How To Wrap A Painting As A Gift

How To Wrap A Painting As A Gift: Explained (Updated)

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Sending a custom painting as a gift is a very considerate gesture. However, it is important to take extra care when wrapping it to prevent any potential damage that could affect the quality of the artwork.

If you are planning to give a painted canvas, check out our step-by-step guide on how to wrap a painting as a gift!

7 Steps to Wrapping Painting as a Gift 

7 Steps to Wrapping Painting as a Gift 

1. Gather All the Materials Needed

First, collect the materials needed to wrap and protect your gift. You can use cardboard or foam board, bubble wrap, packing paper, artist tape, packing tape, box, archival quality glassine paper, and a sturdy plastic bag. 

These materials are necessary so the artwork inside will not get dirty or damaged, especially during shipping.

2. Tape the Cardboard On the Face of the Painting 

Tape the Cardboard On the Face of the Painting

Put your painting down (facing the glassine paper), put a cardboard on the opposite side, and leave enough room to wrap around the edges.

Tape the longest edges first but remember to use artist tape instead of packing tape since it is acid-free and easily removable. 

3. Wrap the Painting with a Bubble Wrapper or Newspaper

Cut a large piece of bubble wrap, newspaper, or a sheet of thin foam to wrap art canvas painting around. Make sure it somehow exceeds and overlaps to protect the gift painting and for it not to fold [1]. 

Wrap artwork in at least one layer of bubble wrap with packaging tape to secure it.  But how much should you charge for wrapping gifts?

4. Measure the Wrapping Paper and Leave Allowance

Measure the Wrapping Paper and Leave Allowance

Measure the gift wrapping paper for the canvas painting, and remember to leave extra allowance so you can fold along the edges. A wrapper a few inches larger will protect the corners of the artwork and prevent it from getting any scratches. 

It also secures the inside dimensions of the artwork regardless of whether you used a frame or not.

5. Wrap the Painting in a Wrapping Paper

After cutting the wrapper, you may now get the canvas painting wrapped. There are many ways and various ideas to do it with a gift wrap which you can search on the internet.

Remember to place a cardboard protector on the edges of the wrapped artwork to cover it and prevent damage.

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6. Secure With Tape

Secure With Tape

A bubble gift wrap is helpful, but taping every side can protect it more from dust, moisture, or any cracks, especially when framed. If you ship a large canvas, take four strips of tape and form “X” shapes to prevent pieces from coming loose, which may damage the painting [2].

7. Tie the ribbon 

You need a few decorative materials in the last step of wrapping a painting as a gift. It would be pleasant if you would decorate it with a ribbon of your choice.

If you have a large canvas, you may need a long roll of ribbon to cover every corner of the art.

You may also print a customized note to go with your gift.

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Tips on Wrapping a Painting 

Tips on Wrapping a Painting 

  • If you think the corners of the painting’s frame are fragile, create cushion covers for every corner to cover them.
  • Create two pieces of cardboard or foam board box and cut them down to the inside dimensions of your box.
  • Always look for acid-free tape to prevent moisture in the canvas when wrapped. 
  • Never forget the bubble wrap in your material list, as it serves as the first layer of protection for the painting.

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How do you gift wrap a canvas painting?

To gift wrap an art canvas painting, you need two pieces of cardboard that you will lay on top and beneath the painting. You need to avoid using the usual tapes in the market and look for a box that doesn’t measure the same size but is larger than the art itself.

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Is it safe to wrap paintings in plastic?

No, it is unsafe to wrap a painting in plastic because it allows moisture to form inside. A plastic wrap can cause molds to grow on the paint and canvas, damaging the art even if the plastic is thick.  

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Wrap Em’ Up

To wrap a painting (whether it is a canvas or an acrylic painting) as a gift requires extra precautions and specific materials (like bubble wrap, box, and special wrapping paper) to ensure that it will be safe and remain in pristine condition. 

Be mindful not to use plastics when you wrap a painting as it can cause mold, especially when sunlight directly hits the canvas or acrylic paint.  


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