Things to do For Your 15th Birthday

20 Things to Do For Your 15th Birthday (Updated)

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The transition into early adulthood is signified by the crucial milestone of turning 15 years old for teenagers.

At 15, some no longer enjoy child-like activities, so to make the celebration memorable and enjoyable, here are the top things to do for your 15th birthday. 

20 Exciting Things To Do On Your 15th Birthday Bash

1. Movie Night

One of the most exciting ways to celebrate your 15th birthday is by having a movie at your birthday party. Whether you celebrate your birthday with friends or family, we think it’s one awesome idea. 

You can celebrate your birthday at the cinema, especially if you and your friends have classes during the daytime. Cinema tickets are cheap, so you might as well get some soda and popcorn to enjoy at the movies. You can also opt to stay at home and watch some flicks at your house if you are on a tight budget.    

2. Dance Party

Another cool option for your 15th birthday celebration is a dance party. A dance party is a social gathering where dancing (obviously) is the primary and fun activity you, your family, and your favorite team would want to try. 

Unlike other birthday parties, a 15th birthday party will be boring without fun activities such as this. Get up, shake your body, and move to the beat of the music. You can also ask your parents to hire a DJ to keep you grooving. But what’s a formal dance party called?

3. Karaoke Party

Karaoke Party

Music is an important part of a teenager’s life, and to create happy memories on their 15th birthday, why not do a karaoke party? Karaoke parties are a great party option for teens who love to listen to music and sing. 

If you don’t have a karaoke machine at home, you can still have some quality time by setting up a microphone, Bluetooth speaker and connect your laptop or tablet to YouTube. It is one of the best teen party ideas because you can hang out with your friends, listen to music, and sing.  

4. Have A Picnic

If you plan to have an outdoor adventure on your 15th birthday, you can have a picnic with your group of friends or family. You can search for a nice picnic spot around your area and prepare good food to share. 

You will need some picnic baskets, a nice blanket, sandwiches, and snacks for the group. If there’s a picnic spot near the river or lake, that would be suitable, especially if you want to take pictures for your birthday celebration. 

5. Arcade Championship Party

Arcade games do not have an age limit, so even if you are 15, you can still enjoy a great afternoon playing games with your friends. You can spend 2-3 hours playing good old arcade games or a game truck at amusement parks. Spend time with your siblings and friends, and after that, you can grab a late lunch or dinner.  

6. Bonfire Campout Party

Bonfire Campout Party

Another fun and affordable option for your 15th birthday party is a bonfire campout party, which you, your friends, and your family will surely enjoy. You can set up a bonfire in your yard or at a campsite. 

In addition, you can prepare some fireside classics for the bonfire party like smores, hot dogs, and pudgy pies. You can also prepare a board game party and solo matches of mystery games to make the night more exciting. 

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7. Slumber Party

A Slumber Party is always a great way to have fun and spend time with your closest friends. Bring your slumber party to the next level and keep the party going all night by preparing snacks, refreshments, and decorations for your bedroom. You can buy some fairy lights, blankets, and fluffy throw pillows. 

To make the room warmer and stylish, you can also set a theme for the party. More so, you can prepare some matching robes to add cool vibes. They can also serve as party favors. 

8. Onesie Sleepover Party

Sleepover parties are a common practice teenagers do with or without celebration, so why not throw a onesie sleepover party to make it more special? You and your friends could wear your favorite onesie as the dress code for the party. 

Stay at home and spend time with your best friend or family while wearing matching outfits. You can also do a zoo sleepover party where your guests can wear onesies with designs of their favorite zoo animals. 

9. Pool Party

Pool Party

If you have pool access or want to reserve space for a water park or public pool, then throw a pool party on your 15th birthday celebration. A pool party is a nice idea, especially in summer because you can easily relax and catch some rays at the poolside. 

Gather your family and friends and celebrate your 15th birthday party in a water-themed destination. You can prepare some beach towels, beach balls, and swimming pool floaters to complete the vibes. 

10. Hiking Galore

Hiking is a recreational activity that promotes physical and mental fitness [1]. Hiking galore is one of the awesome 15th birthday party ideas you and your friends can enjoy. 

