Space Jam Party Ideas

8 Best Space Jam Party Ideas (Updated)

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Audiences around the world were charmed by Space Jam 1 and 2, featuring beloved characters like Bugs Bunny and his companions who provided both comedy and heartwarming scenes. Imagine how amazing it would be to organize a Space Jam-themed gathering, reliving those unforgettable film moments right in your own home?

Our team scoured the internet and found these Space Jam party ideas you can try for your next fun party.

8 Incredible Space Jam Ideas For Your Next Party

8 Space Jam Party Ideas

1. Send Out Space Jam Party Invitations

First, you need to find the best Space Jam invitation you can find. Your greatest difficulty will be deciding upon Michael Jordan or Lebron James as the main character. Bugs and the crew will always be there as they provide fun and excitement. 

Next, list down the people you want to invite to your party. Send the invites, and you are ready to party.

2. Highlight Your Space Jam Designed Cake

Space Jam Designed Cake

Picking the right cake will make or break your party. Choose an iconic pose of the character as design. You can browse through the net and find that specific design you would want for your cake. 

Then choose the spot where you want it to be. And make sure everyone sees it as they enter the party. Ensure that the cake is safe from accidents as well. You may also check out the best presents for hip-hop lovers here

3. Decorate Your Place With Space Jam Party Balloons

Balloons always give the party life and beauty. With the right colors and designs, your balloons would be perfect. Blue and yellow are the dominating colors in the movie. 

Since Space Jam is all about basketball [1] and Looney Tunes, fill your venue with balloons. You can learn how to make basketball hoops using these balloons and use them as your decoration. 

4. Use A Unique Space Jam Party Backdrop

Your backdrop should be something plucked out from the movie itself. Choose something iconic or familiar. It will give your guests the chance to remember how much they enjoyed the movie. 

Your guests will have fun taking pictures using this backdrop for the photo-op. A standee can be a good idea, too. Choose whether you want something from the first movie or the second one. And pick your favorite scene. 

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5. Serve Space Jam-Inspired Food & Drinks

Space Jam Drink

The good thing about the movie is that the dominating colors are fun to associate with food. Create finger foods like carrot sticks and celery dips, just like how Bugs and Daffy like it. 

You can also turn your cakes into basketballs and coat them with orange icing. Cheese balls are also very appealing. A mango lemonade would be a perfect choice when it comes to refreshments. 

6. Use Special Space Jam Dinnerware & Table Cloth

Your Space Jam party will not have the real feel without the complete makeover. Placing a table cloth with the great Michael Jordan will be enough representation. If you are into the second movie installation, then Lebron can stand-in. 

You can also pick up some paper plates and plastic wares printed with Space Jam to complete the package. Plastic cups are also available for this theme.

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7. Hand Out Space Jam Party Favors

Picking the perfect party favors seals the deal. You can give your guests Space Jam-inspired toys and miniature figurines. There are foam balls you can include in your guest’s loot bags.

If you have games that need prizes, you can choose jerseys and basketballs as prizes for the winners and the participating groups. Your choices are limitless for giveaways and favors for your guests.

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8. Prepare Fun Space Jam Party Games

Space Jam Game

You can certainly have your guests play a game of basketball. The first team can be the “Monstar Team” while the second is the Looney. Whoever wins can be given jerseys as prizes and other party gifts you prepared. 

You can also set up an arcade for your guests to shoot hoops. If your venue can handle it, you can look for rental companies that can help you celebrate a new level of basketball party. 

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How do you DIY Space Jam party decors?

DIY Space Jam party decors begin with picking supplies with the same color theme as the movie. Creating a basketball hoop made of balloons can be done by following instructional videos. You can also cut confetti and drape it around the venue to make it livelier. 

Can adults use Space Jam decors for their birthday parties?

Yes, adults can use Space Jam decors for their birthday parties. After all, everyone can be a kid at heart. The celebrant can pick up the design they want and decorate the venue for the party. 

Finals Thoughts

Both children and adults can enjoy celebrating birthdays with these Space Jam party ideas. The movie itself was fun, but it is more fun to reminisce iconic scenes through decorations and fun games.

Everyone can relate to the joy the movie brings. And you can easily make the party ideas with a few arts and crafts. The plates and cups may be the harder things to replicate. That is why buying them can be a better option. 


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