How To Train Your Dragon Party Ideas

How To Train Your Dragon Party Ideas: Full Guide

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Are you prepared to set out on a thrilling journey into the world of Vikings and dragons?

If you’ve got a little dragon lover, get ready to throw them the coolest “How to Train Your Dragon” party ever!

Trust me; it’s going to be a blast. I’ve been there, and let me tell you, organizing this party is easier than riding a Gronckle.

So, let’s dive into some super cool How To Train Your Dragon party ideas that’ll have everyone roaring with excitement.

10 Party Ideas Inspired By “How to Train Your Dragon”

1. Have A Dragon Egg Hunt 

Toy Egg Hunting

Having a dragon egg hunt is a fun and exciting way to bring the world of How to Train Your Dragon to life. 

Begin by decorating the area with dragon decorations such as dragon banners, signs, and even homemade dragon eggs [1]. 

Place dragon eggs around the party area in hiding spots such as behind plants, furniture, bush, or sandbox. 

Once the eggs are all in hiding, have the children search for them. 

To make it more exciting, have the children race against each other to see who can find the most eggs.

2. Decorate The Party Space With Dragon-Themed Decorations

Start decorating your place with a backdrop that looks like you’re in the dragon world. 

Hang dragon-themed banners, streamers, and other decorations from the ceiling and walls. 

“If you’re not invited to the party, throw your own.” 

– Diahann Carroll, American Actress

You can also add some dragon-themed balloons to the mix. Place a large dragon cutout in the center of the room for the perfect photo op. 

You can also add some smaller dragon decorations around the room. Create a “Dragon Lair” with a few dragon-themed toys and props.

3. DIY Dragon-Themed Party Favors

Make your dragon-themed party extra special with DIY dragon-themed party favors.

Get crafty and make personalized dragon tails using felt or fabric. These tails can be decorated with scales and spikes, making the guests feel like real dragon riders.

Another cool idea is to create dragon egg-shaped containers filled with small treats or toys.

You can also add dragon-themed temporary tattoos or stickers, so the kids can proudly show off their love for dragons even after the party.

4. Serve Dragon-Shaped Cookies & Cupcakes

Serving cookies and cupcakes in a dragon shape will be a hit with all the kids, as they can enjoy the delicious treats and feel like they are part of the dragon-training experience. 

To make dragon-shaped cookies and cupcakes, use cookie cutters or cupcake molds in the shape of a dragon. 

You can use different colors of icing, sprinkles, and decorations to make the dragon designs come to life. 

For the cupcakes [2], you can use a green-tinted frosting with green sugar sprinkles to give it the dragon-scales effect. 

For the cookies, on the other hand, you can use different colors of icing and decorate the dragon designs with candy eyes, dragon wings, and more.

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5. Have A Dragon Costume Contest

One of the most exciting How To Train Your Dragon party ideas is to hold a dragon costume contest. 

It’s a great way to spark your guests’ imaginations and can be as basic or complex as you’d like. 

Have each guest create a costume inspired by their favorite dragon character from the movie or their own dragon design. 

“Saddle up your imagination and prepare for a magical dragon-filled celebration!”

Howkapow Gift Site

Make sure to provide materials such as fabric, paints, and other craft supplies so they can make their costumes. 

When everyone is ready, put them on display and let the judging begin.

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6. Set Up A Photo Booth With Dragon Props

The photo booth will be a great place for guests to take pictures of themselves and their friends dressed up as one of their favorite characters from the movie. 

To create the photo booth, you will need a selection of dragon props, such as a dragon head, wings, and tail. 

Also, add other decorations, such as a backdrop, streamers, and balloons, to create a fun and festive atmosphere. 

Once you have the props and decorations, set up the booth in an area with plenty of lighting and space for guests to move around.

7. Set Up Games Like Dragon Tag & Dragon Races

Of course, we must not forget to set up games at the party. And dragon-theme games like dragon tag and dragon races will surely make the kids go crazy. 

Dragon Tag can be played by assigning each guest a dragon, and they must hop, skip, jump, fly, or crawl around obstacles to tag the other players. 

Meanwhile, dragon races can be played with inflatable, paper, or even toy dragons. 

Set up a race track with a starting and finish lines, and have the guests race to the finish. Both activities will be sure to be a hit with dragon-loving kids. 

8. Have A Dragon-Themed Arts & Crafts Activity

Dragon Art for Kids

A dragon-themed arts and crafts activity will allow the party guests to get creative and make something special they can take home as souvenirs. 

You only need construction paper, scissors, glue, markers, and other craft materials. 

Have the guests design and create dragon masks, dragon-themed cards, or even a dragon sculpture. 

9. Set Up A Face Painting Station

Setting up a face painting station is a magical activity that must be included in your How To Train Your Dragon party. 

To set up the station, you’ll need a table, a few chairs, and a variety of face paints in various colors. 

You’ll also need a few brushes, sponges, and other tools to help create different looks. Have a few dragon-themed stencils on hand to make the painting process easier. 

Finally, ensure some wipes and hand sanitizer are nearby so guests can clean up when they’re finished.

10. Make A Dragon Piñata

Making and playing with a dragon piñata is a great way to decorate and add extra fun to your party. 

First, you will need to purchase or cut out a dragon-shaped piñata and fill it with candy and other goodies. 

Hang the piñata from a secure spot and let the partygoers take turns trying to break it open. Be sure to have a few extra dragon piñatas handy when the first one is broken. 

Finally, make sure to have a bag of confetti or small toy dragons to give out as prizes and party favors after the piñata is broken.

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What is the largest dragon in how to train your dragon?

The largest dragon in How To Train Your Dragon is the Bewilderbeast. It is a giant-sized dragon with the ability to control other dragons.

What are some “How to Train Your Dragon” games to play at a party?

Guests can play a game of ‘Pin the Tail on the Dragon’ to get the party started. 

A movie and trivia night could be held, where teams battle it out to answer the most questions about the beloved film.

In Summary

These How to Train Your Dragon party ideas can inspire you to create your unique celebration. 

From dragon-themed decorations to dragon-themed games and activities, you can create a day of fun and adventure that your little dragon riders will never forget. 

Get planning, and let your imagination take flight.


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