How To Use Walmart EGift Card In Store

How To Use Walmart EGift Card In Store: Full Guide

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Walmart offers a convenient and budget-friendly option for purchasing everyday necessities.

And with the increasing popularity of e-gift cards, it’s easier than ever to shop at Walmart without the hassle of carrying cash or credit cards. 

Our team will discuss how to use Walmart e-gift cards in-store. We’ll cover everything from purchasing an e-gift card to redeeming it at the register. 

So if you’re looking to simplify your shopping experience at Walmart, keep reading to learn about using in-store e-gift cards.

6 Quick Steps On Using Your Walmart E-Gift Card In Store

Walmart Mobile Phone Gift Card App
  1. Go to the nearest Walmart store and pick the items you want.
  2. Proceed to the checkout counter and inform the cashier that you will pay with a gift card.
  3. When prompted, give the cashier your 16-digit e-gift card number, PIN, security code, or barcode [1].
  4. Wait for the cashier to verify the card information and deduct the total amount of your purchase from the card balance.
  5. If the total amount of your purchase exceeds the balance on your e-gift card, you can pay the difference with cash, credit card, or debit card.
  6. Once the transaction is completed, take your purchased items and your e-gift card receipt.

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Can You Use An E-Gift Card To Pay At A Walmart Self-Checkout?

Yes, at the Walmart self-checkout, you can pay with an electronic gift card instead of cash. And you only need to scan the e-gift card barcode from your smartphone or print copy. 

“The best gift you can give yourself is the gift of possibility.”

– Paul Newman, American Actor

Once the payment is accepted, the e-gift card balance will be applied to the purchase. Find out if you can get cash back from a Walmart gift card here.

Can An E-Gift Card From Walmart Be Turned Into A Physical Card?

Yes, an e-gift card from Walmart can be turned into a physical card. Customers can purchase a physical card online and mail it to them for a nominal fee. 

The physical card can be used like a regular gift card at any Walmart store or online. 

But once you exchange your Walmart gift card for a physical card, you can no longer use it digitally.

It is because the information from the gift card will be transferred irrevocably to the physical copy of the gift card. But is it okay to use a Walmart gift card at Sam’s Club?

Is It Okay To Buy Another Gift Card Using A Walmart E-Gift Card?

Walmart Gift Cards

No, buying another gift card using a Walmart E-gift card is not okay. First, it is against the terms and conditions of the Walmart E-gift card. 

The Walmart E-gift card is intended solely to purchase goods and services from Walmart stores or the Walmart website. 

Purchasing additional gift cards, while technically a good or service, is not in the spirit of the E-gift card and goes against the terms and conditions of the card.

Second, purchasing another gift card with a Walmart e-gift card is a risk and poor use of money. 

Gift cards are non-refundable and non-replaceable, meaning users can only recoup their money if it is recovered or stolen. 

Besides, if the card is not used within the specified time frame, the user can lose all the money that was put into the card. 

So, using a Walmart e-gift card to purchase another gift card is risky and unwise.


Does Sam’s Club Accept Walmart E-Gift Cards?

Yes, Sam’s Club does accept Walmart e-gift cards. It is an excellent option for those with a Walmart e-gift card who want to shop at Sam’s Club. 

When shopping in-store, customers can present their e-gift cards at the cashier’s desk. Online shoppers can also enter the gift card information at checkout.

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Can A Walmart E-Gift Card Be Used For Gas?

Unluckily, a Walmart e-gift card cannot be used for gas. 

The e-gift card is a digital card that can only purchase merchandise and services at Walmart stores,, and Sam’s Club online.

You must use a physical gift card to purchase gas with a Walmart gift card. These gift cards are available to purchase gasoline at participating gas stations. 

However, you should know that the card may only be accepted if the gas station accepts credit or debit cards. 

Plus, the physical gift card may not be accepted at some gas stations, depending on the region or state.


Is it okay to use an e-gift card at an ATM?

Yes, it is okay to use an e-gift card at an ATM. However, you should always check with the bank to ensure your card is accepted.

Check out these steps to use Papa John’s gift cards online here.

How do I convert an Egift card to cash?

You can convert an Egift card to cash by selling it to a gift cards exchange such as Cardpool or Raise. 

Or you can use the Egift card to purchase items from stores that accept the card and then sell those items for cash [2].

But how to transfer your Walmart gift card to the Cash App?

What cannot be purchased using a Walmart gift card?

Recently, Walmart announced customers are prohibited from buying other gift cards using their Walmart physical and digital gift cards. 

Plus, alcohol and tobacco products and prescription medications cannot be purchased using a Walmart gift card. 

Can I transfer Walmart gift cards to a bank account?

No, transferring Walmart gift cards to a bank account is impossible. 

But you can use the gift cards to purchase items from Walmart or exchange the gift cards for cash in a third-party service. 

Bottom Line

Saving money and time by purchasing in-store items with Walmart e-gift cards is a win-win.

And the process is straightforward; you must enter the card number at checkout, and your purchase will be processed immediately.

Plus, you can even choose to save the card information in your account to use at a later time. 

With Walmart e-gift cards, you’ll never have to worry about carrying cash or worrying about credit card debt.


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