You can check the internet for companies that organize a private tour and hiking, or you can have DIY hiking galore. Just make sure you have adults with you to ensure that you and your companions are safe for the whole trip, especially if you’re planning scavenger hunts. 

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11. Chocolate Party

One of the best 15th birthday party ideas you can try is a Chocolate party, where you can have a day trip to the nearest chocolate destination. You can book a chocolate factory tour and have a chocolate tasting session afterward. And while you’re at it, go buy a chocolate birthday cake to complete your chocolate party.  

12. Vitamin Sea Party

Vitamin Sea Party

Nothing is more fun for a 15-year-old than a day at the beach. If you and your friends love beach activities and sunbathing, a vitamin sea party is one of the 15th birthday party ideas you can try! 

Grab some blankets, food, drinks, and beach umbrellas and listen to the ocean waves at a seaside town. 

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13. Arts & Crafts Party

Unleash your hidden talent and feed your soul with creativity as we’ve included on the 15th birthday party ideas list an arts and crafts party. You can hire an artist to guide you and your friends in doing some crafts. You can even learn painting and other art crafts at a restaurant and get a nice meal afterward. But what chalkboard ideas do you have for your next birthday party?

14. Spa Day

Spa Day is one of the most relaxing 15th birthday party ideas you and your family can enjoy after a family day or before a family dinner. The price of a complete Spa Day ranges from affordable to expensive and luxurious, so you can choose what suits your budget. Spa time is also an ideal activity for private parties with few or limited guests. 

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15. Pizza Night

Pizza Night

One of the best 15th party ideas you can try with your family is Pizza night, where you can make pizzas for dinner. Making pizza is fun and interactive, and we think it’s a fun way to celebrate any occasion. 

Pizza night may require a little prep and outside resources, and while it can be messy, it is an affordable and enjoyable option.  

16. Tea Party

Afternoon tea is a British tradition with its own etiquette [2], and on your 15th birthday, you can learn this tradition by hosting a tea party for your celebration. You don’t have to be a royal to practice proper tea etiquette, follow the rules and enjoy the tea party. It would also be an excellent preparation for you as you turn into a fine young lady. 

17. Photo Booth

If you plan to throw a traditional birthday party, one of the best 15th birthday party ideas you should try is putting up a photo booth. Taking photos will help you remember the memorable experience of the 15th birthday party, so why not rent a photo booth with different props. 

18. Shopping Spree

Shopping Spree

A shopping spree is one of the most simple ways to celebrate your 15th birthday. The good old shopping spree is an easy but always a great idea to spend the day. Now that you turned 15, you deserve a reward to get clothes and accessories and maybe have them with special discounts.

19. Hair & Make-up Party

One of the most awesome 15th birthday party ideas you can try on your birthday is a hair and make-up party where you and your guests can have a full makeover. Female teenagers may find this party idea awesome because they can get their hair fixed and experiment with make-up, too. 

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20. Mocktails & Ice-Cream Bar

At 15, you may be curious about what cocktails taste like, so to give you a good option, we included Mocktails and Ice Cream Bar on the list of 15th birthday party ideas. You can put up Mocktails and Ice cream Bar if you plan to have a movie marathon, DIY laser tag activity, board games, or role-playing matches at home. 


Should you drink alcohol at your 15th birthday party?

No, you should not drink alcohol at your 15th birthday party. Young people are advised not to drink alcohol before 18 because they are not legally allowed. In addition, drinking alcohol at 15 may result in health and social problems that should have been avoided. 

Is it okay to celebrate your 15th birthday outside?

Yes, it is okay to celebrate your 15th birthday outside, especially now that the pandemic restrictions are at ease. You can go to an amusement park or bowling alley, play sports, try laser tag, go horseback riding, go cart racing, rent a fishing boat, or enjoy a weekend voyage for your 15th birthday.

Key Takeaways

Make your 15th birthday celebration remarkable and exciting by trying out cool things to do for your 15th birthday! While there can be more ideas for celebrating your birthday, we hope that our list made you excited about celebrating another year of your life. 

Feel free to ask us for other celebration ideas! For now, go and enjoy your 15th birthday bash! Have a good one!


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