How to Wrap a Squishmallow

How to Wrap a Squishmallow In 6 Easy Steps

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Are you acquainted with someone who adores soft and squishy things? If so, you’re probably familiar with Squishmallows – delightful and huggable stuffed toys that offer a comforting tactile sensation.

It would be a perfect gift for your significant other or those who love soft and cute collectibles. But how do you wrap a squishmallow correctly if you want to give one as a gift? Read more in this article to find out.

6 Simple Steps to Wrap A Squishmallow

1. Cut The Paper Accordingly Based On The Squishmallow’s Size

Cut The Paper Accordingly Based On The Squishmallow's Size

To not waste any wrapping paper, you need to gauge the size of the squishmallow. Make sure to do this on a flat, even surface to get the best results. Remember to give some allowance when cutting the wrapping paper size (at least an inch in measurement).

2. Fold The Paper Neatly Into a Bag Shape


To maximize the wrapping that has been cut, fold it in two halves in a vertical direction. To secure the wrapping paper in place, you need to tape the middle of the fold to secure it. You may apply a colored/designed tape in this process to make it more colorful and unique.



As for the bottom section, you need to make a fold measured after the bottom of the squishmallow you are trying to wrap up. Just like the halves, secure the bottom portion of the wrapping by taping it into place.

You need to fold the remaining paper from the bottom, away from you, while making a 90-degree angle at the bottom. To close the wrapping, fold both left and right sides to the center.

3. Tape Every Folded Side

To properly secure the squishmallow inside the wrapping, apply tape to every side of the package. Doing so will prevent possible folds and creases, resulting in tears within the wrapping. Also, it will help the wrapping maintain its shape around the item inside it without deforming the outer shape of the wrapping.

4. Place The Squishmallow Inside The Bag

Place The Squishmallow Inside The Bag

You may now place the squishmallow inside the wrapping you have made to look like a paper bag. Carefully insert the item inside while ensuring not to damage the wrapping bag (both inside and outside). To close the package up, proceed to the next step by preparing a small number of tapes.

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5. Close and Seal The Wrapping Bag

To properly close the package, carefully pull up the folded portion of the bottom part. Make sure to smoothen it out and place it in a horizontal position to seal it up. Fold the top portion of the bag to seal the squishmallow inside and secure it with a small number of tapes.

6. Wrapping a Ribbon (Optional)

Wrapping a Ribbon (Optional)

This step is optional, but you may add a ribbon of your choice to make it more appealing and presentable to the person you are giving the squishmallow. This step can go either big or small, simple or flashy. The best tip would be to match the wrapping paper’s color somehow.

Those are just the simple steps when wrapping a Squishmallow or other similarly large and soft item [1]. Incidentally, there are more complicated yet unique ways you can find in forums and on the mainstream internet, so a little searching and research would help you out.


How do you wrap a Squishmallow when it’s too big?

If the item you are trying to wrap is too big for your wrapping paper and your wrapping skills, you can use other forms of storage. The plain standard would be using a box larger than the squishmallow itself. A unique storage example would be the usage of a huge balloon as a wrap.

How long will it take to wrap a Squishmallow?

There is no definite amount of time on how long it will take to wrap a squishmallow. Instead, it will depend on your wrapping skills, the methods used, and how large the squishmallow you are trying to wrap as a gift. Naturally, a smaller item will take less time than a larger one.

So, How Do You Wrap a Squishmallow?

Wrapping a squishmallow can be done in a few steps without the need for complicated tools. The speed and time it takes for one squishmallow to be completely and correctly wrapped depends on the skill, method, and size of the item being wrapped. Those who want a more extravagant wrapping can do additional research online on how to do it.


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