Should You Accept A Gift From Your Ex?

Should You Accept A Gift From Your Ex? Answered

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The person you were once with shouldn’t factor into your current relationship. The term “ex” signifies that the relationship is now over and resides in the past. Regardless of how long it’s been since the split, whether short-lived or for a prolonged period, the sense of closeness and bond that you once experienced has dissipated.

After the break-up, one wants peace and to move forward. But some exes will keep sending you presents. So, should you accept a gift from your ex?

Accepting a Gift from Your Ex- Is It Okay?

Accepting a Gift from Your Ex- Is It Okay?

It’s generally inappropriate to accept gifts from your ex-partner, whether because of how your relationship ended or because you remained friends after the break-up. You should no longer accept anything from them. 

But, if you’re okay with that gesture, we advise you to consider some important things like the occasion, the type of gift, and your relationship status.  

Remember that receiving gifts from an ex can keep you in perpetual conflict. 

3 Things to Consider

1. Occasion 

Before being open to receiving gifts from your ex, think about the occasion first. It would seem more thoughtful and normal for an ex to send a gift on your birthday than on random days. It would mean something else if your ex sends you presents without any special occasion or celebration. 

When you receive a gift from your ex-lover on your birthday, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, or any special holiday [1], we can view it as normal. But, if you receive a present from your ex on an ordinary day, it may mean something. Your ex probably misses you and wants to let you know he thinks of you. 

2. Type of Gift

Type of Gift

If you consider the type of gift, you can accept it if you feel it’s nothing out of the usual, like chocolates, flowers, pastries, etc. However, remember that once you willingly receive one gift, you leave the door open for more gifts in the future. 

Also, if the gift your ex is sending you is in line with the occasion, there’s nothing wrong.

But, if your ex is sending your presents like the things that can make you remember him more, like jewelry, clothing, or houseware, it means something more than just being thoughtful.

So what are ways to accept a gift from someone?

3. Relationship Status 

This consideration is crucial. While there seems nothing wrong with being open to accepting gifts from your ex, if you’re already in a relationship with someone else, that’s a different story. 

If you already have someone new, you are no longer entitled to accept gifts from your ex. It’s not just the normal thing to do, but it’s also a way to assure your new lover that your ex does not matter to you anymore. 

On the other hand, your ex giving you gifts while he is already in a relationship with somebody else is just not right. But what does it mean when your husband buys a gift for another woman?

Reasons for Accepting A Gift From Your Ex

Reasons for Accepting A Gift From Your Ex To Rekindle Things

A gift comes with a sentimental value, and if your ex wants to get back with you, they’ll find something that will move your heart in that direction. There’s no explanation needed as the gift is enough to convey the message.

They Already Bought It Before You Broke Up

This gift may usually carry a message saying, “I had it for your birthday,” which you might receive a couple of days after your break-up.

At this very moment, your emotions regarding the break-up could still be impactful. And usually, your ex’s goal for acting this way is to resolve things with you and to get back together. 

But why do relationships end before Valentine’s day?

To Remain On Your Good Side

To Remain Your Good Side

One of the most convincing ways to keep a loved one on the good side is by giving them a gift. An ex can do this by giving you something to keep you close to their expected end. It’s not a big deal, but it’s possible.

They may send you gifts to be friends with you, or they want you to see them as a good guy, despite your past. But what if you received a gift from someone you don’t like?

Is it Rude to Return it? 

Yes, it can be rude to return a gift from your ex. But, to be straightforward, you are not entitled to get gifts from your ex.

However, if you do not really want to accept the gift and want to send it back, you should do it politely. You will only embarrass your ex if you throw the gift on his face or throw it in the trash bin. 

A break-up [2] is often an emotionally-intensive experience, and it can take some time to get used to.

A gift from your ex can trigger an unpleasant reaction, so it’s important to be calm and respond to it in a way that doesn’t cause them any further distress.

But is it appropriate to text your ex on Valentine’s day?


What does it mean when an ex sends you a gift?

Your ex sending you gifts could be a manipulation tactic. Your ex could be trying to get you back together or getting in your head so you won’t move on. Whatever the reason is, your ex might be manipulating you to benefit themselves.

Check out these reasons why your ex-boyfriend keeps buying you gifts here.

Should you thank your ex for a gift?

Yes, saying thank you to your ex when you accept their gift is not wrong. It’s just a way to appreciate your ex’s guts to send your gift despite your current relationship status. 

But what are some alibis to use for ghosting someone?

In Summary

You can accept a gift from your ex, but with limitations. If you have valid reasons to accept a gift, then why not?

But, if you feel uncomfortable accepting the gift from your ex, clear things out and tell your ex. Do not ever leave room for assumptions to avoid misunderstanding and confusion.

Have you tried accepting a gift from your ex? How did you feel? We’d love to hear from you.


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