How To Use A Gift Card On Urban Outfitters Online

How to Use a Gift Card on Urban Outfitters Online: Full Guide

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Have you ever received a gift card from your preferred store but were unsure of how to redeem it online?

I recently had the chance to put a gift card to good use at Urban Outfitters, and I’m here to share the simple steps with you. 

Using a gift card for your online shopping is simple, so I’ll explain how to use a gift card on Urban Outfitters online. Keep reading. 

A Guide To Using Gift Cards At Urban Outfitters Online

Urban Outfitters Website

1. Access The Urban Outfitters Website

Visit the official Urban Outfitters website on your computer or mobile device. Ensure you’re connected to the internet for a smooth experience.

2. Choose “Use a Urban Outfitters Gift Card”

You’ll find various payment options on the Payment page during checkout. Look for the one that says, “Use an Urban Outfitters Gift Card,” and select it.

3. Enter Your Gift Card Number

Locate your Urban Outfitters gift card and find the unique card number. Carefully type this number into the designated field on the Payment page. 

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Ensure that you enter it accurately to avoid any errors.

4. Include The PIN for E-Gift Cards

If you’re using an E-Gift Card, it will come with a PIN [1]. Make sure to enter the card number and the PIN into their respective fields. Double-check for accuracy.

5. Manually Input The Information

While copying and pasting the card details might be tempting, Urban Outfitters suggests typing the information directly into the fields. This helps prevent any formatting issues or errors.

6. Review & Confirm

Review the information after entering your gift card details to ensure it’s correct. Confirm that the card number and PIN, if applicable, are accurate.

7. Complete Your Purchase

Once you’ve verified the information, proceed to complete your purchase. 

The balance will be applied to the total amount, and you can pay any remaining balance using another payment method if needed.

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Can Visa Gift Cards Be Used At Urban Outfitters Online?

You can use Visa gift cards to purchase at Urban Outfitters online. Urban Outfitters accepts Visa and various other payment methods for online transactions. 

When you check out with a Visa gift card, use it like a regular Visa debit or credit card [2].

Enter the card number, the date it expires, and the security code.

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It’s essential to ensure that your Visa gift card has a sufficient balance to cover your purchase, as Urban Outfitters will process it like any other Visa payment method. 

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Do Urban Outfitters Sell eGift Cards?

Yes, Urban Outfitters offers gift cards, providing a convenient gifting solution for those seeking a last-minute present or a digital option. 

These eGift cards allow you to select a specific dollar amount, input the recipient’s email address, and Urban Outfitters handles the rest.

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How Do You Check The Balance On Your Urban Outfitters Gift Card? 

online payment with credit card

You have two convenient options to check the balance on your Urban Outfitters gift card. First, you can call the provided customer service number to inquire about your balance. 

Lastly, if you prefer an in-person approach, you can visit any Urban Outfitters store, and the staff will help you check your gift card balance. 

These accessible methods ensure that you always stay informed about how much shopping power your gift card holds, making your Urban Outfitters shopping experience even more enjoyable.

How Long Will Urban Outfitters Gift Cards Remain Valid?

Urban Outfitters gift cards remain valid for two years from the date of purchase. During this period, you can use them for multiple transactions until the card’s credit is exhausted. 

Remember that these gift cards are not eligible for returns or refunds, so it’s wise to plan your purchases accordingly. 

This two-year validity window offers ample time to explore Urban Outfitters’ trendy apparel, accessories, and home goods, allowing you to make the most of your thoughtful gift or personal treat without any rush or pressure.

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Which gift cards can be used at any online store?

Visa gift cards are versatile and can be used at any online store. They operate like credit cards, making them widely accepted for online and in-store purchases.

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Is it possible to transfer money from a gift card to PayPal?

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer money from a gift card to PayPal if the gift card is issued by a merchant other than Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, or Discover. 

Can gift card funds be transferred to a bank account?

Transferring money or funds from a gift card to a bank account is impossible. But it’s often possible with a prepaid debit card, as they offer more flexibility in moving funds.

Can gift cards be added to Apple Pay?

Yes, you can easily add your gift card to Apple Pay. This lets you use your gift card balance for convenient and secure payments through your Apple devices.

In A Nutshell

After putting my own Urban Outfitters gift card to the test, it’s clear that using it online is straightforward. 

First, when you’re ready to complete your purchase, remember to select “Use a Urban Outfitters Gift Card” on the Payment page during checkout. 

Then, carefully type in your gift card number and, if you have one, the PIN for E-Gift Cards. Urban Outfitters recommends manual entry to prevent any errors. 

As for those with Visa gift cards, the good news is that they are accepted online at Urban Outfitters. 

So, follow these simple steps, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying your favorite urban styles hassle-free. 


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