How To Sell A Gift Card On eBay

How To Sell A Gift Card On eBay: Full Guide & Tips

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Are you in possession of a gift card that you have no use for? Do you wish to exchange it for cash? Consider selling your gift card on eBay as a way to earn some extra money. But, you may be wondering, how exactly does one go about selling a gift card on eBay?

Don’t worry; I’ll share practical tips that have allowed me to navigate this online marketplace easily. 

So if you’re looking to turn those unused gift cards into cash, buckle up for some straightforward advice that’ll have you selling like a pro in no time. 

10 Tips To Sell Gift Cards On eBay

1. Have The Physical Card In Hand

The physical gift card in your possession is a non-negotiable requirement for selling [1] on eBay. It ensures a secure and transparent transaction for both you and potential buyers. 

eBay’s policy mandates that sellers must physically possess their list’s gift card, preventing fraud and instilling buyer confidence. 

Verifying the card’s condition and authenticity upfront reassures buyers, increasing the likelihood of a successful sale. 

2. Be Mindful With The Expiration Date 

Always mention the expiration date in your listing to be transparent with potential buyers. This builds trust and avoids any confusion later on. 

By providing clear information, you show professionalism and give buyers confidence in their purchase. Honesty is key to building a good reputation as a reliable seller on eBay.

3. One Card Per Listing

A crucial tip for selling gift cards on eBay is to list only one card per listing. This applies even if you have multiple gift cards or eBay accounts. 

“How you sell matters. What your process is matters. But how your customers feel when they engage with you matters more.” 

Tiffani Bova, Writer

Following this rule ensures fairness and a level playing field for all sellers. Listing one card at a time makes it easier for buyers to find and purchase the exact gift card they want. 

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4. Be Aware With The Gift Card’s Value Limit

eBay doesn’t allow selling gift cards worth $500 or more. Following this rule ensures a smooth selling experience without any issues. 

Staying within the limit shows your commitment to fairness and compliance with eBay’s policies. So, before listing your gift cards, check their value and avoid cards exceeding the set limit.

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5. You Can Sell Gift Cards With Zero Redemption Value

Consider selling gift cards with zero redemption value on eBay. 

Though they may seem worthless, collectors or craft enthusiasts may still find value in them for their design or sentimental appeal.

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6. Be Cautious In Selling Travel Gift Cards

Woman Holding a Card

When selling travel gift cards on eBay, being cautious is crucial. 

State regulations regarding travel services can be complex, so make sure to list these cards in the Travel > Other category to stay on the safe side. 

Familiarize yourself with your state’s specific rules to ensure compliance. So, be clear in your listing about the type of travel services covered by the gift card. 

7. Accurate Card Description

Present potential buyers with comprehensive descriptions of your gift cards. Be specific about the brand, denomination, and any usage limitations. 

A clear, accurate depiction helps build trust and convinces buyers that they’re making a sound purchase. But how many gift cards should you use on eBay?

8. High-Quality Images

Enhance your listing’s appeal with high-quality images showcasing both sides of the gift card. 

Clear visuals instill confidence in buyers, leaving them with no doubts about the card’s condition and authenticity.

9. Competitive Pricing

Conduct thorough market research to set a competitive yet profitable price for your gift cards. 

Avoid overpricing, as it may deter potential buyers. Strike the right balance to attract more interest and ensure a swift sale.

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10. Prompt Shipping

Man Delivering a Box

Once your gift card sells, make sure to get your buyer started. Ship the card promptly and use a trackable method to ensure safe delivery. 

Prompt shipping builds your reputation as a reliable seller [2] on eBay.

Is Selling Gift Cards on eBay Simple?

While eBay remains a popular platform for online transactions, it might not be the most advantageous for selling gift cards. 

Potential eBay buyers typically purchase gift cards at around 80% to 90% of their value, resulting in an initial loss of $10 to $20 for a $100 gift card. 

“Selling gift cards on eBay is like learning to dance with money: master the steps, and you’ll soon be hearing the lovely sound of cash registers ringing.”

Howkapow Gift Site

It’s important to be aware of this potential drawback when considering eBay as a selling option for your gift cards.

Where Are The Best Places To Sell eBay Gift Cards?

When selling eBay gift cards, consider these better platforms: ClipKard offers an easy online option, while GiftCash pays up to 94% of the card’s value. 

Raise accepts physical and e-gift cards, CardCash is reliable for unwanted cards, and GameFlip is great for gamers. Reddit Gift Card Exchange is an active community for trading or selling. 

These alternatives have competitive rates and user-friendly processes, making them ideal for selling gift cards beyond eBay.

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Is there an app that sells gift cards?

Cardtonic is a mobile app that facilitates buying and selling gift cards. 

It provides a convenient platform for individuals to exchange their gift cards for cash, offering a seamless experience for buyers and sellers alike.

How much do you make while selling gift cards?

Typically, you can expect to receive up to 92% of the card’s value when selling gift cards. 

So, you will not get the full 100% value, as a percentage is usually deducted to account for fees and transaction costs.

Is selling gift cards online safe?

Yes, selling unwanted gift cards online can be safe if you use reputable and legitimate gift card exchanges like Giftcards or Cardpool. 

On A Final Note

So, there you have it. With these tips, you can sell gift cards like a pro. 

Remember to have the card physically, be clear about expiration dates, and consider selling cards without value for collectors. 

Be cautious with travel gift cards, put them in the right category, and follow the rules. Price your cards well, be nice to customers, and ship quickly for a great selling experience. 

Now flip those gift cards on eBay, and enjoy the hustle. 


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