Pranks To Do On Your Boyfriend Over The Phone

8 Funny Pranks To Do On Your Boyfriend Over The Phone

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Starting a prank call to your boyfriend can be a thrilling method to inject some fun into your relationship.

Prank calling is an easy and relatively harmless way to pull a fast one on your significant other and have some fun. 

Our team listed some of the best pranks you can do over the phone to make your boyfriend laugh and create unforgettable memories. 

So, if you’re ready to have fun, keep reading for some of the best pranks to do on your boyfriend over the phone. 

8 Hilarious Phone Pranks To Do On Your Boyfriend

1. Change His Ringtone To A Funny Song 

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One playful prank you can do on your boyfriend over the phone is to change his ringtone to a funny song. 

It can catch him off guard and give him a good laugh. 

Whether it’s a classic comedic tune or a current pop hit with silly lyrics, choosing a song you know will make him smile. 

Of course, you’ll want to change it back to his original ringtone after a while so he doesn’t miss any important calls. 

Just make sure to have a good laugh together afterward. 

2. Try To Call Him & Say, “Hey, You Called Me?” 

Another fun prank you can play on your boyfriend over the phone is to call him and pretend like he just called you. 

When he answers, you can act confused and say, “Hey, you called me?” This can be hilarious to catch him off guard and create playful confusion. 

But it’s essential to ensure he’s in on the joke and will be clear and calm by the call. 

3. Act Like You’re A Law Enforcer

Acting like a law enforcer is a prank that can get your boyfriend’s heart racing, and it can be a fun way to scare him over the phone playfully. 

You can call him and use a stern and authoritative tone, introducing yourself as an officer of the law and letting him know he’s in trouble. 

This prank can be taken to different levels of intensity, depending on how much your boyfriend is willing to play along, and it’s essential to make sure that he’s in on the joke before things get too serious.

4. Call & Pretend You Have No Idea Who He Is

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Calling your boyfriend and pretending you have no idea who he is can be a hilarious way to mess with him over the phone. 

You can use a fake voice or accent and act like you’re looking for someone else entirely. 

“I was a shy kid but also very mischievous. Because I looked super innocent, no one could really call me out on my pranks.” 

K. L. Rahul, Indian Cricketer

Plus, this prank can be especially effective if you’ve established a long-term relationship with your boyfriend, as it can catch him off guard and make him wonder if you’re serious. 

But of course, it’s important to ensure you don’t let the prank go on for too long and risk hurting your boyfriend’s feelings. 

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5. Act Like You’re His Ex-girlfriend

Acting like you’re your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is a prank that can be tricky to pull off and potentially hurtful. 

While it may seem fun to mess with your boyfriend, pretending to be his ex-girlfriend can create unnecessary jealousy [1] and doubt in your relationship. 

Besides, trust is a key component of any healthy relationship, and pranks that involve deception can potentially damage that trust.

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6. Pretend To Be A Wrong Number & Keep Talking 

One classic prank you can do on your boyfriend over the phone is to pretend to be the wrong number and keep talking. 

After calling your boyfriend and getting him on the line, you can act like you were trying to call someone else entirely and keep talking as if nothing is wrong. 

It creates a hilarious moment of confusion for your boyfriend and can also be an excellent opportunity to practice your improv skills. 

And make sure that your boyfriend is in on the joke and won’t be too confused or upset by the call. 

7. Call Him Up & Pretend To Be A Customer Service Rep 

Playing a fake customer service representative on the phone with your boyfriend is another excellent idea for a phone prank. 

After calling him up, you can use a professional tone and introduce yourself as a representative of a company or organization with which your boyfriend may be familiar. 

You can then ask him a series of hilarious questions or make outlandish demands, such as asking him to take a survey or demanding that he buy a ridiculous product.

Just let him in on the joke after the call ends, so he’s not left confused or frustrated.

8. Text Him A Fake Message From A Celebrity He Admires

Man Holding a Phone

To pull off this prank, you can use a fake phone number or a texting app to send a message that appears to be from the celebrity in question. 

The message can be silly or outrageous, such as a fake invitation to a party or a bizarre request for your boyfriend’s help. 

Aside from that, this prank will work if your boyfriend is a big fan of the celebrity in question, as it can create excitement and disbelief for him. 

Once you’ve revealed that it’s just a joke, you can laugh about it and enjoy the humor of the moment.

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How can I make amends with my boyfriend after a fight?

The best way to make amends with your boyfriend after a fight is to take responsibility for your actions, apologize [2] for what you did, and communicate openly and honestly about your feelings. 

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To cheer your boyfriend, you can say, “I know things have been tough lately, but I’m here for you.”

Or “I’m so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. Let’s take a break and enjoy some quality time together.”

What can you do to be a fun girlfriend?

Make time for fun activities together, like going to the movies, exploring a new town, or trying a new restaurant. 

Or try to surprise your partner with small gifts or dates tailored to their interests.

Key Takeaways

If you’re looking for a way to have a little fun with your boyfriend, you can always prank him over the phone. 

Whether it’s playing a silly prank or a practical joke, your boyfriend will surely get a kick out of it. 

Just keep it light-hearted, and don’t get too serious. Remember, the best pranks are the ones that make everyone laugh!


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