How To Use Multiple Visa Gift Cards On Amazon

How To Use Multiple Visa Gift Cards On Amazon?

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Are you tired of relying on just one Visa gift card for every Amazon purchase you make? Or, is there a chance you could boost your savings by employing several gift cards?

Today, we will guide you on how to use multiple Visa gift cards on Amazon and understand the pros and cons of combining them. 

So, get ready to learn how to elevate your online shopping. 

5 Ways On Using Multiple Visa Gift Cards On Amazon

Shopping using Visa Card

1. Combine Visa Gift Cards Balance Into One

You can create an account on a gift card aggregator website and add the balances of all your Visa gift cards to it. 

Once you have combined the balances, you can use the aggregated balance to purchase on Amazon [1].

2. Use Each Gift Card Separately

You can make multiple purchases on Amazon using each gift card, one at a time. 

Enter the details of each gift card during the checkout process and use its balance to pay for the purchase.

3. Add Multiple Gift Cards To Your Amazon Account

Your Amazon account allows you to save numerous gift cards, from which you may select the one you’d like to use when you check out. 

You can add gift cards to your Amazon account under the “Payment Options” section.

4. Use A Third-Party Payment Service

Third-party payment services like PayPal or Google Wallet allow you to add multiple payment methods, including Visa gift cards. 

Add the gift card information to your account, and select the gift card as your payment method during checkout on Amazon.

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5. Contact Amazon Customer Service

If you need help with using numerous gift cards at once on Amazon, you can contact customer care for help. 

They can help you resolve the issue and use your gift cards to make a purchase.

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Can I Make A Purchase Using Multiple Visa Gift Cards? 

Yes, you can use multiple Visa gift cards in one single purchase. 

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If you purchase something in person or at an Amazon store, give the cashier each gift card, and they will swipe it until the total purchase amount has been satisfied. 

When buying something online, you can input each card number once until the total purchase amount has been reached. Know how to use your Visa gift card on Etsy here.

How Many Gift Cards Can You Use At Once?

Visa Gift Cards

With Amazon, you can use up to 10 gift cards in a single purchase. To use a gift card, enter the code during checkout. 

Also, load up your Amazon account with as many gift cards as you like, then choose which one to spend at checkout. 

It is important to remember that there may be limitations on how you can use the gift card, such as the country you can use it in and the expiry date, so always check the terms and conditions of the gift card before using it on Amazon.

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Pros & Cons Of Combining Visa Gift Cards


  1. Convenience: Consolidating your Visa gift cards into one card simplifies keeping track of their balances and decreases the number of cards you must carry.
  2. Larger purchases: By combining gift cards, you can make more expensive purchases that might not be possible with a single card’s balance.
  3. Expiration dates: If you have gift cards with different expiration dates, combining them can extend the overall usage period, allowing you to use the funds before they expire.
  4. Reduction of unused balances: Combining gift cards can help you use small balances on each card, which might otherwise go unused.
  5. Easy tracking: A single card simplifies tracking your spending and remaining balance, as you don’t need to remember or check the balance on multiple cards.


  1. Limited options: Not all retailers or online platforms allow for combining Visa gift cards, limiting your ability to consolidate balances.
  2. Potential fees: Some card issuers may charge fees for combining gift cards, which can eat into the value of the gift cards.
  3. Complicated process: Combining Visa gift cards can be complex and time-consuming, depending on the card issuer and the specific steps required.
  4. Loss of flexibility: Combining gift cards means you’ll no longer have the option to use them separately, which could be a disadvantage if you want to make multiple smaller purchases at different retailers.

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Can you use multiple Visa gift cards at Shein?

Yes, you can use multiple Visa gift cards when shopping at Shein [2]. To use multiple Visa gift cards, enter each card’s information during checkout.

Is there a way to get money from a Visa gift card?

Yes, there’s a way to get or withdraw money from a Visa gift card. You can withdraw money from ATMs with PULSE, STAR, and Plus symbols. 

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Why isn’t my Visa gift card working on Amazon?

It is possible that the Visa gift card has yet to be activated or that the card needs to be registered with Amazon.

Key Takeaways

Using multiple Visa gift cards on Amazon can be a valuable strategy for maximizing your savings. 

And with using at least ten gift cards can increase your purchasing power and get more value for your money. 

But remember to weigh the pros and cons before moving, and always keep your gift card balances in mind. 


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