How to Wrap a Circular Gift

How to Wrap a Circular Gift: Full Guide (Updated)

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Wrapping square or rectangular boxes is a relatively simple task, but when it comes to covering gifts with a round shape, it could potentially be more difficult, though definitely not impossible.

The gift wrapping style brings impressions to the gift, and since circular edges make gift wrapping challenging, our team will teach you how to wrap a circular gift. 

6 Steps on How To Wrap A Circular Gift 

1. Gather & Prepare The Things Needed

When wrapping presents, the first thing you must do is gather and prepare the things you will need for the wrapping job. You will need wrapping paper, adhesive tape, double-sided tape, ribbons, scissors, and gift toppers. 

It is important to pick thick and durable papers to make it easier for you to form pleats and avoid unintentional tearings when it comes to gift wrappers. In addition, you will also need tons of patience when it comes to wrapping circular gifts, especially if it is your first time. 

2. Place Your Gift In The Center Of Your Wrapping Paper

Gift In The Center

After gathering the things you will need, get the wrapping paper and place the gift in the center. Placing the gift in the center of the wrapping paper helps you adjust the gifts, and it gives you the perfect width to cut. Also, it would be easier to fold the sides of the gift wrap when the gift is in the center. 

3. Fold The Sides Of The Wrapping Paper 

After placing the circular objects on a wrapping paper, start wrapping it by reaching across the circular gift, then pull the long side of the paper to fold it. Ensure that you have enough paper to reach the center of your round gift. You can make small or large folds depending on the size of the circular object. Learn how to wrap a huge gift here

4. Pull Up & Tape The Bottom Flap

Pull Up & Tape The Bottom Flap

After folding all the remaining sides, hold the side flaps very high and against the center. You will notice that there will be a crease at the bottom, so take the bottom flap, then press it up against the whole gift, all at the same time. Do not use double-sided tape because a small piece of adhesive tape can hold it in place. 

5. Repeat The Process On The Other Side

Now that one side of the round gift is wrapped, take the other curved side and repeat holding, folding, and taping.

Unlike other gifts, spherical gifts have round edges so expect that there will be crinkles on the corners. Slowly pull out the crease on the corners to make it look neat and trim the necessary parts. Learn how to wrap paintings here

6. Tie Or Tape The Excess Paper For A Secure Finish

Once you are done with the wrapping method, you must secure the finish with a ribbon or tape before adding the gift tag. Take a small piece of tape or ribbon, then place it on the flat sides where all the creases can be found. Continue on the other side to complete wrapping the present.  

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5 Methods You Can Try

5 Methods You Can Try

1. The Twist Method

The twist method is an easy method for a cylindrical gift, but it can work with round objects as it is just like the tissue paper method. 

Lay flat the wrapping paper or tissue paper, roll the cylinder until it meets the top edge, and finish with tape or glue.

Now that you secured the wrapping papers, deal with both sides by twisting it one end at a time, then secure it with a ribbon.

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2. The Outer Box

Based on a marketing professor at SMU in Dallas, a gift-wrapped item creates a more favorable attitude towards owning the present [1].

Before getting a box, make sure to measure the object to see if it will fit in the box because if it is a little loose, you can add bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Place the gift in the box, then enclose it with your choice of the sheet. If you want to go extra, a ribbon or bow will be good.

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3. The Pleat Method

The Pleat Method

The pleat method works well on cylindrical gifts because you have to deal on one edge at a time. In your choice of wrapping papers, lay flat the sheet, roll the cylinder gift, then secure it with tape.

Fold the edge in a pleated style to ensure that you hide the gift. Repeat it on the other end and secure both sides with the adhesive band.  Learn how to wrap a cylinder gift here

4. The Tissue Paper Method

If you don’t prefer wrapping papers or boxes, you can use tissue paper to wrap your circle-shaped gift. Get the tissue paper, then measure all sides of the object.

Ensure that the object is fully covered before pulling the tissue paper on top. You can use a ribbon and make a bow to add an accent to your gift.   

5. The Gift Bag Method

If you got the presents at the last minute, you can skip measuring, folding, and wrapping with the gift bag method. The good thing about the gift bag is that you can place any gift shape because it can nicely fit. Just make sure that the object will fit in the bag, and the bag design suits the theme.   

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Extra Tips For Wrapping Round Gifts

Extra Tips For Wrapping Round Gifts

  • If you are wrapping fragile round gifts, don’t use tissue paper or wrapping paper because it might be damaged; Use a gift bag instead. 
  • Use a clear tape or cling wrap on the curve side to seal the lid of filled jars so they will not be accidentally open.
  • When wrapping bowls, use the candy wrapper fold to seal the content. 
  • Foil wrapping is a bad choice when doing pleats. 
  • When selecting ribbons, consider the wrapping paper details so it compliments well. 


How do you wrap a round object with fabric?

To wrap a round object with fabric, lay the fabric flat, then place the circle object in the middle. Get the two opposite corners in one hand, then secure it with the double knot. Repeat it with the remaining side, then twist both ends together to create a handle. 

How do you cover rounded corners with fabric wrappers?

To cover rounded corners with fabric wrappers, you can use a ribbon or a bow. On the other hand, you can skip that part because fabric creates a nice fold that compliments well with round objects. Just make sure you neatly fold the corners to make it more beautiful. 

Wrapping Up 

Wrapping gifts brings back happy memories and can put us in a good mood [2], but how do you wrap a circular gift without losing your patience? 

It is challenging to wrap circle objects, especially if you are a beginner. Fortunately, we created a comprehensive guide to help you wrap circular objects. 

Did you find our guide easy to follow? Let us know by commenting below. 


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