How to Wrap a Large Gift

How to Wrap a Large Gift: Full Guide (Updated)

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Wrapping sizable items can pose a significant challenge since it demands an increased amount of wrapping paper and often leads to the need for extra tape and accidental openings.

Our team created a detailed guide on how to wrap a large gift to keep your gifts presentable and ready for gift-giving.

13 Steps On How To Wrap A Large Gift 

1. Identify How Large Your Gift Is


The oversized gifts are large options that you can consider as “go big or go home.” It is important to identify how large your gift is to know how much wrapping paper and ribbon you will need.  Typically, the oversized gift can be plug-in appliances or large toys with a size of more or less 18″.


Gift-giving is an art that can improve relationships and lift someone’s mood [1]. If you want to go extra, you can buy extra-large gifts like a car seat, bicycle, stroller, or barbecue griller. Usually, extra-large gifts are larger than 30″, so you might want to consider getting bigger gift wrapping paper. 

Crazy Big

Crazy big gifts are normally those objects that are weird to give but can be extremely useful. And when we say crazy big gifts, it might be refrigerators, kayaks, or cars that we often give to important people in our life.  

It would be very hard to cover this type of gift because it typically measures larger than 50″. Others do not gift wrap this object and use a bow or ribbon instead. 

2. Prepare The Gift Wrap & Other Tools Needed

Prepare The Gift Wrap & Other Tools Needed

Since you are about to wrap large gifts, it is no surprise that you will need more tools to use than usual. Gather the supplies like a large box, wide ribbon, ruler or tape measure, table cloth, scissors, fabric, masking tape, double-sided tape, gift bag, staples, and a staple gun. 

Wrapping gifts can depend on the object’s size, so you may consider getting multiple wrapping papers, a bed sheet, or newspapers to secure it. Moreso, if the gift is heavy, it is fine to ask a friend for some help, especially when lifting the box. 

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3. Prepare Your Gift

After gathering the tools you need, you can now prepare the perfect gift you plan to give on holidays or other celebrations. Take the measurement of the gift, so you will know the exact measurement of the item, and you will have an idea of how much wrapping paper you will need. 

Double-check the items you bought at the gift store if there is a price tag you need to remove. It would be awkward and uncomfortable for the receiver to know the price, especially if it is too high. Moreso, it isn’t polite to add the price tag on any gift purchase especially in some cultures. 

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4. Measure the Wrapping Paper

Now that you have prepared the gift and know exactly the size of the gift you purchase, check the measurement of the wrapping paper or fabric you plan to use. Get a ruler or meter tape and ensure that you have at least 2 inches excess on both sides before using it. If it is too short, get the second roll, so it will fit on one side. 

In addition, measuring the wrapping paper will help you avoid excess trims and lessen the wrapper wastage. Here’s how you can make shredded papers for a gift basket

5. Prepare A Wrapping Area

Prepare A Wrapping Area

For your wrapping area, you can work on your dining room table or workbench as long as it has enough space to move and rotate the object.

A flat surface is also necessary to help you easily cover the object and avoid unattractive folds. Working on an uneven surface or small working area will be a hassle and can slow you down. 

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6. Look For A Large Box

If you decide to send a large present on holidays, it is wise to get a large box so it would not be difficult for you to cover the gift. You can visit a local appliance store and ask for a large box.  

We highly recommend getting a large box. After all, it is way easier to cover the gift because it has well-defined edges [1]. In addition, a large box is more presentable to bring, especially on an important occasion. 

7. Use Tape Or Staples To Keep The Wrapper In Place

After getting a large box, lay flat your choice of wrapping paper and use tape or staples to keep it in place. A double-sided tape can help you secure the edges of the wrapping paper before wrapping around the whole object. In addition, securing the other end makes the wrapping paper look neat, and it would be easier for you to do folding. 

8. Wrap The Paper Around The Top Half Of The Box

Wrap The Paper Around The Top Half Of The Box

Now that you secured the other end of the wrapping paper with double-sided tape or staples, you can now cover the top half of the box with paper or sheets. This procedure is usually done on large gifts because one wrapping paper is not enough. Always use the ruler to take the measurement of the wrapper you will need. 

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9. Fold The Flaps Inward And Crease On The Top Of The Box 

After you wrap the paper around the box, press down the wrapping paper and align it straightly for you to have a guide for creasing. Pinch the top edge, fold the flaps inward and create a crease. Ensure that your flat stays flat and secure it with a tape or staple. For a pro-tip, you can run the edge of your ruler on the sides to create a good and well-defined fold. 

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10. Repeat Steps 4&5 for the Other Side 

Now that you are done working on one side, it’s time to work on the other side. Get your meter tape or ruler to take the measurement of the wrapping paper that you will need to wrap the other half of the large box. 

Also, clear up your working table and remove the trimmed paper that you used earlier. Remember that it is easier to work on clear spaces, especially if you are working on large objects. But how do you close a gift with just strings?

11. Measure The Box’s Width Using Baker’s Twine 

Measure The Box's Width Using Baker's Twine 

Now that you have managed to coat and fold the other part of the large box, you can also use a baker’s twine to take the measurement. Place one end of the string on the center of the box, then take the measurement of its perimeter. The length of the string will be your example reference when cutting another sheet of wrapping paper.

12. Wrap an Extra Sheet Of Paper Around The Middle Of The Box

The main goal of wrapping the gift is to make the object presentable and pleasing to the eyes. Based on a Professor at SMU, a gift-wrapped item creates a more favorable response from the recipient [2].

An overlapping wrapper in the center of the box is not pleasing to the eyes, so we highly recommend getting an extra sheet of paper to wrap it around the center of the box. It will help you hide the connections and can be used as a guide in tying a ribbon or a bow. But how do you display a poem as a gift?

13. Tie A Ribbon & Your Gift Is Good To Go

Now that you have placed an extra sheet of paper in the middle, you can tie a wide ribbon on both ends of the extra sheet to hide the gaps. If you think that the ribbon can be used to hide the middle gaps, then you can skip number 12. 

However, since you are working with large presents, it would be better to use two ribbons on both ends than one on the center. You can also attach ornaments and pin decorations on the ribbon to make it prettier. 

Moreso, getting a cake to go with your presents can be one of the fun ideas you can pull off when giving the gift to your friends or family, and it always works like a charm. Learn how to wrap paintings as a gift here


Can you wrap a large gift without a box?

Yes, you can wrap a large gift without a box; however, it can be challenging to wrap it, especially if it is in an unusual shape. We only highly recommend getting a box for an additional element of surprise and easy gift wrapping. Find out how to gift wrap a blanket here

How do you wrap a large gift without wrapping paper?

To wrap a large gift without wrapping paper, you can use alternatives such as clothes, a bed sheet, newspaper, gift bags, or trash bags. You can wrap around your choice of wrapping paper to hide the identity of the object you purchased. Learn how to wrap a circular gift here

How do you wrap big awkward gifts?

You can create your custom gift bag or use crepe paper or fabric to wrap big awkward gifts. In addition, you can disguise the exterior of the big awkward gifts with a box from the appliance store. If it still does not work, style it with a big bow and you can never go wrong with that. 

Wrapping Up 

If you find it challenging to wrap gifts, imagine the difficulty of wrapping large presents. With enough tools, the right amount of wrapping paper, and a large box, wrapping large objects can be an easy task, especially now that we have managed to give you a good strategy on how to deal with one.

It may require extra effort, but it is not impossible to pull off wrapping large and big gifts. With this guide, you don’t have to wait in line at a gift store to have your gifts wrapped. We hope you find our fun and exciting ideas helpful for your next gift-giving.


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