How To Write Adults Only On Wedding Invitation

How To Write Adults Only On A Wedding Invitation: Answered

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Planning a wedding is an exhilarating experience, yet choosing who to invite can make the process challenging.

One common concern is how to write adults only on wedding invitations. 

As someone who has encountered this question during my wedding planning journey, I’ve learned valuable lessons worth sharing. 

With that, I’ll outline practical tips and etiquette pointers to help you confidently and respectfully communicate an adult-only celebration on your wedding invitations. 

5 Tips On Writing “Adults Only” On Your Wedding Invitation


1. Be Clear & Direct

Adding an “Adults Only” tag to your wedding invitation is necessary for guests to understand that the event is for older individuals. 

The phrase should be placed near the top or just after the RSVP card [1] when crafting the invite. 

“Remember that creating a successful marriage is like farming: you have to start over again every morning.”

H. Jackson Brown, Jr., American Author

The words should be clear and easily seen; no words besides “Adults Only” should be used. But what should you do with the extra wedding invitations?

2. Use Polite Language

It’s important to phrase the invitation politely yet firmly for an adults-only wedding event. 

Rather than using phrases implying disapproval, such as “no children” or “no minors,” the invitation should emphasize the presence of the couple’s closest family and friends. 

3. Specify On The Envelope

Instead of “The Smith Family,” address it personally to the adults in the family that you are inviting: “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” or “Mr. John Smith and Mrs. Jane Smith.” 

This will show your guests that the invitation is only intended for the specific named individuals rather than all family members.

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4. Be Consistent

Stating “adults only” on your wedding invitation requires consistency [2] and clarity. No kids or teens can be invited to the ceremony or the reception. 

As the host, consider allowing certain people to bring their children. Include your policy in the invitation and reiterate it with emails, website pages, or social media.

5. Be Mindful Of The Placement

Don’t let the message overshadow the joy of celebrating your union, so choose a manageable spot for this notice. You don’t want it to be the main focus of the invitation. 

Instead, place it underneath or on the back of the details of the event or venue. 

“Embracing an evening of refined enchantment, the couple curates an adults-only celebration that promises unforgettable moments of love and laughter, tailored exclusively for their adult guests.”

Howkapow Gift Site

This way, guests can first see all the exciting elements of your wedding and then take note of the adult-only policy.

10 Simple & Kind Messages To Put “Adults Only” On The Invitation

  1. Please be advised that this is an adult-only party.
  2. “We kindly request no children under 18 at the reception.”
  3. “Adults, please join us for a cocktail hour beginning at 5:00.”
  4. “We kindly ask that you reserve this evening for adults only as we celebrate our union.”
  5. “To create a romantic atmosphere, we kindly ask that our wedding be adults only.”
  6. “Please leave the little ones at home and join us for an adults-only wedding celebration.”
  7. “We would be honored if you could join us for an adults-only celebration of love and commitment.”
  8. “We respectfully ask that you leave the kids at home and join us for an adults-only wedding filled with joy.”
  9. “With love and respect, we kindly request that our wedding be attended by adults only. We look forward to sharing this beautiful day with you and creating cherished memories together.”
  10. “In our journey of love, we invite you to join us for an adults-only wedding celebration. Your understanding of our wish for an elegant occasion is truly appreciated.”

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10 Funny Short Wordings To Put “Adults Only” On The Invitation

  1. “Parents, rejoice! A night off is finally here. Join us for an adults-only wedding where you can focus on fun, friends, and a kid-free escape.”
  2. “We’re bringing our finest party hats and raising a glass to an adults-only wedding. Leave the kids at home and come ready to have a blast.”
  3. “This wedding is R-rated: Romance, Revelry, and Ridiculously good times. Sorry, kids, it’s adults-only!”
  4. “Calling all adults: we’re throwing a wedding party strictly for the big kids. Leave the little ones behind and join us for an unforgettable celebration.”
  5. “Kids-free zone ahead! Prepare yourself for a wedding filled with grown-up jokes, delightful drinks, and an absence of diaper-changing duties.”
  6. “Attention, all grown-ups! This wedding is your escape from the world of parenting. Let’s celebrate without any little interruptions.”
  7. “No children, no worries! Join us for an adults-only soirée filled with laughter, drinks, and questionable dance moves.”
  8. “Warning: this wedding may contain adult content, inappropriate dance moves, and lots of fun. Leave the kids at home!”
  9. “We promise an evening of adult shenanigans, embarrassing dance moves, and laughter. Leave the kids behind and join the party!”
  10. “This wedding is adults-only for a reason: we want to guarantee an evening of unfiltered fun, hilarious stories, and possibly regrettable decisions.”

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How do you impose a guest limit on an invitation?

A guest limit can be imposed by putting a line beside the number of guests attending in the invitation to avoid any confusion. 

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Is it rude to bring someone to a wedding who wasn’t invited?

It’s generally considered rude to bring someone to a wedding which was invited only if the couple has expressly permitted to do so. 

Final Thoughts

In wedding planning, communicating an “adults only” policy on your invitations is an essential yet delicate task. 

As I’ve learned through personal experience, the key to success lies in being clear and direct while maintaining a polite and respectful tone. 

You can navigate this sensitive territory with finesse by explicitly stating the adult-only nature of your celebration, using thoughtful and inclusive language, and subtly indicating your intentions on the envelope. 

Consistency and personalization are vital, ensuring your message is conveyed consistently and accompanied by a heartfelt note. 


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