20 Best Retirement Gifts For Women (Updated)

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Need retirement gift ideas for women? Look no further. We’ve got you covered!

Whether it’s for your lovely boss, a friend, or a family member, these gifts will SURELY be memorable for them.

From funny to practical gifts, here are some retirement gift ideas to consider.

Top 20 Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

1. Superlative Square Edge Wine Glasses


  • 14-ounce glasses with artisan craftsmanship
  • Dishwasher-safe for ease of cleaning and use
  • Elongated stem and square bowl are all from quality glass
  • Lead-free for consumer safety

This universal set of wine glasses allows wine lovers to enjoy all types of wine in the comfort of their own homes.

Each wine glass is manufactured with premium glass from Europe, and takes the consumer’s safety into the equation by being lead-free!

Grab this wine glass set so they can sip their favorite bottle of wine to celebrate a new chapter!

Who To Buy It For:

Get it for your best friend who loves to unwind with the best bottle of wine!

Let them enjoy their leisurely days of retirement with this 4-piece set.

2. Spa Luxetique Relaxing Gift Basket with Body Scrub, Bath Bombs, and Essential Oils

Spa Luxetique Relaxing Gift Basket


  • All-natural ingredients that nourish the body and spirit
  • Comes with a versatile, decorative cloth box you can reuse for your home
  • Contains the following: body scrub, shower gel, vanilla essential oils, shea butter, and sunflower seed oil lotion, bath bombs, and towel

Spa Luxetique specializes in comfort. And this set will surely give their me-time an upgrade!

With this gift basket, they’ll be enamored with the scents from various nourishing bath products. This whole set is all they need for a cozy, relaxing time in the bath.

Plus, each product has ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS that’ll revitalize them inside and out.

After a long career, this great gift takes how much one needs relaxation into account!

Who To Buy It For:

For the female colleague that always wanted to go to the spa – and rarely get the time to.

This well-packaged gift set can let you take the spa to them instead! It’s the perfect gift for 50-year old women!

3. Snarky and Funny Retirement Coloring Book


  • 44 pages inside the soft coloring book
  • Size is compact and can fit into any bag
  • Contains humorous designs to make your recipient laugh out loud
  • Contains relaxing patterns centered around nature and mandalas

It’s time to go back to the basics. They did say it’s good to connect with your inner child!

As children, a coloring book was one way to spend the afternoon. Now that one is a retiree, it’s only apt to get back into that simple activity.

With forty-four pages of unique patterns and designs, their time will be filled for a long while. Match it with the best coloring pencils for them to pass time creatively!

Who To Buy It For:

This coloring book is GREAT as an affordable gift for the jokester!

If you know someone who wants the simple things to do during their free time, this is the perfect gift idea. A creative person with top-tier humor will appreciate it.

This simple gift is bound to give laughter and relaxation at the same time!

4. Retirement Bracelet and Bangle, Steel with Premium Charms


  • Silver-toned metal frame and charms
  • Adjustable bangle
  • Comes in a turquoise gift box and silver ribbons
  • With Swarovski emerald and pearl charms

Nothing says a happy retirement like this bangle bracelet.

The adjustable 60mm bracelet includes a heart charm, Swarovski pearl and emerald, and a compass charm.

It won’t tarnish or rust [1], so you’re also buying into longevity with this thoughtful gift!

PLUS, it’s pretty enough to wear for their retirement parties and reunions.

Who To Buy It For:

For those who appreciate a thoughtful retirement gift or two!

This charm bracelet is an inexpensive, beautiful way for them to express their sentiments about their new life.

It’ll fit anyone, and the charms are universal in their appeal. We think their precious gifts for 60-year old women especially. 

5. DOWAN Ceramic Coffee Mug Set with Insulated Cork Base


  • Large ceramic mug in matte grey
  • Comes with a splash-free slider lid
  • BPA/BPS-free
  • With a built-in cork coaster to keep the mug in premium condition

Keep it hot and classy with this set of mugs! It may come off as a small gift, but the premium design keeps this gift stylish, functional, and great for everyday use.

And hey – who says it’s only for coffee lovers? A tea lover may get a kick out of this gift, too!

Who To Buy It For:

It’s perfect for that partnered retiree who’ll enjoy LOOOONG afternoons with coffee and snacks.

Not to mention, the built-in cork coaster makes clean up easy for them too.

