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Owl and Goose Gifts – Are They Legit? (Updated)

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The popularity of counterfeit Squishmallows has increased rapidly, and our team member who is an avid collector of rare Squishmallows fell victim to one of these scams.

Then, we came across Owl and Goose Gifts, an online store that sells plushies, and wondered, is this shop legit? Read more to find out. 

A Quick Overview of Owl & Goose Gifts 

A Quick Overview on Owl & Goose Gifts 

Owl and Goose Gift is a toy store run by a small family in Illinois. The shop sells a wide selection of Squishmallows, Pusheen, Warmies, Squishables, OMG! POP Fidgety! And eGift Cards. 

The shop started with Megan and her two daughters, who carefully curated different collections of their favorite plush brands and other toys. To them, the plushies are more than just a stuffed item but a buddy that you can create fun memories with. 

Owl and Goose gifts offer affordable shipping, and they managed to curate a wonderful plushies collection. Who would have thought that this small business also offers a wide selection of our favorite stuffed animals that are not just toys but the best companions?

Does It Sell Legit Squishmallows?

Owl and Goose Gifts sells legit Squishmallows. If you go through their website, there is a specific tab for Squishmallows where you can see a great selection of Squishmallows. You can counter-check the Squishmallows by checking the three brand tags and not just by purely looking at them. 

The first tag says, “Original Squishmallows: Squeeze and Cuddle me.” The second tag reads, “Kelly Toys plus the identification of the Squishmallow. Lastly, it has a final tag that contains the batch number and the toy’s ID.

Owl and Goose Gifts’ Squishmallows have these brand tags, so yes, they sell legit plushies. If you don’t find any, contact customer service, and they will assist you in returning the item and having it replaced.

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Do Owl & Goose Gifts Sell Rare Squishmallows?

Does Owl & Goose Gifts Sell Rare Squishmallows?

Yes, Owl and Goose Gifts sell rare Squishmallows. Rare Squishmallows are hard to find, and they are mostly sold out or out of stock in online and physical stores. Fortunately, there are some rare Squishmallows that Owl and Goose managed to restock. 

Owl and Goose gifts sell Avery, the duck, a rare Squishmallow. However, due to its rarity, Owl and Goose placed a limit of two orders per customer on this rare Squishmallow. 

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Owl & Goose Gifts Reputation

Online shopping is convenient and easy; however, there can be many stories about fraudsters who take advantage of the consumer’s vulnerability [1]. However, Owl and Goose Gifts established a good reputation when it comes to selling plush toys of different brands. 

Aside from making sure they sell authentic stuffed animals, the company ensures that the customers are satisfied with the product. They offer customer requested cancellation, return policy, incorrect, missing tag or damaged return, and other perks that give a good reputation to the company. Also, they have responsive customer service, so you will not have difficulty contacting the store.

Shipping & Arrival


Own and Goose Gifts has a clear and concise shipping policy that is beneficial to the customer and the store. The orders placed from the website shall be shipped within 2-7 business days, Monday – Friday (except for holidays). 

The package will be in transit of USPS, UPS, or FedEx within 2-7 business days if it’s within the U.S. However, if it is a Canadian transit, you can expect your package from 6-20 business days. In addition, the customer is eligible for a refund if the package has not arrived after 30 days.

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Is Owl & Goose a good website?

Yes, Owl and Goose gifts is a good website to check out different plushies from different brands. It is an online store with a great selection of good Squishmallows, Plush Toys, and Fidgets Toys. In addition, if you want to save more, you can check out their clearance deals for Squishmallows with minor defects.

Where does Owl & Goose ship from?

Owl and Goose ship from Illinois. Currently, the shop ships to Canada and the U.S and does not do expedited shipping. Moreover, they only ship on weekdays. Large orders may take more handling time. 

Final Thoughts  

Owl and Goose Gifts is a legit store that sells authentic Squishmallows and other brands of plushies. It has an impressive collection of plush toys carefully curated by the owner and her two girls. In addition, the small online store offers rare and authentic Squishmallows at a reasonable price. 

Owl and goose Gifts created a good reputation by giving quality service, and the brand ensures that the customers are satisfied with their items. Have you tried ordering from Owl and Goose Gifts? Tell us about your experience!


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