How To Store A Wedding Dress Before The Wedding

How To Store A Wedding Dress Before The Wedding: Full Guide

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As you get ready for your special day, you may have storing your valuable wedding dress at the forefront of your list of tasks.

But trust me, it’s an important step that can impact preserving its pristine beauty. So, how to store a wedding dress before the wedding? 

As someone who’s been through the excitement (and occasional panic) of planning a wedding, I’ll share some valuable insights and firsthand experience to help you store your precious bridal attire flawlessly. Keep reading. 

5 Proper Tips To Store A Wedding Dress Before The Wedding

3 Wedding Dresses on a Mannequin

1. Keep It Covered Using A Breathable Bag

An excellent approach to keep the dress clean and protected from dust and dirt is to store it in a breathable storage bag that allows air to pass through it. 

But avoid plastic garment bags as they can trap moisture and potentially cause yellowing of the fabric.

Keeping the dress in a breathable bag will help keep the fabric [1] looking flawless and ensure that the garment lasts longer and remains free from moisture or mold. 

2. Hang It Properly

To ensure your wedding dress is in top condition when it’s time to wear it, hang it up properly. 

If you want the best results, hang it in a dry, cool spot free from direct sunshine and keep the humidity down by using a breathable garment bag.

When using a hanger, ensure it’s wide enough so your dress straps or neckline can hang properly, and add garment clips at the hem to prevent sagging. 

3. Steer Clear Of Sunlight

Store the dress in a cool, dark spot before the big day. Sunlight damages clothing because it fades colors and weakens the fabric. 

“Women, be radiant on your wedding day. But make sure your soul matches your dress.”

Jason Evert, Author

Try an extra bedroom, a basement, or a storage facility. Hang the dress on a wide hanger and cover it with a garment bag made of breathable material. 

Lastly, wrap the dress in a cotton sheet for even more protection. But how can you add sleeves to a wedding dress?

4. Store The Wedding Dress In A Box

Get a box made from an acid-free whiteboard to protect the dress from moisture, dust, and bugs. 

Pick up a box big enough for your entire gown — it should have lids or handles to make it easier to move. For extra security, put the dress in a moth-proof bag. 

Wrap and carefully lay the dress in the box, folded and tucked in with tissue or silk paper. But what do you do with a wedding dress after a divorce?

5. Lay flat If Necessary

If your dress is particularly heavy, has intricate beading, or features a fragile silhouette, laying it flat might be the better choice. 

After laying a fresh, white sheet on a flat table, carefully placing the dress on top of the sheet and smoothing out any wrinkles is the best way to keep it wrinkle-free. 

Cover with a breathable fabric to shield it from any potential damage.

Is It Best To Keep A Wedding Gown In A Bag Or A Box?

wedding gown in a breathable bag

It’s best to store your wedding gown in a breathable bag since it prevents wrinkles and creases and provides better airflow, reducing the risk of mold and mildew [2]. 

“Handle your dress with hands full of tenderness, for its storage today determines the memories it will carry tomorrow.”

– Howkapow Gift Site

But a box is your best bet if you’ll put it away for anywhere from a few months to a few years. 

It protects the dress from dust, sunlight, and potential damage, especially for more delicate fabrics and intricate gowns. 

Just make sure you use an acid-free box and acid-free tissue paper to keep the dress from yellowing. But how much is too much to spend on a wedding gown?

Why Is It Essential To Properly Store A Wedding Dress?

It is essential to properly store a wedding dress so that oxidation can be delayed until after the dress has had more time to breathe before being cleaned.

Protecting it from dust, sun, moisture, and potential damage means it will last generations, be kept as an heirloom or cherished keepsake, or reused or repurposed. 

So, properly caring for the dress shows respect for the day shared and can ensure its beauty is admired for years.



How long will it take for the white wedding dress to turn yellow?

It took roughly six to eight months for the white bridal garment to turn a pale yellow due to the exposure to light and air. 

What causes a bridal gown to turn yellow?

Discoloration in a bridal gown can be caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight or harsh chemicals such as chlorine and bleach. 

Or it can be oxidation over time due to air pollutants in the environment that can also lead to yellow discoloration on fabric fibers.

Find out the meaning of a black wedding dress here.

Is folding a wedding dress okay?

Yes, folding a wedding dress is perfectly okay. However, it is important to fold the dress carefully and use acid-free tissue paper to protect it from damage.

Check out these ways to remove wrinkles from a wedding dress here.

How many times should you go looking for a wedding dress?

Generally, making two to three appointments in different bridal shops is suggested to ensure you find the right dress.

You might also like to read about ways to accessorize your black dress for a wedding here.

Key Takeaways

Nailing dress storage is essential for that picture-perfect wedding moment. I’ve found, from past experiences, that a breathable garment bag is your gown’s best friend. 

Hang the beauty properly using the inner loops – it’ll keep the shape intact. Most crucial, keep it a vampire – shield it from the sun. Trust me, these simple strategies work. 

Remember, your dress is more than just fabric. It’s a symbol of your special day. So, store it right, and let it shine when it’s time. 


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