How To Surprise Someone With A Gift

How To Surprise Someone With A Gift: Top 6 Ideas (2023)

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When giving gifts, most people want to do something special and unique. Developing new ideas cannot be easy, especially if you don’t know the person very well. 

So, how do you surprise someone with a gift? 

Let’s cover some of the most creative ways to spring a gift on your loved ones. Whether you are looking for a sentimental gesture or something more whimsical, we have you covered. 

6 Creative Ways To Surprise Someone With A Gift

1. Scavenger/ Treasure Hunt

kids playing treasure hunt game

A scavenger or treasure hunt is a creative and fun way to surprise someone with a gift. 

Instead of simply handing over the present, you can make it much more memorable for the recipient. 

The challenge can be as easy or difficult as you’d like; whether hiding clues in obvious places or involving physical activities, a scavenger/treasure hunt takes time, thoughtfulness, and planning to pull off successfully. 

Besides, it’s the perfect way to add an element of excitement and mystery while giving an item they truly want. 

Because it’s fun and thoughtful, everyone will love giving and receiving gifts this way.

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2. Delivery Package Prank

What better way to surprise someone with a creative gift than to make it appear like they are receiving a delivery package? 

Pranking your family, friends, and colleagues with delivery packages is the latest trend in creative gifting. 

This prank can be executed in so many creative ways; putting together an oversized box filled with confetti, disguising a harmless package as something that appears dangerous, and sending someone on a scavenger hunt for their package.

Each prank has its unique element of surprise that puts a smile on the recipient’s face. 

You only need a creative mindset, imagination, and resources to pull off the perfect delivery package prank. 

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3. Playing Puzzle Pieces

Putting together a creative gift for someone is like solving a puzzle. You want to ensure all the pieces come together perfectly to surprise your loved one. 

You can make an incredible, memorable time for that special person by playing with different puzzle pieces, including creative wrapping, timing, and locations. 

Puzzles provide hours of entertainment and also help to boost problem-solving skills. A fun way to make the extra gift special is to make an image of smaller puzzle pieces. 

When put together, it creates a unique poster that impresses the receiver.

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4. Balloon Popping

different colors and sizes of balloons

Unlike unwrapping a gift box, balloon popping involves suspense and drama as the recipient pops each balloon looking for the gift they have been waiting for. 

It is also much more personal than just handing over a package, as there is often anticipation around what will be inside. 

From confetti-filled birthday balloons to romantic surprises nestled within heart-shaped balloons, creative ideas are limited only by one’s imagination. 

For creative ways to surprise someone with a gift, balloon popping is worth considering.


5. Take Them To A Surprise Concert

Taking someone to a surprise concert [1] is a creative and special way to show affection for that person. 

Not only will they appreciate the gesture, but it also allows them to experience their favorite artist or genre of music live. 

Such an unexpected treat will surely put a smile on their face and provide unforgettable memories for both of you.

As long as you play your cards right and factor in their taste in music, a surprise concert can easily be one of the best gifts ever.

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6. Set Up A Surprise Afternoon Picnic Party

Giving someone a surprise afternoon picnic party is a simple gesture but effective in conveying your gratitude. 

So, start by picking out a special spot they’ll love, just like any other party. 

Make sure to bring enough food, drinks, and seating for everyone so that the guest of honor can relax and enjoy all the good company. 

Don’t forget to decorate and set up the area as creatively as possible with extra touches like balloons or banners. 

Plan your event ahead and pick your most creative gifts to make it a true surprise. Your thoughtful gesture will put a smile on their face and make it an unforgettable day of fun.

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How Can I Make A Gift  Extra Special?

gift on top of a wooden table

When gift-giving, consider the recipient’s interests and how it might suit them best. A great way to make your gift stand out is by going the extra mile for a presentation. 

“Every day is a gift from God. Learn to focus on the Giver and enjoy the gift!” 

Joyce Meyer, American Author

You could start by finding a creative or unique box or bag that appropriately fits in with the design, personality, and style of the person you’re gifting it to. 

You could also add personalized embellishments like bows, wrapping paper, confetti, or anything of that sort to add character. 

Furthermore, be intentional when selecting the card that comes with your present. 

Coordinate it with the color scheme of your packaging, and choose meaningful words to show how you put much thought into creating this special gift. 

Even if the gift itself isn’t one of a kind, taking the extra step to put an individual spin on it will make sure your loved one remembers it for years to come. But what should you do with the gifts that you don’t want?


What are some cheap ways I can give someone a gift as a surprise?

One cheap way to give someone a gift is to buy them a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant or store. Another option is to buy them a gift basket filled with their favorite things. 

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How do you give a phone as a surprise gift?

One way to give a phone as a surprise gift is to put it in a small box and wrap it up like a present.

Another way is to hide the phone in another object, such as a book or a gift basket. 

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What is the best way to drop hints about a present?

Casually mentioning that you would enjoy something is one of the easiest methods to drop hints about a present and see if the other person catches the bait. 

For example, if you want a new phone case, say, “My phone is starting to look a little beat up; I might need a new case soon.” 

If the other person takes the bait and gets you a phone case, they are listening. But what makes a nice present?

What is the best gift to surprise a boyfriend?

Well, it depends on what your boyfriend likes. You could buy him a car detailing kit or a new set of tires if he’s into cars [2].

You could get him tickets to his favorite game if he’s into sports.

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Bottom Line

There you have it. Whether you’re looking for small and simple ways to show your appreciation or want to go all out with an unforgettable experience, this article has given you some ideas on how to surprise someone with a gift. 

Whatever you do, make sure it comes from the heart and is tailored to the person you’re giving it to – that’s what makes the best gifts.


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