Best Thanksgiving Gifts For Employees

15 Best Thanksgiving Gifts For Employees

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During Thanksgiving, people may notice the dryness of the winter air. However, it is also a moment to express gratitude for the dedication and effort of your employees.

Instead of just greetings, here are some great thanksgiving gift ideas that will make them feel appreciated this holiday season.

Top 15 Thanksgiving Gifts For Employees

1. eGift Cards from Amazon

eGift Cards

If you’re looking for practical thanksgiving gifts for employees, then eGift Cards from Amazon is one of the best gift ideas you must add to the list. 

It’s like a traditional gift card, except there’s no physical product on hand. When the recipient chooses the items they’d like to purchase, they can use the code found on the back of the eGift Card at checkout. 

And the best thing about them as gift ideas for employees is that they never expire and carry no fees, making them one of the perfect gifts for employees this holiday!

2. Charcuterie Board Set

This 100% organic bamboo serving tray set is one of the good thanksgiving gift ideas for any occasion other than thanksgiving. 

The whole set is made from sustainable materials and is 100% food-safe, BPA-free, and with no toxins added to the wooden serving board. This is no doubt one of those thanksgiving gift ideas to consider.

It can be used in the kitchen or as a centerpiece on a dining table when serving the thanksgiving meal surrounded by mini bouquets.

3. Scented Candles

Home-related gifts are a must and practical gifts during the holidays! And scented candles are a thoughtful thanksgiving gift because they can be used for any occasion aside from the holidays.

Scented candles as gifts for employees are a nice way to add fragrance to their homes. 

They also come in more than five flavor options, one of which is the Fall Leaves scented candle. It also comes in a beautiful wooden box and would make an excellent holiday gift for your employees.

4. Thanksgiving Shirts

What better way to express gratitude than by giving shirts? There are so many different designs to pick from if you choose this as your holiday gift for your employees. Whether it’s a funny one or a serious design that matches the holiday spirit, shirts can be worn in any season and with any outfit. 

This could truly be one of the most practical but beneficial gift ideas for employees that you should not skip.

Also, it is often considered the most preferred reward and could be one of the highly appreciated thanksgiving gifts by many. You can also put it in a gift box!

5. Wine Bottle Labels

Wine Bottle Labels

Wine bottle labels would be ideal thanksgiving gifts for employees. But instead of one, make it four wine bottle stickers instead. That could truly be a perfect gift!

This is a great way to show appreciation and gratitude. It’s also a fun way to get creative with the wine label design. You can create countless beautiful works with a happy thanksgiving message on them. What more is you can include it in grocery baskets.

6. Whole Foods Market Gift Card

Whole Foods Market is one of the most popular grocery stores in the United States. And the good news is Whole Food Market has gift cards! 

Food vouchers could be one of the thanksgiving gift ideas for your employees. The best thing about these food vouchers as gift ideas for employees is that it comes with no fees or expiration dates. 

It can be the perfect gift, or if not, it’s one of the practical thanksgiving gifts for employees that you can give.

7. Fitness Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller

While most people think of massage as a luxury, cold therapy rollers are the ideal thanksgiving gifts for employees. It makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the benefits of massage. Massage is a good way to relieve stress and tension, which helps improve overall well-being.

A Fitness Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller could be the thanksgiving gift that you’re looking for your fitness-conscious employees. This gadget creates sustainable relaxation for tensed muscles after working out or a long workday. And honestly, fitness gifts are always great ideas for any employer who wants to show that he cares for his employees’ health and well-being.

8. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs make an ordinary bath day a special occasion because they are so fun to use and smell amazing! This could be one of the thanksgiving gift ideas for employees you should consider.

Bath bombs are good for the skin because it indulges and moisturizes skin no matter what type it is, making it silky and soft. 

This bath bombs package from Amazon would be perfect and practical thanksgiving gifts for your employees because they are made from all-natural and chemical-free ingredients.

9. Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

If you want to give something practical and a perfect desk companion thanksgiving gift, consider getting a mouse pad with wrist support. This will keep your employees working in comfort.

Wouldn’t this be ideal for anyone as it can be used even after thanksgiving?

