How To Wrap Shirts As Gifts

How To Wrap Shirts As Gifts in 3 Easy Ways (Updated)

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If you’re on the lookout for a distinctive and one-of-a-kind gift shirt and finding it difficult to come up with a fresh concept, don’t worry – we’ve got your back.

Putting some thought and effort into how you deliver a shirt as a gift will make it much more meaningful to the recipient.

Today, we’ll show you how to wrap shirts as gifts with style and flair. 

From picking the right paper to adding decorative touches, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make your gift look perfect. So, let’s get started.

3 Simple Methods To Wrap A Shirt As A Gift

1. Using A Box

wrapping a gift box
  • Gather your supplies. You will need a gift box, tissue paper, scissors, tape, and ribbon.
  • Assemble the gift box. Then, open the box and remove any packaging materials, such as the plastic wrap or tissue paper that may come with the box.
  • Fold the garment in half or thirds for a neater fit in the box. Ensure that there is no puffiness in the collar or sleeves.
  • Take a piece of tissue paper and lay it flat on a surface. Place the folded shirt [1] in the center of the tissue paper, then fold the paper over the shirt, tucking in the sides and ends.
  • Lift the shirt and tissue paper bundle and place them in the box. Adjust the placement so that it sits neatly in the center of the box.
  • If there is extra space in the box, crumple up more tissue paper and fill in the gaps around the shirt to help it stay in place.
  • Once the shirt is securely in the box, close the lid and tape it shut.
  • Cut a length of ribbon and tie it around the box in a bow. You can also attach a gift tag or card to the ribbon. But how can you wrap the socks as a gift?

2. Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper Into A Gift Bag
  • Fold the shirt neatly, either in half or thirds, depending on the size.
  • Measure and cut the wrapping paper. You have to put the shirt on top of the wrapping paper and cut the paper to the appropriate size. Make sure there is enough paper to cover the shirt completely.
  • Next, wrap the shirt. Place the shirt in the center of the wrapping paper with the front of the shirt facing down. Fold the sides of the wrapping paper over the shirt, ensuring the paper is snug but not too tight. Fold the excess paper at the top and bottom of the shirt neatly, tucking the corners in.
  • Fourth, secure the wrapping paper. Use tape to secure the wrapping paper, ensuring no loose or wrinkled areas.
  • Lastly, add a ribbon. Cut a length of ribbon and tie it around the wrapped shirt in a bow. You can also attach a gift tag or card to the ribbon.

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3. Wrap It In A Christmas Cracker Way

Christmas Cracker Gift Wrapper
  • Wrapping paper, scissors, tape, ribbon, and Christmas cracker snaps are the materials you will need. Then you have to fold the shirt in any way you want. 
  • Cut a piece of wrapping paper to the appropriate size, allowing for extra length on both ends.
  • Add the Christmas cracker snap. Tape a Christmas cracker snap to one end of the wrapping paper, leaving some excess paper on either side of the snap.
  • Ensure the folded garment is centered and aligned with the snap before placing it on the wrapping paper.
  • Roll the wrapping paper tightly around the shirt, using the snap as the central axis. When rolling, make sure to tuck in the paper’s sides.
  • Twist the excess paper on either side of the snap to create a cracker shape. Use ribbon to tie off the ends of the cracker, leaving some extra ribbon for decoration.
  • Lastly, decorate the cracker. Tie a bow with the extra ribbon, and add a gift tag or card.

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Is It Okay To Give A T-Shirt As A Gift?

Yes, it is okay to give a t-shirt as a gift. T-shirts are, without a doubt, the most popular and well-received present nowadays. 

It is a great gift idea for many occasions, and they are often inexpensive, making them a good option for those on a budget.

“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”

Kahlil Gibran, Writer

T-shirts are popular and versatile, allowing you to choose from various colors, styles, and sizes. Depending on the design, they can be both stylish and fun. 

Besides, it can be personalized with a message, name, or logo, making them even more special.

Lastly, another great thing about giving a t-shirt as a gift is its convenience. 

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How should a shirt be rolled for a gift basket?

To start, lay the shirt flat with the front facing upwards and fold the sleeves towards the center of the shirt. Next, fold the shirt half lengthwise to hide the front design.

Then, roll the shirt up from the bottom hem, tucking in the sides until the entire shirt is rolled up. Check out these ways to wrap a plant as a gift here.

What kind of gift should you not give?

Gifts that are overly personal or inappropriate should be avoided not to offend the recipient, such as underwear. 

Also, expensive gifts should be avoided, as they can create an awkward situation if the gift giver has a higher budget than the recipient.

Is it easier to fold or roll clothes?

Folding clothes is often easier and faster than rolling them, but rolling them can take up less space in drawers and suitcases. 

But as a general guideline, you should fold items made of cotton, linen, and wool rather than hanging them up.

Can rolling shirts prevent them from becoming wrinkled?

Yes, rolling shirts can prevent them from becoming wrinkled, as this helps to reduce the amount of contact the shirt has with the other items in the closet [2] or suitcase. 

As such, it is an effective and convenient way to keep your shirts looking freshly pressed while traveling. Check out these steps in wrapping a pillow as a gift here.

Should T-shirts be hung or folded?

T-shirts should be folded to prevent stretching and creasing. 

On the other hand, hanging t-shirts can help to keep them wrinkle-free, but it is essential to use proper hangers to avoid stretching or damaging the fabric.

Final Words

Gift wrapping doesn’t have to be a daunting task. 

With just a few simple steps and creative thinking, you can create a unique and thoughtful way to wrap a shirt for a special occasion. 

Plus, the recipient will surely appreciate your hard work and effort.


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