This ceramic coffee mug set is a wonderful gift idea that’ll last a long while! But how much should you give for a retirement gift?

6. Dainty Sterling Silver Necklace with Heart Pendant

Sterling Silver Necklace with Heart


  • Adjustable Sterling silver chain
  • Handmade with all the details you want for a unique gift
  • Dainty but durable
  • Classic design goes with everything

Don’t get this delicate necklace wrong! While it may be as dainty as it seems, this necklace is durable and safe to use anywhere.

Its classic design goes with every outfit you may think of wearing, and it’s a sweet, perfect farewell gift.

The best thing about this is that it’s handmade! All the details are lovingly crafted, and it shows.

Who To Buy It For:

For a special person who loves classic staples.

This dainty heart necklace is a great retirement gift idea for dressy gals!

7. S-ZONE Vintage Genuine Leather Shoulder Bag for Travel


  • Genuine leather comes in seven shades
  • With smooth fabric lining and zipper closure
  • Durable, top-grain leather and reinforced stitching
  • With multiple compartments for notebooks, laptops, and other personal items

Vintage leather is always eye-catching. This genuine leather bag is all-natural, handmade, and boasts both style and functionality.

Once you get past the soft, premium leather surface, you get to its inner compartments. And there’s so much that you can fit! You can carry everything from your laptop to your makeup kit.

This bag is BOUND TO LAST. Its durability is seen in its crossbody snap, reinforced stitching, and rivets protection. Use it as a tote bag or as a cross-body one as they wish!

Who To Buy It For:

The female coworker who wants to top off a successful career with a chance to travel!

This leather shoulder bag can accommodate a LOT more than you think, so it’s the perfect companion for her – and a special gift from you.

8. SweatyRocks Floral Women’s Kimono for Casual Wear and Beach Trips


  • Made of rayon with a loose fit
  • Perfect for everyday casual wear and to special beach trips
  • Comes in different patterns and designs

This kimono is a stylish, creative gift you can give! The rayon allows for a loose, cool fit, perfect for tropical climates and everyday loungewear.

They can EASILY mix and match the different kinds of designs possible with their outfits.

They can use it as an outfit topper OR as an extra cover for a two-piece bikini for the beach-goers.

Who To Buy It For:

This is the best gift for the fashion-savvy outdoorswoman – who’d love a beach trip escape after retirement.

It’s perfect for any vacation and for casual, everyday wear!

9. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera 


  • Slim and light body is compact and portable
  • Automatic exposure captures all the important events you need to remember
  • One-touch selfie mode allows for the perfect selfie
  • With a built-in macro mode and two shutter button accessories

We all love to look back on our best memories. With the Fujifilm Instax, you can do just that within seconds!

It’s a relevant gift you can take anywhere. They can take pictures of themselves, their loved ones, and the events that are about to unfold for a new chapter.

It’s the perfect retirement present!

Who To Buy It For:

An Instax camera is a unique retirement gift idea for those who wish to keep the special moments intact.

It’s one of the best gifts you can give at a retirement party! Let the new retiree take pictures of the best memories, from their current retirement moving forward.

10. Stylish Faux Leather WALNEW RFID Passport Holder Cover

Passport Holder Cover


  • High-quality faux leather lining
  • Snug, comfortable, and embossed
  • Practical, lightweight, and with all the compartments you’ll need
  • Stylish and secure with an elastic wrap

A stylish, secure case is necessary for all the essentials you need while traveling. That includes your passport – and the WALNEW passport holder is the best gift for that.

Along with the passport, this holder can cover EVERYTHING, from business cards to a pen they’ll need for documents. The RFID protection makes sure their data is all secure, too!

This great gift has quality material and exquisite stitching. It’ll last them a long while!

Who To Buy It For:

Anyone looking to travel!

It’s a good retirement gift you can give during a retirement party, or right before their planned vacation.

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11. Finum Reusable Stainless Steel Coffee and Tea Infusing Mesh Brewing Basket


  • Stainless steel coffee and tea infuser
  • Heat tolerant micro-mesh, all BPA-free
  • Durable, dishwasher-safe, and maintains temperature

Let the flavor come out from this brewing basket. Whether you prefer tea, coffee, or love both at the same time, it’s all possible to enjoy them with Finum.

Prepare your beverage directly on the table with the lid as a drip-off tray. It’s suitable for all cup sizes!

Who To Buy It For:

The tea lover and coffee-obsessed person in your life!

