How To Wrap A Gift Like A Candy

How To Wrap A Gift Like A Candy In 6 Simple Steps

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Giving presents is a delightful activity – there’s no feeling quite comparable to the joy of presenting someone with a special gift and observing their delight.

But to make your gift stand out, why not wrap it up like candy? It’s a creative, whimsical way to make your gift even more special. 

With that, our team will show you how to wrap a gift like a candy, making it look straight from the candy shop. So get ready to wow your lucky recipient – let’s get wrapping. 

8 Easy Steps To Wrap A Gift Like A Candy

Gift Wrapping Like a Candy
  1. You will need wrapping paper or cellophane, scissors, double-sided tape or glue, clear tape, ribbon or twine, and two small rubber bands.
  2. Place the gift on the wrapping paper or cellophane, and measure enough material to cover the entire gift with extra length on both ends. Cut the wrapping paper or cellophane accordingly.
  3. Center the gift on the wrapping paper or cellophane, and secure it with double-sided tape or glue, ensuring it is tightly wrapped around it. 
  4. Gather the remaining material at both ends of the present and twist it to create a tight, twisted appearance for a “candy twist” finish [1]. 
  5. Cut two lengths of ribbon or twine, long enough to wrap around the twisted ends, and tie a bow or knot. 
  6. Remove the rubber bands (if used) and wrap the ribbon or twine around each twisted end, tying a bow or a knot to secure it. 
  7. Make any adjustments to ensure the ribbon or twine is tight and the twisted ends are neatly formed.
  8. Trim the ends of the ribbon or twine as needed, and add any additional embellishments, such as gift tags or decorative ornaments, to personalize your candy-wrapped gift.

Pro tip: If you’re using cellophane, you may need clear tape to keep it in place.

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How Can You Make A Candy-Shaped Gift Box?

candy-shaped gift box

Materials needed:

  • Cardstock or thick paper (A4 or Letter size)
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Glue or double-sided tape
  • Ribbon or string (optional)


  1. Using the ruler and pencil, lightly mark the folding lines on the cardstock. Two vertical lines should divide the rectangle into three equal sections and horizontal lines at the base and top of the semi-circles.
  2. Carefully cut out the candy-shaped template with scissors or a craft knife. Be sure to cut along the curved lines at the top and bottom of the semi-circles.
  3. Gently fold along the pencil-marked lines, creating creases in the cardstock. The three sections of the rectangle will form the main body of the gift box, while the semi-circles will create the twisted ends.
  4. Apply glue or double-sided tape to the outer edge of one of the vertical flaps on the rectangle, and press it firmly onto the inner side of the opposite flap, forming a cylinder.
  5. Fold the semi-circles on one end of the cylinder inwards, overlapping them slightly to create the twisted candy wrapper effect.
  6. Place your gift or treats inside the cylinder, and repeat step 5 on the open end to close the gift box.
  7. Optionally, you can tie a ribbon or string around the middle of the candy-shaped gift box or at both ends to add an extra decorative touch.

How Do You Wrap Candy To Give As Gifts?

Start by deciding the best type of wrapping paper or container for the candy, considering size and shape. After that, ensure the area is clean before handling the candy.

“Sometimes I think that the one thing I love most about being an adult is the right to buy candy whenever and wherever I want.” 

Ryan Gosling, Canadian Actor

Then, fold the wrapping paper or container around the candy and secure it with tape or ribbon. Finally, add a bow or other decorations to complete the gift.

Does It Make A Difference How A Gift Is Wrapped?

The way you wrap a gift makes a big impact on how it’s received. It’s not just about keeping the present safe; it’s about adding a personal touch and showing how much you care. 

A beautifully wrapped gift creates excitement and anticipation before it’s even opened, and it shows the recipient how much thought and effort you put into the gift. 

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How should a fragile present be wrapped?

Wrap the fragile present in multiple layers of bubble wrap and put it in a kraft paper puddle to ensure it is well-protected. But how do you wrap large gifts?

How to wrap a big present without wrapping paper?

To wrap a big present without wrapping paper, use a large piece of fabric and secure it with tape or string.

Another option is to use a large box or container to hold the present and use a ribbon to close it.

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What types of paper are suitable for wrapping food?

Parchment and wax paper [2] are suitable for wrapping food. And aluminum foil and plastic wrap are also excellent choices for wrapping food and creating a barrier to seal in moisture.

What gifts are hardest to wrap?

Gifts with irregular shapes or delicate components, such as bicycles, guitars, gym equipment, sculptures, or fragile glassware, are often the most challenging to wrap.

Final Thoughts

No matter the occasion, wrapping a gift like candy is a terrific way to add a festive touch. It’s a nice twist that will make the recipient smile, and it’s also unique and entertaining. 

So the next time you’re hunting for a unique way to wrap a gift, remember to be creative and go for a candy-inspired wrap. 


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