How To Use IKEA Gift Card Online

How To Use An IKEA Gift Card Online: 5 Steps Revealed

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If you’re in the market to spruce up your living space, IKEA stands out as a trendy and cost-effective destination. Plus, if you’re the holder of an IKEA gift card, you’re about to be delightfully surprised.

But how to use IKEA gift cards online? As someone who has explored the ins and outs of online shopping, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with IKEA gift cards. 

Whether shopping for that perfect desk, a cozy armchair, or some delightful kitchen accessories, I’ll help you easily navigate the virtual aisles of IKEA’s website. Keep reading. 

5 Simple Steps To Use Your IKEA Gift Card Online

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1. Go To IKEA’s Website

Open your preferred web browser and go to the official IKEA website. 

2. Search What You Like To Order & Add To Cart

Browse the extensive furniture, home decor, and accessories catalog. Use the search bar or navigate the categories to find the desired items.

Once you’ve found the perfect products, click on them to view the details and options. Select the desired quantity, size, color, or other specifications, and click the add to cart section.

3. Click “View Bag” & Proceed To Check Out

After you’ve added all the items you wish to purchase to your cart, click the “View Bag” button to review your selection. 

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Karl Lagerfeld, German Fashion Designer

Ensure everything is correct, and click the “Checkout” button.

4. Provide Delivery Details 

Choose a delivery date and shipping address, or specify that you’ll pick up your purchase from the store. 

IKEA offers various delivery options, so choose the one that suits you best.

5. Go To Payment Option & Redeem Your IKEA Gift Card

In the payment section, select “Redeem a gift card.” You will be instructed to enter the gift card details, including the 19-digit card number and the code.

Once you’ve entered the gift card information, click on the “Use this gift card or refund card” button to apply the gift card amount to your order. 

The total balance on your gift card will be deducted from the order total. 

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How To Check The Balance Of Your IKEA Gift Card? 

To check the balance of your IKEA gift card, you have a couple of options. You can call IKEA’s business number to inquire about your card’s balance. 

Or you can visit any IKEA store [1] in the United States and ask the staff to assist you in checking the balance. 

They will be able to provide you with the current remaining balance on your gift card. But how can you use Forever 21 gift cards online?

Does An IKEA Gift Card Need To Be Activated?

Certainly, an IKEA gift card requires activation before it can be utilized. After payment completion, there is an activation period of up to 72 hours for IKEA gift cards. 

“With an IKEA gift card in hand and a few clicks away, you open the doors to a virtual wonderland of home decor possibilities, where your style can flourish, and your space can truly come alive.”

– Howkapow Gift Site

The gift card is activated during this time to ensure it is ready for use. Know how to use Fashion Nove e-gift cards online here.

Where To Use Your IKEA Gift Card?

Ikea Store

You can use your IKEA gift card in multiple ways. It can be used for shopping at any IKEA store, on the IKEA website, or through the IKEA App. 

In addition to furniture and home decor, you can utilize the gift card to pay for IKEA’s interior design advice and home interior design service [2]. 

This means you can help someone rejuvenate and enhance their living space by using the gift card towards professional design services offered by IKEA.

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Does An IKEA Gift Card Ever Expire?

An IKEA gift card does not have an expiration date. That means you can hold onto it as long as you like without worrying about it becoming invalid. 

Whether you received the gift card recently or have been keeping it for a while, feel free to use it whenever you’re ready. 

How Many IKEA Gift Cards Can Be Used Online?

Customers can use up to four IKEA gift cards online at IKEA. This means that if you possess multiple gift cards, you can combine them to complete your purchase on the IKEA website. 

Whether revamping your living space or adding new furniture, you can use this feature to make the most of your gift cards. 

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How to redeem my IKEA discount code online?

Look for the “Use a discount code” section in your shopping bag during payment. Click on the “+” symbol next to it, and a search box will appear. 

Enter your unique code of numbers and letters into the search box and apply it to your order.

But how can you use Papa John’s gift card online?

How much do you put on your IKEA gift card?

The amount you can put on an IKEA gift card ranges from $5 to $1000. 

But IKEA offers gift cards in various denominations, allowing you to choose the value that suits your budget or gifting needs. 

In Summary

Ultimately, using your IKEA gift card online is a straightforward process allowing you to shop for your favorite furniture and home essentials conveniently. 

Start by visiting the IKEA website and exploring its extensive catalog. Put the products in your shopping cart and head to the checkout page. 

Log in to your present account or create a new one, specify your delivery information, then select the gift card payment method from the drop-down menu. 

Apply for your gift card by entering the card number and PIN. Review your order details and complete the purchase. 

Finally, wait for the confirmation email and track your delivery. Enjoy transforming your space with IKEA’s stylish designs using the power of your gift card. 


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