Mexican Party Ideas For Adults

10 Best Mexican Party Ideas For Adults: Complete Guide

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Are you searching for ways to throw a memorable Mexican-themed party for adults? You’ve come to the right place!

As someone who has traveled around Mexico and immersed myself in its vibrant culture, I’ve got you covered.

Today, I’ll share the best Mexican party ideas to transport guests to a fiesta. Prepare for an explosion of color, delicious food, lively music, and unforgettable memories.

10 Best Mexican-Theme Party Ideas For Grown-Ups

1. Set Up A Tequila Bar With Different Tequila-based Cocktails

To set up the bar, you’ll need to stock it with a variety of tequilas [1], liqueurs, and mixers, which will be used to create the cocktails.

It would help if you also had an assortment of garnishes and glassware, such as salt, limes, rims, and margarita glasses. 

Once you have all the necessary ingredients and supplies, you can start mixing up some delicious tequila-based cocktails. 

Some popular drinks include margaritas, Palomas, sunrises, and tequila shots. 

And it’s fun to play around with different ingredients and flavor profiles to create your special drinks.

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2. Organize A Salsa Dancing Competition

In this dancing competition, guests can be divided into pairs or small groups and given a song to practice and perform. 

Including a range of salsa music, from classic Mexican to more current renditions, is the greatest way to keep everyone happy. 

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Additionally, providing each group with a few basic steps to practice before the competition can help ensure everyone feels comfortable and confident while dancing. 

A panel of judges can judge the competition, or the host can have a fun and interactive voting system where each group can vote for their favorite performance. 

Winners can be presented with prizes like tequila or gift baskets with Mexican motifs after the competition.

3. Serve Authentic Mexican Street Tacos

Street tacos are a classic Mexican favorite and will surely be a hit with your guests. 

If you want your tacos to taste as authentic as they possibly can, there are a few points that you must keep in mind:

  1. Start with high-quality, fresh ingredients. You can find masa, the dough used to make the tacos at most Latin markets, and other ingredients like cilantro, onions, and cheese.
  1. Get some flavorful toppings like salsa, guacamole, and sour cream.
  1. Cook up some delicious meats like carnitas or carne asada.

Serve these tacos with some chips and salsa, and you’re sure to have a party that everyone will enjoy. 

4. Create A DIY Margarita Station

Set up a station with all the ingredients to make a margarita [2]

Start with various tequilas, liqueurs, and mixers like agave nectar, triple sec, and lime juice. 

Add fun garnishes like orange, lime, and jalapeno slices for a spicy kick. Also, keep the station stocked with salt, sugar, and chili powder for rimming the glasses. 

You have to provide a few pre-made margarita recipes for guests to follow or let them get creative and make their own unique concoctions. 

Guests can sample each other’s creations or create their signature margaritas. 

For a fun twist, have a margarita-tasting competition and have guests vote on their favorite margarita.

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5. Hang A Piñata 

hanging piñata

Piñatas are a staple of Mexican celebration and can help bring your party to life. 

Have your visitors try to crack open a piñata by hanging it from the ceiling or a tree and hitting it with a stick. 

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You can fill it with candy, small toys, and other treats. Once the piñata is broken open, the guests can enjoy the treats inside.

6. Decorate With Colorful Paper Flowers And Printables

By using a variety of paper flowers in bold, vivid colors, you can create a vibrant atmosphere that will add a unique and lively atmosphere to your party. 

You can hang the paper flowers from the walls or the ceiling or use them to decorate tables and other areas at the party. 

Plus, use colorful paper flowers to make centerpieces for each table or to decorate the buffet table. 

To add to the Mexican theme, you can include printables with Mexican-inspired designs, such as cacti, sombreros, and luchadors. 

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7. Play Mexican-Inspired Games Like Loteria Or Charades

Loteria is an engaging game for all ages. 

The game consists of a deck of 54 cards, each with a unique picture, and players try to match their cards to the ones called out by the caller. 

It aims to get four of a kind, three pairs, or a full house before anyone else. 

Players in the classic game of Charades must portray a word or phrase without using their voices. 

You can have a fun way to add a Mexican twist to the game by using words and phrases related to Mexican culture. 

For example, players can act out Spanish words or Mexican food items such as tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. 

8. Hire A Mariachi Band

The mariachis can provide the perfect accompaniment to the festivities, setting the tone for a night of fun and celebration. 

Their festive melodies and upbeat rhythms will bring your guests up and dancing. 

Depending on your budget and the size of your party, you can hire a small or large mariachi band with different instrumentation.

9. Set Up A Mexican-Themed Photo Booth With Props

A Mexican-themed photo booth is an excellent way to add extra entertainment and encourage guests to participate in the celebration. 

You can set up a photo booth with colorful props, such as sombreros, ponchos, maracas, and flags. 

Provide fun paper mustaches, backdrops, and other accessories to bring out the Mexican spirit. 

To complete the photo booth setup, you can hang up some decorations, such as Mexican-style paper lanterns, tissue paper streamers, and other festive decorations.

10. Mexican Karaoke

The best part about Mexican karaoke is that it can be tailored to suit any event, from a birthday party to an office gathering. 

Guests can choose from a selection of classic Mexican songs, from traditional ballads to upbeat pop hits. 

You can create custom playlists with your guests’ favorite songs for a more personal touch. 

With Mexican Karaoke, everyone can participate and have a great time, regardless of their singing ability.

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What things do you need to throw a party with a Mexican theme?

You’ll need to get creative with decorations, like colorful Papel Picado banners and maracas, to transform your space into a festive Mexican fiesta.

What foods should be served at a Mexican-themed party?

Authentic Mexican dishes like tacos, tamales, and guacamole are must-haves for a successful Mexican-themed party.

What other party games do Mexicans play?

Other popular party games in Mexico include “La Gallina Ciega,” a game similar to tag, and “La Rana,” a game of guessing objects.

Bottom Line

Now, you already have an idea to organize a Mexican- themed party for adults. 

These party ideas can be great for hosting a festive, fun, and unique celebration. 

Plus, tossing a fantastic Mexican-themed party is easy with a little forethought and preparation, and your guests will be impressed.


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