Is It OK To Wear Black On Easter Sunday

Is It OK To Wear Black On Easter Sunday? Solved

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Easter Sunday is a special occasion for embracing new beginnings, rejuvenation, and introspection. It is also an opportunity to wear our finest attire.

But as the wardrobe preparations begin, a question arises: is it okay to wear black on Easter Sunday? 

To help you decide, let’s dive in and explore the considerations at play when making a decision. 

Is It Acceptable To Wear Black On Easter Sunday?

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The answer to this question could go either way—yes or no—demonstrating that there is more than one way to view it. 

Wearing black on Easter Sunday is generally considered inappropriate and not in keeping with the holiday spirit. 

Traditionally, it is associated with mourning and funerals and is not considered an appropriate color choice for Easter Sunday. 

“Black and white creates a strange dreamscape that color never can.” 

Jack Antonoff, American Singer

Easter is a joyful and celebratory occasion that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ; as such, it is customary to wear bright and festive colors. 

But on the one hand, wearing black to church on Easter isn’t instantly considered taboo. 

Since one’s sense of style is a matter of individual preference and self-expression, some people may find it meaningful to wear black on Easter.

Plus, to make the black more appropriate and dignified, you can incorporate it with accessories like brightly colored scarves, jewelry, and hats that can help to break up the black and add some festivity to the outfit. 

But what formal outfits can you wear to church on Easter Sunday?

What Colors Should You Wear On Easter Sunday?

Easter is often associated with pastel colors like pink, yellow, blue, and purple. 

But the most popular color is white, which symbolizes purity, glory, triumph, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Choosing one of these colors or wearing a combination can be a great way to show your enthusiasm for the holiday. 

Or, if you prefer a bolder statement, opt for a bright coral, turquoise, or sunny yellow to add a touch of excitement to your outfit. 

Whether you’re dressing up in a flowy dress, a casual sweater and jeans, or a snazzy suit and tie, choose colors that make you feel confident, comfortable [1], and ready to celebrate the joy and magic of Easter Sunday.

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Is It Improper To Wear White Before Easter?

No, it is not improper to wear white before Easter. 

Although it was once considered proper etiquette in many communities across the globe to refrain from wearing white before Easter, this practice has since been abandoned.

In the 1930s, a law in the United States stated, “No white before Easter or after Labor Day.”

It is a sign that those in higher social classes can wear white during the summer, while those in lower social classes are limited to wearing dark colors.

More importantly, this rule applies equally to all American women.

But today, people of all ages, races, and gender can freely wear white any day, especially on Easter. 

The tradition of avoiding white before Easter has become less strict and is often only observed by older generations. 

Wearing white before Easter has become more acceptable, and some fashion designers have even embraced the trend by creating collections. 

What Should You Not Wear On Easter Sunday?

Woman wearing brown blazer with white top and denim jeans

When dressing for Easter Sunday, men should avoid wearing overly casual looks. 

While jeans and t-shirts may be comfortable and pleasing for a casual celebration, a Sunday Church service requires a more formal look. 

Men should opt for dress pants, a nice collared shirt, and dress shoes. Avoid wearing shorts, sandals, or any clothing with offensive graphics or logos. 

On the other hand, women must avoid anything too tight or revealing. 

A nice blouse or sweater perfectly accompanies an Easter dress and can be dressed up with a few pieces of jewelry. 

If a woman wants to wear pants, choose something tailored and avoid denim or sweatpants. 

And, of course, Easter Sunday calls for something a little more dressy than your everyday look, so opt for a skirt or dress with a flattering cut. 

Do You Have To Dress Up For Easter?

Dressing up for Easter is a personal choice. There is no theological justification for any particular way of dressing for worship on the Christian holiday of Easter.

Some may wear their best Sunday to celebrate the holiday, while others may dress casually. 

It is unnecessary to dress up for Easter, and many people prefer to be comfortable in their clothes. 

Depending on the type of celebration you are attending, dressing formally or casually is usually acceptable. 

So, if you are attending a church service, it is often expected that people dress in their Sunday best, including dressy attire such as skirts and dresses for women and dress trousers and dress shirts for men.

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Is it appropriate to wear black to Easter brunch?

It is generally considered appropriate to wear black to Easter brunch as long as the outfit is not overly formal or somber. 

What color do people wear on Holy Friday?

People typically wear red on Holy Friday as it symbolizes the passion and blood originating from the martyrs’ feasts. 

What should you wear to an Easter brunch?

If you’re attending an Easter brunch, you should aim to look nice but not too formal. Opt for pastel colors and floral patterns for a spring-inspired look.

What should you wear to the Easter Vigil?

It is essential to dress modestly and conservatively for an Easter Vigil. Appropriate attire would include a lovely dress, skirt, blouse, or dress pants and a blouse.

But does the Easter Vigil Mass considered a Sunday service?

Does wearing new clothes on Easter bring good luck?

Wearing new clothes on Easter is a traditional symbol of good luck, as it is believed to bring the wearer prosperity and joy in the coming year.

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Final Thoughts

Wearing black on Easter Sunday is a matter of personal choice and comfort. 

While it is a common tradition to wear bright colors on this day, the most important thing is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ with a grateful heart and a spirit of unity [2]. 

So, whether you choose to wear black or any other color, let it reflect your inner peace and love for others, and may this Easter Sunday be a joyful and meaningful day for you and your loved ones.


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