How To Send a Gift Message on Instagram

How To Send a Gift Message on Instagram (Updated)

Last Updated on April 21, 2024 by Kimberlee Johnson

In the modern era, Instagram has become a vital platform for building authentic connections. But suppose you wish not just to send a message but also to share a thoughtful present? How should you go about it?

Don’t worry; I’ve explored Instagram’s features and uncovered the secret to sending the perfect gift message. So, how to send a gift message on Instagram?

Today, I’ll share my insights and reveal the easy steps to send a personalized gift message that leaves a lasting impact. Keep reading.

6 Simple Steps To Send A Gift Message On Instagram

Easy Steps To Follow When Sending an Instagram Gift Message

Step 1: Open Your Instagram App

First, open your Instagram app [1]on your device with a secure internet connection (Make sure that your app is working properly by having the latest version from the Play Store for Android users and Apple Store for iPhone users).

Step 2: Open Your Chat Message Box

On the home screen page, swipe to the left side of the app to access the chat message box.

Step 3: Search For The Person You Want To Give A Gift Message

open your Instagram app on your device

To send a gift message, on the search icon box, select the name of the person you would like to send either a gift message, gift box, or a gift box message to and hit enter.

Step 4: Type A Private Message

Once selected, type in your private message content, but do not send it yet, as you will need to prepare your Instagram gift message.

Step 5: Choose A Template

While still inside the message box, look for the search icon box on the left side of the box.

Choose “template,” and after doing so, you will now have access to the gift box message feature of Instagram chat.

Step 6: Type The Text Message With A Gift Feature

After choosing a template, you may now type in a text message with a gift feature that you can send to your selected friends on Instagram.

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What’s a Gift Message on Instagram?

What’s a Gift Message on Instagram?

Sending gift messages on Instagram is one of the new features of the social media platform. Instagram allows users to send a gift digitally as part of their new chat features.

“In the past, people have looked at photos as a record of memory. The focus has been on the past tense. With Instagram, the focus is on the present tense.” 

Kevin Systrom, American Computer Programmer

Before its implementation, a message on Instagram was mostly simple and restricted to Instagram reels. It lacked a gift message option, making it a messaging feature that requires the userbase to edit and send a 15-second clip in their Instagram chat as a message. 

However, the “send gift messages” option on Instagram wasn’t viable until it was introduced as a new feature a few updates later.

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How Does an Instagram Gift Look?

A gift message in an Instagram chat will be shown as a gift box icon in a message, usually a colored pink gift icon with a white ribbon cross pattern. Users can access a gift message on Instagram by the chat window.

Note that the gift icon will vary in size and length depending on the gift message inside it (a small and short icon for a short gift message and a long and wider one for a long gift message).

That’s how an Instagram gift message looks for both the sender and the receiver.

How Do I Know If It Is Delivered?

How Do I Know if It Is Delivered?

You will receive a notification from the app that you have received an Instagram gift message. Clicking on the notification will bring you to the chat window of the sender who sent the gift box.

The content(s) of an Instagram gift message will only be shown once the recipient opens it. That is the feature of a gift message on Instagram being sent to keep the gift box effect.

Any gift box special effect will only activate once the recipient on their end has opened it. But how do you redeem a Facebook gift card?

What’s The New Instagram Gift Feature?

Instagram has introduced a new feature to help users earn money through their content. 

Now, followers and those who don’t follow a creator can show appreciation by sending virtual gifts. 

“Sending a gift message on Instagram is like crafting a love letter in the language of pixels, a modern twist to the timeless art of connection.”

Howkapow Gift Site

These gifts can be anything from a coffee to a virtual balloon and may be customized with creative presentation options and a personal message. 

This feature allows users to thank someone they follow for their content.


Can you use the “Send Gift Message” feature for someone you don’t follow?

The answer is yes, as you can choose the “send gift message” option to people you don’t follow on their profile page or shared posts.

The “send Instagram gift message feature” will be available if you aren’t blocked by the recipient or have been blocked by Instagram.

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How do I receive gift messages on Instagram?

Ensure that the Gift Cards feature on your account is activated to receive one. Without it, you cannot receive one even if the sender isn’t blocked (by you or the system).

To make that feature active, access your profile and click “Edit Profile.” Look for the “Public Business Information” option, then select “Action Buttons.” After doing so, under “Select a Button,” select “Gift Cards” to activate it.

How to activate gifts on Instagram reels?

Launch the app and select “Reels” from the bottom menu. Select Gifts from the Tools section on the Professional Dashboard. 

After that, the feature will be activated, and it will be possible for viewers to send gifts on reels that have already been generated or on reels that will be created in the future.

Why can’t you send gifts on Instagram?

Instagram [2] won’t let you send gifts to other creators if you do not have enough star balance.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, you can send a special greeting to someone in the social media platform’s private chat feature. The simple steps above will help you in how to send a gift message on Instagram minus the need for deep technical knowledge and understanding.

Show your love and care to someone today in just a few simple steps on your phone, laptop, and/or desktop. 


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