Is It Rude To Give Money As A Gift?

Is It Rude To Give Money As A Gift? Answered (Updated)

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Presenting a monetary gift may not surpass the act of gift wrapping or giving something that you believe the recipient will truly value.

Despite being open to the idea of receiving money or giving cash as a gift, there’s still a lot of argument about whether it is rude or not.

So, today, we’ll answer the controversial question – is it rude to give money as a gift?  

Giving Money as a Gift

Giving Money as a Gift  

Although offering money as a gift is not considered rude, some people may find it inappropriate. A personal gift is the best way to show your appreciation. But for some, a cash gift is the best gift because the recipient can decide what they want to do with it. 

If you know the person’s tastes and what will make them feel happy, then give them a personal gift. But, if you’re thinking of giving a cash gift, we suggest giving it along with something else like flowers, chocolates, or essential things. 

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Is it OK to Gift Cash? 

A financial gift is an excellent way to show someone how much you care. You can give it on different occasions like birthdays, Christmas, graduation, nuptials, etc. 

But, before you give cash gifts, think about the person you’re giving it to and their connection with you. Will they appreciate and be grateful for it? 

Also, this can be the most appreciated gift for teenagers. It’s best to give it as a gift and then accompany it with something that explains how it is essential to save money. Doing so will make them think about the importance of saving money. But what should you do if someone asks for a gift back?

When is it Rude to Give Money as a Gift? 

When is it Rude to Give Money as a Gift? 

It can be rude to give a monetary gift for some occasions like a baby shower party, retirement party, or anniversary.

Instead of providing money for these occasions, it is better to gift someone they will really need, like baby items (for a baby shower), home products (for a retirement), or a wine box (for an anniversary). 

Giving gifts is not just about wrapping things just to say you give something. It’s the effort and thought you’re putting into avoiding an awkward situation with someone on an event or occasion. 

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Etiquettes to Follow 

Etiquettes to Follow 

Relationship to the Receiver

Considering your relationship with the recipient is one of the etiquette rules to follow in giving [1] money as a gift. Your relation with the receiver will indicate the amount you can give. 

For example, for any occasion (e.g., holidays, Christmas), except for weddings, you can give $50 to your close friends and relatives. For your acquaintances, you can give $30.

Amount to Give

Amount to Give

Concerning the factor above, the amount of money depends on your relationship with the receiver and your budget. Whether it’s your friend, family member, or acquaintance, make sure you can afford to spend a penny as your gift. 

If you can’t afford to give a certain amount of money, you may want to avoid giving cash. It’s a good idea to give them a gift personally, like the things they’ll need. Giving expensive gifts is not required; a small gift would do. 

Consider the Occasion 


Nowadays, gifting cash as a birthday gift is normal. Let the recipient determine what to buy with your birthday present. On this occasion, whether the recipient is a close relative or friend, gifting them $50 is enough, except for your parents. Of course, you can give your parents more than that.



Giving money as your wedding gift is one of the nice gifts. You’re allowing the couple to decide what they will do to the money. For the wedding of your close friends, giving $75 to $100 is ideal, while for a close family relative, you can give them $100 to $150. 


It is hard to think of something you can give to a person who is going through a difficult time. However, if you can give them something that will show your love and support, giving cash is a good gift. Besides flowers and a card with encouraging words, giving a cash gift of $50 would be ideal.

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How to Give It? 

How to Give It? 

There are many ways one can give a gift. You can give your buddies, relatives, and even your parents, gift cards or visa gift card, which they can use to purchase something that they would love.

Also, it would be good to open a savings account for the recipient, especially for young children. This gift will also help the recipient learn how to save and budget money.

If a giver is wealthy enough, they can give shares in a company. Money in the form of stocks will keep growing and benefit the recipient for life. Find out some entertaining ways to present monetary gifts here

Alternatives for Cash Gifts 

Instead of cash gifts, you can give a little more something useful like contributing to a UGMA (Uniform Gifts To Minors Act) account, starting a $529 plan, savings bond or certificate of deposit, gift cards, and check. 

Gifting them something like we mentioned above can be very useful for them throughout their life, and not just something they can spend easily. If the cost doesn’t matter to you as a giver, we suggest these alternatives for most events. 


What do you say when gifting money?

When gifting money, you can say a heartfelt message showing them you thought about it, and there’s a meaning behind it. Also, depending on what the person likes, you can say, “Here’s for your next travel,” or “Here’s a little something as you expand your store.”

Is cash a thoughtless gift?

No, cash is not a thoughtless gift nor a bad gift. It’s one of the nice gift ideas that most people will surely like. They can purchase what they want and what to do with it. Though it exerts little effort than to gift wrap other things, a heartfelt note with your sign is enough to tell how thoughtful you are. 

Key Takeaways

A money gift can be a good idea and reasonably convenient solution for most occasions, especially the holidays. It can always be an appropriate gift for birthdays, graduations, funerals, and nuptials. 

When considering gifting cash, ensure that the recipient doesn’t consider this type of gift rude. As much as possible, make your money gift unique and personalized. For example, you can add a note card with your handwritten warm and sincere wishes.   


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