How To Transport Cake Pops In 8 Easy Ways

How To Transport Cake Pops In 8 Easy Ways (Updated)

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Cake pops make for a fantastic way to amaze your guests, whether it’s a birthday party, an anniversary celebration, or a business event. What makes them particularly exciting is the capacity to customize and personalize them to match the theme of any event.

If you’re getting a bulk of requests, you’ll be wondering how to transport cake pops safely and effectively.  

Along with our latest posts, we’ll share practical ways to transport cake pops. Keep reading!

8 Effective Ways to Transport The Cake Pops

8 Effective Ways to Transport The Cake Pops

1. Individual Packaging

Using clear plastic packaging or treat bags, you can pack each cake pop individually. If you don’t want to ruin its dipping or toppings, you can wrap them one by one before putting the sticks in a box or container. Though this can be an effective method, it requires time and effort. 

2. Utilize Old Egg Cartons 

Utilize Old Egg Cartons 

Recycle an old egg carton and use them as a cake pop holder instead of styrofoam blocks. Place the cake pops upside down into the egg dome or egg holes. 

Or, you can flip the egg carton upside down, then push each pop stick on it. Your used egg tray is now a DIY cake pop stand! 

3. Use Cake Pops Boxes

If you’re a cake maker, you need to use the right boxes to transport and store your creations. These boxes are specifically designed as a quick holder to transport cake pops. The size and shape of the boxes can vary depending on the occasion. 

For instance, if you’re planning on packing for a birthday party, you can choose a wrapping designed to fit the event’s theme. It can be a single-layer cake box, or you can just lay the sticks at the bottom of the box for storage. 

4. Recycle Cardboard Drink Carrier

Recycle Cardboard Drink Carrier

Using recycled cardboard drink carriers is a great technique for transporting cake pops. These boxes typically have two compartments, and each small section can hold the cakes.  

They’re strong enough to keep the cake pops without getting damaged. You can easily transport cake pops by wrapping them in plastic containers that fit into the holes of the drink carrier. 

5. Opt for Cupcake Carrier

The Cupcake Carriers are designed to make it easy to deliver your favorite cake pops. These products are made to allow you to quickly move your cupcakes around.

You can easily choose the perfect carrier for your needs with a wide range of options available. For instance, you can purchase a small or large carrier for your cake pops for different delivery sizes. 

6. Bubble Wrap the Treats

Bubble Wrap the Treats

If you’re planning on sending the cake pops package to a distant destination, then bubble wrap [1] might be an excellent way to deliver them.

If you’re worried that the delivery man might ruin your cake pops, then bubble wrap can be an easy alternative. It can be used to secure the treats and prevent them from dislodging from the surface.

7. Double Box Technique

The double box method is very economical for transporting your cake pops. However, you must always be careful when transporting your sweets. 

You will need two boxes for this method. The outer box must be strong enough to be the holder while the inner box supports the package.

8. Get a Flower Pot

Get a Flower Pot

Lastly, you can use an unused or clean flower pot where you can put the cake pops for transporting. If you want something unique, we suggest using a Chinese takeout box as an alternative. 

Also, you can decorate the pot for a more attractive look that any kids and even adults will love. If you don’t have one, you can search online for available pots near you. 

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Factors to Consider 

Factors to Consider 

Overnight Preparation

If the oil in your cakes gets spilled during transportation, it could cause a huge mess in the containers packed with the pops stick. 

Freeze the cakes overnight to prevent the oil from leaking during delivery. Doing so will keep the oil from getting into the containers.

Also, people love cake pops when you freeze them. That’s why it’s an excellent idea to refrigerate them before you deliver them to your clients. But how long can cake sit out unrefrigerated?



Take the time to think about the icing. It’s essential to follow the recipe when it comes to making balls. However, over-icing can make them too squashy. 

Use a little frosting to ensure that the cake pops are solid and stable when transported. You can also use thicker icing to prevent the box from getting covered in a mess.

Sturdy Packaging

You should make cake pops using sturdy materials to transport them over long distances. One way to avoid this is by not overly decorating the cake balls. Over decoration makes the cake more prone to breakage.  



Cake pops can be kept in the refrigerator for up to one week, looking fresh. But, in transport, it may be prone to melting. While in transport, ensure the temperature is cool enough to avoid melting the frosting [2]. 

It can last a day without worrying about melting if in good condition. But, when exposed to heat, it can only for a couple of hours before the candy melts. But how long does an ice cream cake last?

Should Cake Pops be Refrigerated Before Transporting? 

You can freeze cake pops before transporting them to faraway locations. When you freeze cake pops, it helps set its structure to save the treat from breakage. However, you don’t need to freeze it after dipping unless you put perishable toppings or dip.  

One fun fact, it can be more savory and flavorful when left on the plate on your countertop. But, if you need to store the cake pop longer, we suggest putting it in the fridge.  

You can also read about gluten-free Valentine’s Day treats here.


How do you transport unwrapped cake pops?

To transport unwrapped cake pops, you put paper shreds or tissue paper around them for extra cushioning. Then, wrap the package as tight as possible using tape or string. 

How do you transport the cake pops in hot weather?

Getting a cake transported in hot weather can be easier if you have frozen it beforehand. Or, you may want to assemble the cake when you arrive at the location, chill your car before the drive, or use a sun shield to protect the cakes from too much exposure to heat.   

In Summary

There’s nothing unusual in transporting cake pops. Using the best way allows you to safely transport the delicious treats and arrange them in your desired location or where you’re client resides.

Also, ensure to consider several things to deliver the best cake balls possible. Then, opt for the method that suits your budget. This is really important if you’re operating a business. Good luck!


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