This infuser brings out the rich flavors and aromas anyone will love. Let them while away their time with this unique gift in their hands!

12. Godiva Chocolatier Signature Truffles Assorted Chocolate Gift Box


  • Gift box containing gourmet chocolate of all flavors: from milk chocolate to dark
  • Filled with creamy ganache, sweet fruit, tasty caramel, and other flavorful fillings
  • Tried and tested Belgian chocolate quality for 100 years

Ever feel the need for sweets? This luxury Godiva gift box is the perfect gift for ABSOLUTE luxury.

The box set comes with the following flavors:

  • Milk chocolate shell with milk chocolate ganache and solid chocolate bits
  • Dark chocolate shell with gourmet caramel and sea salt
  • Milk chocolate shell, dusted with nuts, with hazelnut praline
  • Dark chocolate shell with a dark chocolate ganache
  • Vanilla and strawberry mousse with a milk chocolate shell
  • Vanilla cake mousse with a milk chocolate shell
  • White chocolate shell, candied sugar, and a dark chocolate and vanilla ganache

Plus, this world-famous chocolate gift set has an elegant box and ribbon – the most exquisite packaging for the most innovative flavors.

Who To Buy It For:

That person with a sweet tooth! This will hit just the spot, especially if chocolate is a personal favorite.

13. LagunaMoon Fizzy All-Natural Bath Bomb Set


  • All-natural and handmade bath bombs
  • Moisturizes, nourishes, and cleans any customer right up!
  • Soluble and won’t stain your bathtub
  • Filled with essential oils to soothe and heal the skin

These fizzy, fragrant bath bombs are some of the best retirement gifts you can give.

All-organic and natural, these handmade bombs will clean you right up – while moisturizing and nourishing all the way.

Who To Buy It For:

For the constantly stressed! Bath bombs guarantee relaxation of the ultimate luxury.

This gift isn’t just on business cards for retirement, you can also get it for Mother’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries.

14. Retired Schedule Mug – Funny Retirement Gift


  • High-grade white ceramic mug
  • Custom design possible
  • Premium full-color print, all lead-free
  • Available in 15 ounces and 11 ounces
  • High-quality, scratch-resistant, and microwave and dishwasher-safe

The perfect retirement gift isn’t complete without a gag gift in the mix.

This high-quality ceramic mug pokes fun at just how free your new, favorite retiree is!

Aside from the comedic properties of this mug, it has high-quality functionality that makes it scratch-resistant and able to endure both microwaves and dishwashers.

Who To Buy It For:

Anyone who can enjoy a good joke – especially during a daunting, fresh chapter in their life!

This retirement gift will go a long way. They’re perfect gifts for a daycare teacher who’s finally retiring!

15. Wooden Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray with Unique Compartments

Wooden Luxury Bathtub


  • Strategic design to fit all bathtub sizes
  • With expandable, slip-resistant grips for your comfort and safety
  • Unique compartments for a laptop, book/tablet holder, wine glass holder, phone slot, and soap dish

Enjoy the luxury of comfort with this bath caddy.

Take time to have a bubble bath, put your favorite music on, and get that bathtub caddy!

You can watch a movie on your laptop or phone, read a book, and light a scented candle to ease you into a romantic atmosphere even more.

Who To Buy It For:

Anyone who enjoys a leisurely day and some alone time!

Movie lovers and bookworms will also love this bathtub caddy for the most relaxing time with their hobbies.

16. Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition Essentials Bundle


  • A bundle for the most purposeful reading – with Kindle Paperwhite, wireless charging, 32GB storage, and adjustable front light
  • With a glare-free display, fit for reading
  • Adjustable screen light allows you to read in all lighting environments

This Kindle Paperwhite gives you ALL the stories you love, without hurting your eyes.

The glare-free screen adjusts to all lighting conditions.

It’s also a big plus that the Kindle is completely waterproof. Bring it to the beach, or by the pool.

They can relax as they wish!

Who To Buy It For:

A bookworm! With more storage for stories, this Kindle can be the perfect companion whether a retiree is inside or lounging out.

17. Rachael Ray Cucina Nonstick Bakeware Set


  • Starter set of the best possible bakeware for cookies, muffins, and more
  • Heavy gauge steel for everyday durability
  • Non-stick, with silicone grips
  • Versatile for sweet pastries and savory dishes

This bakeware set is great for beginners and veterans alike in the kitchen. This collection has all the essentials while keeping everything functional and stylish.

