TikTok Cake Ideas

7 Best TikTok Cake Ideas To Try (Updated)

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TikTok, known for its vibrant user interface, has drawn a large user base due to the feature that allows users to create short, captivating videos on a myriad of subjects. Understandably, this has led to an emerging trend of TikTok-themed cakes, enjoyed by people of all ages.

If you also want a TikTok cake, our team prepared awesome TikTok cake ideas you can try at your next party. 

7 TikTok Cake Ideas 

7 Tik Tok Cake Ideas 

1. Use TikTok’s Logo

The logo of TikTok is designed by a young man who loves attending concerts. It is dedicated to the content creators who use TikTok as a virtual stage to showcase their talents [1]. 

If you plan to throw a TikTok-themed party, TikTok’s logo is at the top of the TikTok cake ideas list. Use the logo when decorating the TikTok cake, or you can check Pinterest for the other details. 

You can also order a birthday cake in the shape of a TikTok logo or use the logo as a cake topper or cake decorations. 

2. Create a Headphone Cake

Headphone Cake

TikTok is full of music, so one of the TikTok cake ideas you can try for your upcoming party is headphones cake. If you think the TikTok logo is not enough as a cake decoration, a headphone can be a perfect addition when decorating the TikTok cake for a teen.

TikTok birthday cake with headphones can match up the party’s theme. Headphones can jazz up your fondant cake, and at the same time, it is the easiest way to decorate a store-bought cake. In addition, you can incorporate colors like pink, black, and blue on your TikTok cake to complete the TikTok theme. 

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3. Create A Rainbow-TikTok Cake

If you can bake a cake and plan to do one for a TikTok birthday bash, one of the recommended TikTok cake ideas you can try is a Rainbow TikTok cake. It is believed that a rainbow cake brings peace, equality, and happiness, so it can be a great TikTok birthday cake for the birthday boy/girl.

Rainbow cakes are vanilla sponges with different colors, and they can be covered with either pink fondant or icing. The TikTok cake is easy to make, and you can learn how to do it. Watch step-by-step tutorials for TikTok cake ideas on the internet to learn. 

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4. Use Your Dancing Avatar as a Topper

Avatar as a Topper

If you are looking for TikTok cake ideas, why not use your dancing avatar as a cake topper for your TikTok birthday cake? You can check some sites that offer customized cake toppers and have your dancing avatar come to life. 

5. Decorate It With Emojis

Teens love to showcase talents and random things on the internet, gaining TikTok immediate popularity and success. If you want a TikTok-inspired birthday cake, one of the TikTok cake ideas you can try is using different emojis as decoration for the TikTok cake. 

TikTok offers a wide variety of emojis, so find what suits great for TikTok birthday cake for boys and girls. Moreso, emojis are easy to work with because they have limited color options. 

6. Design It With Likes & Hearts

Design It With Likes & Hearts

Designing your TikTok cake with likes and hearts is also one of the best TikTok cake ideas. Shower your TikTok cake with awesome reactions by designing the TikTok cake with likes and hearts. 

You can add edible printed pictures, waterproof cutout stickers, or fondant when designing the TikTok cake for the party. It may be a lot of work if you use small-sized cutouts, but it will surely work great on any color and size of TikTok cakes for boys and girls. But how long does a choco cake last in the fridge?

7. Use Rainbow Drip Cake

Another addition to our TikTok cake ideas is using a colorful TikTok cake. You can use rainbow drip to decorate your TikTok cake. Rainbow drip cake is full of color, and it can be one of the great TikTok cake ideas you can try for the party. 

You can use different colors for the rainbow drip of the TikTok cake but make sure to incorporate the main colors of TikTok – pink, blue and black. In addition, you can add TikTok cupcakes on the side to go well with the TikTok cake. This is also perfect for an elementary or junior high graduation cake!


How do you make TikTok cakes?

To make TikTok cakes, bake a cake, then incorporate the colors of TikTok (pink, blue, and black) when designing it. If you want to go extra, you can shape the TikTok cake with the application logo or shower it with decorations inspired by TikTok. 

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Can you order TikTok cakes online?

Yes, you can order TikTok cakes online. Due to the application’s success, TikTok-themed parties are a trend.

With this, local bakeshops and bakers bake and design TikTok cakes to grace any party table. Here’s how you can decorate a birthday table.

In Conclusion

TikTok was designed to bring joy and inspire creativity to creators and fans worldwide. The application is a huge trend on the internet, so teens and young adults often ask for a TikTok-inspired party, whether a birthday or get-together. 

Good thing our team managed to compile TikTok cake ideas that you can use to keep up with the trend. 

Any TikTok cake ideas? Leave a comment below! 


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