Sunflower Party Ideas

10 Best Sunflower Party Ideas To Try Now (Updated)

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The sunflower is adored by many for its representation of unconditional love and unwavering faith. Its pure joy, positive energy, and vibrancy make it the perfect choice for your next party theme.

Our team spent 36 hours researching the best sunflower party ideas to get your planning going. 

10 Romantic Sunflower Ideas For Your Celebration

10 Sunflower Party Ideas

1. Customize Sunflower-Themed Invitation Cards

If you are planning to throw a sunflower birthday party or christening, picking the perfect invitation can help you start the sunflower party on the right foot. It would be best to add a personalized sunflower-themed invitation card to put the party details such as the venue and dress code if there are any.

Moreso, who would dare to miss such an opportunity to use a sunflower-themed invitation at a sunflower party? You can search for invitation templates on the internet or Etsy.

2. Serve A Cake With Sunflower Toppers & Decorations

Why get a boring cake if you can serve a cake with sunflower toppers and decors for your sunflower party? If you want to support a small business and buy a customized sunflower cake, that would be awesome. 

However, if you prefer a store-bought cake, don’t worry because you can serve it with sunflower toppers from Etsy. Moreso, sunflower cupcakes can be a perfect addition to the sunflower party ideas, so you might want to consider getting one. 

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3. Serve Sunflower Themed Foods & Snacks

Sunflower Themed Foods & Snacks

The foods and snacks you will serve at your sunflower party reflect your feelings towards your guests. So, make sure you are prepared and have enough food for everyone [1]. Whether you prepared a full meal or snacks, make sure it complements well with the sunflower party. 

Aside from some sunflower cupcakes and cookies, you can also prepare sunflower-shaped fruits. Sunflower rice crispy treats and chocolate fudge with a sunflower topper are cool, too. You can also add a drink corner for a jar of sunshine juice and other drinks! 

4. Hang A Sunflower Banner

Decorating the party venue is very important if you are planning to throw a sunflower party. Sunflower banners and other party supplies to decorate the event venue are included in the party ideas. 

You can buy a ready-made banner at a store or find designs on Etsy, but do you know that you can make your own? Get some yellow construction paper, cut out sunflowers and put a hole through the top. Write the event you are celebrating, then run the string on each sunflower and hang it up in empty wall space. 

5. Print Out or Prepare A Sunflower Backdrop

Photos can defeat time and hold a moment in history that you can save for the future [2]. If you want your sunflower party to be remembered as the best party ever, you must arrange a cute sunflower backdrop or paint the wall. 

If you plan to throw a sunflower party, the backdrop will be one of the great ideas you can try. Undoubtedly, the guests will love and enjoy the photo backdrop.

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6. Prepare & Offer A Sunflower-Themed Photobooth

Sunflower-Themed Photobooth

Yes, we live in the digital world where people have their mobile phones to capture pictures, so why not prepare a sunflower-themed photo booth? 

A photo booth is an easy way to get the guests to laugh, talk, and interact. Plus, we all agree that printed photographs can be kept as a party favor or memories of the most awesome sunflower party. 

7. Hang Sunflower Balloons

Balloons will always be a staple decoration at any party, and if you are planning to throw a sunflower birthday bash, you should hang some sunflower balloons. Sunflower party supplies like cute yellow balloons and sunflower-shaped balloons would be nice party ideas that you can get for the event. 

Moreso, sunflower balloons can be a perfect addition to the details of the sunflower party. Its color is wonderful and lively so the guests will surely love looking at it. 

8. Make Your Party Alive With Sunflower Crowns & Bracelets

Add a personal touch and share the warmth with all the guests attending your sunflower party by handing out some cute sunflower crowns and bracelets. Kids and female guests will surely love having their own flower crown that they can wear throughout the sunflower party.  

In addition to this, you can also add some cute bracelets with tiny sunflowers as a party favor. But what’s the best Havana night party theme?

9. Use Sunflower Plates, Placemats & Napkins

Sunflower Plate

If you are planning to throw a sunflower party, sunflower plates, placemats and napkins should be included in the party ideas. Don’t be afraid to explore and create accents with the party tools you plan to use when doing events. 

Setting up a table inspired by the theme will add accent and personalization to the event. The party supplies are aesthetically pleasing and are very Instagrammable. In addition, it can make the food more appetizing and inviting because the tableware matches the theme. 

10. Hand Out Sunflower-Designed Party Favors

To complete the sunflower party ideas, you can hand out a sunflower-inspired party favor to every guest. A jar with sunflower seeds or a plant can be a perfect party favor for your wedding or birthday party. 

You can also add reusable favor bags with sunflower designs that the guest will surely love. Moreso, sunflower notepads, stickers, and wooden tree pencils are also included in the list of categories for party favors that you can give to your guest after the party. But what do you put in a beach bag gift?


Can you DIY sunflower decorations?

Yes, you can DIY sunflower decorations. If you are planning to go DIY on the decors, you can search the internet or Etsy for sunflower templates to cut. In addition, there are different DIY party decors people post on the internet that you can enjoy forming. 

Can you use real sunflowers as your party decor?

Yes, you can use real sunflowers as your party decor. Sunflowers in a jar are very beautiful and can be a great centerpiece for the party tables. However, if you don’t grow sunflowers, planning to use true ones to decorate the room or the venue can be expensive. 

Wrapping Up

Sunflower party is a great party theme that you can try because it is full of life, color, and simplicity. Sunflowers have a bright yellow color that can change and lift someone’s mood. It is known as a happy flower, and making it a theme for the party can add joy to the guests. 

We hope you find our sunflower party ideas helpful for your next party planning. 


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