incorporating other Valentine’s Day themes like candy, flowers, or love notes.


Do kids give gifts to their teachers on Valentine’s Day?

Yes, many kids give gifts to their teachers on Valentine’s Day. Some popular gifts include cards, chocolates, and small handmade items like paper hearts or hand-drawn pictures.

But how much to give your daycare teacher on Christmas?

How do schools celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Schools often celebrate Valentine’s Day by having students exchange cards and small gifts with each other. 

Some may also host special events to commemorate the day, such as a Valentine’s Day dance night.

In Summary

Fourth graders can use Valentine’s Day to improve their social skills, show their creative side, and cheer up their peers. 

With the help of teachers and families, they can make Valentine’s Day a fun and memorable experience for everyone.


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