St. Patrick's Day Arts And Crafts For Seniors

10 Best St. Patrick’s Day Arts & Crafts For Seniors (2023)

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As the holiday season approaches, St Patrick’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get creative and celebrate with our senior loved ones. 

Arts and crafts are an excellent way to keep our senior family and friends engaged and entertained. 

With a bit of green and imagination, you can help your senior friends and family members get into the St Patrick’s Day spirit with some fun and festive arts and crafts. 

With that, our team listed some of the best St Patrick’s Day arts and crafts for seniors. Keep reading.

10 Fun & Easy St. Patrick’s Day Crafts For Older People

1. Irish Blessing Frame Craft

Woman Holding Irish Blessing Frame Craft

The Irish Blessing Frame Craft is an excellent choice for an older person to do as an art and craft project for the holiday of St. Patrick’s Day. 

Gather several frames of various sizes and use green and white paper, gold ribbon, and shamrock cutouts to create a festive, personalized Irish blessing for each family member. 

Inside the frame, seniors can write their Irish blessing.

It’s simple for seniors to make, and the finished product is something they may be proud to display or give as a present.

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2. Pot Of Gold Centerpieces 

Crafting festive Pot of Gold Centerpieces is a fun activity for the elderly. 

It brings the luck of the Irish into the home and can make a great conversation starter for any gathering. 

This craft is relatively easy to assemble and requires few materials. 

All that is needed is a gold or yellow container, a few gold coins [1], a rainbow-colored ribbon, and artificial shamrocks or greenery. 

First, place the coins into the container and tie the ribbon around the top. Finally, add the shamrocks or greenery around the container to complete the look.

3. Leprechaun Hat Earrings

The next craft activity is the leprechaun hat earrings which seniors can make these earrings from felt and a few other materials, requiring minimal effort. 

The pattern for the earrings is simple and easy to follow, and the felt can be found in various colors to make the earrings festive for St. Patrick’s day. 

To make the earrings, start by cutting out two small felt circles with a decorative edge. 

Use a contrasting felt color to cut out the hat’s brim, and then use hot glue to attach the brim to one of the circles. 

Once the brim is attached, add a jump ring to the top of the hat, and attach an earring hook. 

Finally, attach the second circle to the back of the hat, and the Leprechaun Hat Earrings are complete.

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4. St. Patrick’s Day Table Decorations

The elderly can enjoy the celebration just as much as everyone else by setting the table with festive St. Patrick’s Day décor. 

They can get these decorations at a local store or make them as a fun craft project and then sell it. 

Either way, they will bring a festive atmosphere to any gathering. Decorations can range from simple items such as shamrocks to more elaborate designs. 

For example, a table centerpiece could be made from a foam board cut into the shape of a shamrock, with greenery and ribbons added for a festive feel. 

Other decorations could include:

  • Green and white tablecloths.
  • Centerpieces with pictures of leprechauns and other Irish symbols.
  • Even cutouts of the Irish flag.

5. Apple Shamrock Stamp Craft

This project requires minimal supplies, so the craft is perfect for seniors with limited access to materials. 

First, seniors must gather apples, a knife, and green paint. The apples should be cut in half, and the centers should be scooped out to make a star-shaped stamp. 

“To keep the heart unwrinkled — to be hopeful, kindly, cheerful, reverent — that is to triumph over old age.”

Thomas Bailey Aldrich, American Writer

Then, the paint should be spread out on a plate or tray. 

Seniors can then take the apple stamp, press it into the paint, and then onto paper or other surfaces to create a series of shamrock shapes. 

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6. Irish Blessing Banner

Creating and displaying a festive Irish Blessing banner is the perfect holiday activity for the elderly.

The banner is made with various colorful materials, such as felt, ribbon, and glitter, and features an Irish blessing. 

Plus, it is suitable for hanging in any room to bring good fortune and the luck of the Irish to the home.

Finally, it’s easy to construct and customize to fit any room or space. The banner is also a great way to bring a little luck [2] to any senior’s home. 

7. St. Patrick’s Day Painted Rocks

St. Patrick's Day Clover Painted Rock

St. Patrick’s Day Painted Rocks is an enjoyable and creative art activity for seniors. 

It is an excellent opportunity for them to explore their creativity and have fun. This activity is easy to set up; all that is needed are a few rocks, some paint, and brushes. 

The seniors can paint the rocks green, yellow, and white to give them a festive look. Besides, they can use a variety of designs to decorate the rocks, from shamrocks to rainbows.

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8. Cork Shamrock Magnets 

St. Patrick’s Day crafts for seniors can be as simple and enjoyable as making cork shamrock magnets. This simple craft is easy to make and only requires a few basic materials. 

To start, seniors will need to gather some corks, a pair of scissors, some craft glue, and paper or fabric cutouts of shamrocks. 

They will then use the scissors to cut the cork into small discs. Once the discs are cut, they will attach the shamrock cutouts to the cork discs with the craft glue. 

Finally, they can attach a magnet to the back of each cork disc to create a unique St. Patrick’s Day decoration. 

9. St. Patrick’s Day Garland

St. Patrick’s Day garland is easy to make and can be hung around their living area to add a bit of cheer. All it needs is some green, white, and gold construction paper, glue, and scissors. 

To begin, you will need to cut out shamrock shapes from the paper, varying in size and color. 

Once you have the desired amount of shapes cut out, you can begin to glue them together in a desired pattern. 

After, you will need to cut out strips of construction paper to be used as the strings for the garland. 

10. Irish Blessing Wall Art

An Irish Blessing wall art is an excellent way for seniors to express their love for Irish culture and celebrate the holiday meaningfully. 

With just a few simple materials, seniors can create beautiful wall art that they can proudly display in their homes. 

To make Irish Blessing Wall Art, seniors will need a piece of wood, paint, stencils, and various embellishments. 

First, seniors should paint the wood, then use the stencils to create the words of an Irish blessing. 

Once the stencils are in place, seniors can add embellishments, such as glitter and beads, to further decorate the piece. 

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What sorts of games can you play on St. Patrick’s day? 

On St. Patrick’s day, you can enjoy games like pinning the shamrock on the leprechaun and finding the pot of gold.

What are some excellent projects for the elderly?

Connecting with the elderly in the community to help them with technology, gardening, or other activities can be a fulfilling project for the elderly. 

Plus, they volunteer to lead a weekly group activities like a book club and crafts.

Bottom Line

We hope that these St. Patrick’s Day crafts and activities will bring joy and happiness to your elderly friends and family. 

Whether it’s a shamrock painting or a leprechaun hat, these activities can help bring a smile to the faces of our elderly loved ones. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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