How to Wash a Squishmallow

How to Wash a Squishmallow: 3 Ways Explained (Updated)

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Do you currently possess a Squishmallow or are you considering purchasing a new one? Squishmallows are known for being incredibly soft, adorable, and perfect for cuddling, but they may become soiled over time.

No one likes their Squishmallows dirty so learning how to wash a Squishmallow is very important. Good thing, we managed to compile a highly advised, simple yet effective cleaning process made for Squishmallows. Please read on. 

3 Ways to Wash Squishmallows

1. Handwashing


This way of washing only uses your hands, some cold water, and your choice of fabric softener, stain remover, or mild detergent. The goal of this washing process is to gently wash Squishmallows with your hands, a feat that cannot be done by machines.

Delicate squishmallows that can be easily damaged from being washed by a machine will instead work well with hand washing.

2. Machine Wash

This way of washing involves the usage of a washer when the small stains on your favorite Squishmallows and other stuffed animals cannot be easily cleaned by hand.

Using a protective net or other similar material is advised to prevent possible damages such as tears and deformation.

3. Spot-Cleaning


This way of washing your Squishmallows can be done if their stains are very minimal and will result in spot-clean Squishmallows.

Using a tool like a simple stain remover pen and a wet wipe, you can accurately and effectively remove stains with precision without submerging the whole toy in chilled water or tossing it inside a washer. You can get your squishmallow back to a squeaky clean status this way. But how do you wrap a Squishmallow?

Is It Okay To Use The Washer When Washing Squishmallows?

Using a washer to wash Squishmallows, other couch companions, and bedtime buddies are okay [1].

A dirty area of a Squishmallow that is hard to clean by hand is better handled by a washer. However, when using a washer, you must add a protection net or casing when washing Squishmallow plush toys.

Squishmallows are best cleaned with the previously-mentioned third cleaning method, which is spot-cleaning. It presents a lower possibility of damaging the squishmallow inside or making an extra thread sticking out from it.


4 Steps To Follow When Using the Machine Washer

4 Steps To Follow When Using the Machine Washer

1. Prepare the necessary materials.

Before washing a squishmallow with a washer, prepare the cleaning materials needed in advance such as cold water, safety net/pillow case, and mild detergent. Additionally, you need to sort out your plush toys into fabric types and colors.

Squishmallows plush toys use different fabric materials for their overall build, so check first if that kind of fabric can be washed with the materials you have at a hand.

2. Put The Dirty Squishmallow In A Safety Net

Put The Dirty Squishmallow In A Safety Net

To protect your fabric Squishmallows and the stuffing inside from damage, cover them in a safety net before throwing them in the washer.

If you don’t have a safety net, you may use an extra pillow case you intend to clean. Wash Squishmallows in your washer with pillow covers as an alternative for safety nets.

3. Put It In The Washer & Use Cold/Gentle Setting

Only use cool water and not hot water to avoid causing accidental damage to your Squishmallow squad.

Many brands of stain remover work best with chilled water, becoming more efficient as a stain remover for your squishmallow.

4. Tumble Dry 

Tumble Dry 

You can use the tumbler dry feature using the dryer unit of your washing machine to help you dry your squishmallows much faster. However, not all squishmallow designs and variants apply to this drying process.


Can you use any detergent when washing a Squishmallow?

Yes, you can use any detergent when cleaning Squishmallows as long as it is mild. Any strong detergent or chemical might damage it.

Afterward, dry your toys using low heat or air to avoid warping or damaging it internally and externally simultaneously.

Will washing Squishmallows in the washer ruin them?

No, cleaning Squishmallows in the washer won’t ruin them, as long as there are no complex and sensitive mechanical parts inside. Variations with electrical components shouldn’t be washed in a washer unit to avoid damage.

Do take note not to dry them in direct heat after washing, as they are not flame retardants.

Final Thoughts 

There are several ways of washing your favorite Squishmallow, stuffed animals, and plush toys from your toy box.

You can wash it with your hands and clean it in a washing machine (protected with a net or a pillow case).

Lastly, you can do a spotless cleaning with a simple stain remover pen alongside a clean cloth or wipes. The last option is applicable to items that cannot be cleaned by the first two options.


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