Is the 750 Shein Gift Card a Scam

Is the 750 Shein Gift Card A Scam? Answered (2023 Updated)

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Have you seen the ads about the $750 free Shein gift card and want to know if it’s legit? Well, $750 is a lot of money, and for shops like Shein, that’s equivalent to lots of items. 

So, is the 750 Shein gift card a scam or legitimate? Read on because the answer might surprise you. 

$750 Shein Gift Card: Real or Scam? 

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Believe it or not, the $750 Shein gift card is real; however, we have seen many red flags with the gift card offer, which is why it can be a scam. The gift card is not offered by Shein [1] but by Flash Rewards, and you must complete twenty deals within the specified timeframe. 

Aside from the time-consuming deals, you may encounter potential security risks from uploading your personal information to claim the $750 Shein gift card. Also, the deals have paid subscriptions, so you will have to pay for something to get a gift card. 

3 Steps To Get The Gift Card

1. Sign Up

Flash Rewards offer the Shein Gift Card, so you must head to their website to register. It is free to sign up for Flash Rewards, and you have to provide complete and accurate registration information.  

The site will ask for your consent to telemarketing; we don’t recommend doing that. After all, it is not part of the requirement for you to earn the $750 Shein gift card. 

2. Complete 20 Deals From 5 Levels

After signing up, you must complete twenty deals from five levels to get a gift card from Shein. To earn the $750 reward, you need to complete 1 Level 1 deal, 1 Level 2 deal, 3 Level 3 deals, 5 Level 4 deals, and 10 Level 5 Deals (20 Deals). 

You have to complete the deals within 5 to 7 days, and you can track your progress if you sign up for an SMS alert. 

The deals included are time-consuming because you must download and play free online games. You are asked to sign up for free trials, pay for subscriptions, services, and products (yes, that’s the red flag), try apps, and many more. 

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3. Upload Personal Information and Claim Reward

After you complete the deals, you have to go through a claims process that may require you for ID verification. It is another red flag for us because you have to upload a photo of your ID, a copy of a utility bill with your name and address, and a selfie with you holding your ID. 

Why People Think It’s Scam

Shein Gift Card

People think a $750 Shein gift card is a scam because it is too good to be true. Who gives out such expensive gift cards without a catch, anyway? 

Since a different company, not Shein, offers the gift card, it may seem like you will get paid for a potential security breach. Also, there are paid subscriptions that you are required to get to complete the deals, which people think is a scam.


Issues About the $750 Gift Card

There are debates on the internet about whether gift cards are fake or real. Some say it is fake because they have completed the deal but get nothing, while others claim it is real but requires time, effort, and money. 

A Reddit user claims she completed the deal, but her account was flagged as fraud after getting her personal information. Another issue is the roughly $90 paid subscription to complete the deal. 

Who Offers The $750 Shein Gift Card?

Flash Rewards offer the $750 Shein gift card. Flash Rewards is a get-paid-to website where you will get paid ($750 Shein gift card) to complete the deals. In Trustpilot, Flash Rewards has 3.9 stars which is “great,” so it is promising. 

However, Flash Rewards has many complaints, such as issues in receiving the rewards, paying to get the reward, and privacy. Now we all understand why many people have been saying it is impossible that there’s no catch with the $750 Shein gift card. 


Does anyone successfully get the $750 Shein gift card?

Yes, some people successfully get the $750 Shein gift card. Three Reddit users claimed they managed to get the reward; however, they all said you must be prepared to spend time, money, and effort. 

Is it safe to fill out the personal information for a Shein gift card?

No, filling out the personal information for a Shein gift card is unsafe. Since the reward will come from a different website and not from Shein, it would be a possible security breach on your side. There is no guarantee that your ID and personal information are safe on a third-party website. 

Key Takeaways

The $750 Shein gift card is real; however, you must prepare to spend a lot of time playing, paying for subscriptions, and having your personal information and ID disclosed.

They pay you $750 for your personal information, availed subscriptions, and efforts. Legit but untrustworthy. 


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