How To Wrap A Plant As A Gift

How To Wrap A Plant As A Gift: 6 Easy Ways

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If you have a loved one who is passionate about plants, why not express your affection by gifting them a potted plant?

Not only will they appreciate the beauty of the plant, but they’ll also be able to nurture it and watch it grow. 

But to make your gift look its best, you may want to learn how to wrap a plant as a gift.

Today, we’ll share our best tips for how to wrap a plant so that your gift will be lovely and well-received. 

So, let’s get started. 

6 Creative Ways To Wrap A Plant As A Gift

wrapping a plant

1. Wrap It With Cellophane

Wrapping a plant with cellophane is a great way to make it a stunning gift. To achieve this, gather the cellophane around the top of the plant, ensuring it is not too tight or loose. 

Secure the cellophane with some tape or ribbon to keep it in place and create a decorative touch. 

After that, tuck the remaining cellophane around the bottom of the plant, ensuring it is snug and secure. Finish it with a festive bow or a ribbon to add a personal touch. 

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2. Burlap Bundle

The natural texture of burlap and its lightweight, durable quality make it a great choice for protecting the roots of a plant [1]. 

To make the bundle, start by cutting a large square of burlap fabric and folding it into a triangle. Wrap the plant in the triangle and secure it with two pieces of raffia ribbon, tying it in a bow. 

3. Customized Pot Cover

Personalized provide a stylish and attractive presentation and can be customized with a special message or design. 

When selecting a pot cover, you can choose from various materials, such as fabric, burlap, and paper. 

“What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action.”

Meister Eckhart, German Theologian

Pot covers with lids, handles, and other features can also be found. Plus, you can customize it to suit the recipient’s tastes with different colors, patterns, and even photos.

4. Recycled Paper Cone

Instead of using a store-bought wrap, you can create your unique look with thin sheets of recycled paper. Roll it into a cone shape and secure the edges with tape or glue. 

From there, you can add a personal touch with ribbon, twine, dried flowers, or even special messages or drawings. 

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5. Clear Gift Bag

When you want to wrap a plant as a gift, consider using a clear gift bag. It allows the recipient to take in the beauty of the plant without having to unwrap it. 

These bags come in several sizes and shapes, making finding one suitable for the plant easy. Some even come with handles so that the plant can be easily carried.

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6. Fabric Wrapping

Fabric wrapping is an easy and cost-effective way to wrap a plant as a gift. 

And to start, you will need fabric of your choice – either patterned or plain – plus a pair of scissors and some ribbons or string for tying it all together. 

Depending on the plant’s size, you may need enough fabric to wrap around the container and secure it with ribbons. 

Besides, you can add decorative touches, such as faux flowers or leaves, to make the wrapping even more eye-catching. 

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How To Prepare A Plant Before You Wrap It

The first step when preparing a plant for wrapping is to ensure it is adequately hydrated. 

Thoroughly water the soil and check for any pests or damaged leaves that need removal. After that, trim any dead or damaged foliage and stems to create an even, symmetrical look. 

Secure the pot firmly in the wrapping material so it stays put during the process, and lightly mist the plant with water to keep it hydrated [2]. 

Why Is It Always A Good Idea To Give Plants As Gifts?

wrapping plant with cellophane

Giving plants as presents is an environmentally conscious choice that holds countless rewards for both the person receiving the gift and our planet. 

These living tokens of life and growth offer more than meets the eye—they actively purify the air around them and create fresh oxygen. 

Caring for these leafy companions fosters a sense of responsibility and mindfulness, positively impacting one’s emotional well-being. 

With their innate elegance, plants effortlessly elevate the atmosphere of any room, be it at home or work. Find out what flower represents Mother’s Day here.

What Does It Imply When Someone Gives You A Plant?

Receiving a plant as a gift is a powerful gesture that conveys various meanings. It can symbolize appreciation, growth, and nourishment. 

It reminds you to care for yourself and your surroundings to nurture the world’s natural beauty. A plant can also be a meaningful way to show someone they are valued and cherished.


Which plant best represents romantic love?

Roses are often considered the best representation of romantic love, as they are associated with beauty, passion, and romantic feelings.

What plant best represents friendship?

The Peace Lily is an iconic symbol of friendship, as its white flowers represent harmony, and its evergreen foliage stands for growth and renewal.

What plant is referred to as God’s gift?

The chaya plant, often called “God’s gift,” has been historically used for its medicinal, recreational, and spiritual properties. 

It is found in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, and sometimes the plant is called tree spinach. 

What plants are ideal for giving as gifts?

Succulents are a great option for giving as gifts due to their low maintenance and long-lasting nature. 

Blooming plants such as orchids and bonsais are also popular gift choices, as they can be enjoyed for a long time.

Final Words

When it comes to giving a plant as a gift, presentation is everything. You can make it a truly special gift with a bit of creativity and imagination. 

Whether you choose to wrap it in traditional gift wrap paper, burlap, newspaper, or a basket, giving it a personalized touch will show your thoughtfulness and make your gift even more memorable.


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