How to Send a Gift Anonymously

How to Send a Gift Anonymously (Updated)

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Sending gifts anonymously can be a higher form of giving because you don’t ask or expect something in return. 

If you are planning to send gifts anonymously this holiday season, our team provided a detailed guide to make gift-giving possible and successful. 

Guide on Sending Gifts Anonymously Using Various Ways 


Amazon is an online retailer that sells different stuff and ships it to your doorstep [1]. When sending anonymous gifts via Amazon, you must purchase an Amazon gift card. The gift card recipient should be under your email address, where you can wait for the gift code.  

You can use a fake name or a new account for the packing slip. Click the option box “this is a gift” on the payment page, proceed to checkout, and then type your recipient’s shipping address. More on how to send an anonymous gift on Amazon here



Buying an anonymous package for a person on E-bay involves a simple process if you wish to surprise your loved ones. Go to eBay, then choose the product you want to buy, add their name and location on the box. Make sure to use the recipient’s address and name when you buy the gift before paying for it.

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Remail Service

Remail Service

Remail service helps you send anonymous gifts by using a server where you can choose to be completely anonymous or untraceable.

Use remail service by changing the address in the message or sending an anonymous message to another remailer to hide the primary email.

It uses encryption and does not leave clues to hide your identity.  Find out how to gift a car to someone from another state here


To send an anonymous package or gift to your friends or loved ones, you can mail an envelope without a return address and drop it in a public physical box. Mail does not provide tracking information, but the post office will collect this and deliver it. 

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Postbox can wrap your presents with customizable cards and ship them to the recipient with the normal order steps, but they will not find who placed the order. After you search for the gift that you would like to send, add a gift card, then select the delivery date. 

The gift receipt will be sent via email to make the purchase extra careful. It will then be delivered through a letterbox with or without a note, just like an amazon package. 

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Flipkart works like amazon, where you can send gifts without being traced by the recipient. Please go through the gift options, select the items you wish to send, and then pay for them.  Add a note to the seller not to include the invoice and use gift wrapping paper, especially for Christmas or birthday. But what do you say when giving a gift?

Use A Third Party

If you want to make sure that you send amazon gifts anonymously, you can opt to use a third-party courier to deliver your gifts after you pay them money. After you search for amazon or white elephant gifts, use a third party to purchase them or deliver them. The third party will strictly keep the sender’s address and name to remain anonymous. 

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Is sending gifts anonymously sweet or creepy?

It depends. Anonymously sending gifts can be sweet or creepy and it varies depending on the situation. Some gift recipients can find it sweet, especially when in a romantic relationship or a courtship stage.

Although it can get creepy, especially if the gifts from the secret admirer are not appropriate.  But what does the term “no boxed gift” mean

Can you find out who anonymously sent you gifts?

No, you cannot find out who secretly sent you gifts because it can violate the consumer’s policy of Amazon TOS to disclose private information.

However, with luck, if an invoice is included on the package, you can search who your secret Santa is. Learn how to find out who sent you a gift from Amazon here

Wrapping Up

Sending an anonymous gift can be a great idea to surprise your loved ones, and it can be very easy to do. You can purchase the present online and have it delivered to the recipient with a fake name or without a sender’s name at all. Whatever your motive is, gifting without letting them know you got it for them is possible. 


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