It also has an anti-skid surface to avoid slipping off the table. But more than that, the foam on the wrist support helps neutralize the wrists’ position to reduce the pressure and what’s pinching it. Furthermore, it can help employees to be more productive.

10. Motivational Tumbler

What more inspirational gift with profound symbolism can you give your employees as a thanksgiving gift but a motivational tumbler? Motivational tumblers would be a great thanksgiving gift choice over stoneware mugs as they are compact and useful. 

They are usually made from durable steel to withstand daily use and keep drinks cold for 9 hours or hot for 3 hours.

11. Natural Soap

If you are looking for thanksgiving gift ideas that will make your employees feel special, consider giving them natural soap! 

The best part is that it’s easy to find, something unique and fun for everyone on your list this holiday season. Usually, these handmade soaps are made from the finest ingredients that would be effective against skin irritation, making them great for those with sensitive skin.

When purchased, some of them come in a special spa box which can be customized as special thanksgiving gifts for employees. 

12. Cookbook

A cookbook is probably one of the thanksgiving gift ideas you may want to consider for your employees. How about a pumpkin cookbook with more than five fun flavor options of recipes? It will be a great way to show them how much they mean to you, and it will also help them with their cooking skills. 

And for the mothers in your office, it can be one of the best thanksgiving gifts for them this year as it brings this addicting feeling of fulfillment when they cook from the cookbook you give them.

13. Microwave Popcorn Popper

A microwave popcorn popper is one of the best thanksgiving gifts for employees because it is one of those kitchen tools that every household should own. You never know when you might need one, but you can make ordinary nights turn into special occasions like movie night popcorn. 

The good thing about it is that it’s easy to use and cooks popcorn more healthily as you can cook them in minutes without added oil or butter. 

This would allow you and the family to enjoy healthier popcorn!

14. Bottle Stoppers

Bottle Stoppers

Bottle stoppers are one of the best thanksgiving gifts for employees. It’s a great way to add a little extra fun and excitement to any thanksgiving big celebration party. They’re also thoughtful, inexpensive, and a great gift that your employees will appreciate. 

These bottle stoppers will look great in a kitchen, bar, wine cellar, pantry, or anywhere else where you can do a cocktail creation. 

15. Viva Oliva Four Variety Gift Set

The best part about this gift set is that it has a variety of flavors to choose from, which makes it a thoughtful thanksgiving gift for employees this season. 

They have the fun flavor options: Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oils (Tuscan Herb & Basil) and All Natural Balsamic Vinegars (18 Year Traditional & Black Mission Fig). 

These gift ideas for employees best for gift-giving are that the set is packed decoratively in a protective kraft-colored gift box.

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Why Giving Gifts To Employers Matter

Employees are always looking forward to receiving gifts from their employers because it shows that the employer cares. 

Holiday gifts also help build relationships between both parties aside from a paid holiday. It makes the employee motivated and feel appreciated by the company they work for. 

If employees feel appreciated and valued, they will be happier and more productive at work. They will also be more willing to go above and beyond for the company’s benefit. But what are the best gifts of appreciation for contractors?

Common Problems of Employee Gifting

Common Problems of Employee Gifting

Thinking of gift ideas for employees, including remote employees, is a language of gratitude.

However, the common problems of employee gifting may arise when employees are gifted with something they really don’t want or need. The worst-case scenario is if the company buys the gift for its employees, which will cost the company more money.


What do you give employees for the holidays?

For gift ideas for employees, consider something that you know they’ll love and use often.

What is a traditional Thanksgiving gift?

A turkey is a traditional Thanksgiving gift! It’s relatively healthy, delicious, and a popular choice. They may come in the form of food vouchers. 

Should employers give Thanksgiving gifts?

It depends. However, gift-giving is a great way to thank your employees for their hard work and commitment.

Wrapping Up

Thanksgiving gifts are not compulsory. But thinking of gift ideas for employees [1] is a good courtesy aside from the usual paid holidays. 

Choose something from the gift ideas you listed that is useful for them, whether for home or office use. 

If you’re undecided, how about a team lunch treat while you’re still unsure which from the list of the best thanksgiving gift ideas on your smart drawing board on your computer screen?

Thanksgiving gifts for employees are a great way to show your appreciation for them and their hard work. 


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