You can easily clean up the non-stick bakeware set. It lasts long and adds beautiful hues to your kitchen.

Who To Buy It For:

Anyone who loves baking, or is actively looking for a new hobby!

This will spice up, not just their kitchen, but also their work-free lives!

18. Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Deep Compression and Heat Control


  • Multi-functional foot massager
  • Adjustable intensity levels that strengthen muscle tissues and reduce muscle stiffness
  • Soothing, comforting heat
  • Detachable, breathable foot cover sleeves for easy cleaning

We all need to relieve tension and relax now and then. This Neckteck massager is affordable, reliable, and puts the customer at its core focus.

The machine radiates heat and warmth for muscle tension. The air compression allows for enhanced reflexes and improved blood flow.

After enjoying the massager, you can take the detachable foot cover and make it all EASY to clean.

Who To Buy It For:

It’s perfect for anyone looking for stress relief and a good massage!

Plus, it’s great to provide to your female friend who prioritizes comfort and relaxation.

19. Forever Flowers – Preserved Gifts to Last Years, with Detachable Glass Dome


  • Elaborate roses that went through a professional preservation system
  • With sparkling LED light around the petals
  • Comes in a removable glass dome
  • With a sturdy wooden base

This graceful and delicate box filled with preserved flowers is enchanting! The light surrounds the roses and gives off an inviting, romantic atmosphere.

It’ll last for years, and with the removable glass dome and wooden base, it’s also the perfect home decor.

Who To Buy It For:

If your retiree appreciates romantic gestures – especially flowers – this is the long-lasting goodbye gift for your coworker!

It’s not as ephemeral as normal flowers are, and comes in the most thoughtful packaging.

20. Sun & Moon Embossed Vintage Leather Journal

Sun & Moon Embossed Vintage Leather Journal


  • Stylish, ancient rustic-looking paper
  • Hand-stitched and distressed design
  • Embossed with sun and moon decor
  • 150 gsm paper inside a durable leather cover
  • Bound and stitched to keep it secure

Spend your leisurely time with this retirement gift! Write essays, short stories, poems, and plain old journal entries.

There’ll be no bleed-through whether you use a gel pen or a ballpoint one. The vintage papers are all handmade, 150 GSM thick, and protected by durable brown leather.

Plus, the journal is secured by reinforced stitching.

While we’ve got their durability down, this journal doesn’t lack style. The sun and moon embossed decor add to the vintage feel you’ll cherish.

Who To Buy It For:

Anyone who appreciates the classics or vintage aesthetics! The immaculate craftsmanship shows from the cover to the pages.

If your recipient loves to write, then this is a great retirement gift! This journal is ideal for diary entries and all the creative writing possible.

Add on a personalized pen and you’ve got yourself the best bundle of perfect gift ideas.

How Do You Find the Perfect Retirement Gift?

Perfect gifts are hard to come by. Thankfully, we’ve rounded up a gift guide for you to look into below:

1. Look Into Funny Retirement Gifts

Retirement can be seen as a solemn thing. It’s an end of an era, and a future full of mystery.

AND it can get daunting for the retiree, too!

Break the ice with a gag gift. While everyone’s saying their well-wishes, get a funny mug or shirt as part of your list of retirement gifts for women.

2. Keep the Future, Retired Life in Mind for the Unique, Fun Gift

Funny face

Think about all the time they’ve got now – what could they possibly do, and how can your gift help out?

This work is especially great if you have their hobbies and habits in mind. Expensive retirement gifts don’t need to be the go-to!

If they love to travel, a tote bag or organizer are some of the best retirement gift ideas. A passport holder or insulated tumbler works well, too.

If they like to stay in and unwind, unique retirement gifts include spa sets, comfy blankets, and home decor.

Celebrate retirement with them through your presents!

To take it a step further, look into gifts for women specifically. Stylish kimonos, makeup sets, and outdoor fashion staples would be amazing!

3. Try Out Personalized Retirement Gifts

Retirement gifts for women aren’t complete without a touch of customization.

Engrave their initials or add a personal note. Either way, you can make standard presents into unique gifts with some personalization.

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To Sum It Up

Whether a retirement party is coming up or you simply know someone is up for retirement, these gifts will surely make the end much more memorable.

Feel free to come back any time you’re lost for gift ideas! We got all the best retirement gifts for women.


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