How To Reload To Panera Gift Card

How To Reload To Panera Gift Card: Full Guide

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Oh, the beloved Panera gift card – a means to indulge in delicious pastries, mouth-watering sandwiches, and heartwarming bread bowls. But what happens when the balance on your card runs out?

Don’t worry, hungry friend. I’m here to help you learn how to reload to a Panera gift card like an expert.

So, whether you like bread or want to try tasty food, let’s explore how to refill your gift card and enjoy more delicious meals.

How Can You Reload A Panera Gift Card?

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1. Access Panera’s Official Website

Head to the Panera Bread [1] website using your preferred device. If you’ve got an account, sign in. If not, create one – it’s quick and easy.

2. Locate the “Reload a Gift Card” Section

Scroll down the webpage until you encounter the section designated for reloading gift cards.

3. Input Card Details

Provide the required details of your gift card, namely the card number and the accompanying PIN. Additionally, click the reCAPTCHA challenge to protect the security of your transaction.

4. Proceed & Set Amount

After completing the preliminary step, click “Next.” This prompts a prompt to select the desired amount for the reload – tailor it to get delicious treats from Panera. 

5. Finalize With A Click

Once you’ve chosen your reload amount, seal the deal by hitting “Done.” Your card is now set for a flavor-packed journey.

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How To Add A Panera Gift Card To My Online Purchase?

A. Access Panera Bread Website

Fire up your web browser and head to Panera Bread website. Click on the “Sign In” link at the upper right corner, then log in with your username/email and password.

B. Redeem Your Gift Card

Begin by initiating an order. Choose the items you crave and add them to your cart. Fill in your address details, including zip code, city name, or cafe ID. 

“Remember, man does not live on bread alone: sometimes he needs a little buttering up.” 

John C. Maxwell, American Writer

Select your preferred delivery or pickup option and confirm the details, including the cafe and timing. But is it okay to return a gift card?

C. Proceed To Checkout

Move forward by clicking “Continue” at the bottom. This leads you to the checkout page, where you’ll finalize your order.

D. Add Gift Card Information

On the checkout page, locate the “Gift Card” option. Click “Add a Gift/Bonus Card or Virtual Event Code.” 

Now, input the gift card number found on the back of your card, along with the PIN code.

E. Redeem Your Card

Seal the deal by clicking “Add Your Card.” Your gift card’s value will be applied to your order, and you’ll witness the magic of savings.

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How Can You Check the Balance Of Your Panera Gift Card?

  • Online Method: Visit the official Panera Bread website. Scroll down and click “Check Your Gift Card Balance.” Enter the card number and PIN (usually on the back). Click “Submit” or “Check Balance” to unveil your remaining balance.
  • Kiosk Or Cashier Method: If your card lacks a PIN, visit your local bakery cafe. An associate at the register will gladly assist in checking your balance.

Do You Have To Activate Panera Gift Cards?

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Yes, a Panera Bread gift card only holds money or value once a cashier activates it. Think of it like flipping the switch to turn on a light – activation makes the card ready to use. 

So, if you receive a Panera gift card, activate it before you can use it to savor all those tasty treats. 

How Long Does A Panera Gift Card Expire?

Panera Bread gift cards have no expiration date. Your gift card remains as fresh as their baked goods, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite meals at your own pace. 

“No more farewells to flavor – reloading your Panera gift card transforms ‘insufficient funds’ into an endless feast.”

Howkapow Gift Site

There’s no rush to feast; your card is ready whenever you are.


How to reload your gift card online?

A simple way to reload your gift card is by visiting the issuer’s website. And look out for the “gift card” section, where you’ll discover options like “automatic reload” or “auto-load” for your card.

Next, make an using your email or username, and set up payment information on the website to facilitate a hassle-free reload process.

Can I buy another gift card with a Panera gift card?

No, a Panera gift card cannot be used to buy another gift card. It’s not redeemable for purchasing additional gift cards.

Can a Panera gift card be redeemed at the kiosk?

Yes, Panera gift cards can be redeemed at the in-store kiosks. Select your items, proceed to the payment page, and choose it as your payment method. 

Does Panera give you something for your birthday?

Absolutely. When you become a MyPanera member, you’ll receive a complimentary bagel or pastry on your birthday. 

Or you can enjoy a $2 discount on any order. No purchase is necessary, and this offer is valid for seven days following your birthday.

Does Panera provide free refills?

Yes, Panera offers free refills but only for one eligible beverage every two (2) hours.

Final Thoughts

And that’s how you reload your Panera gift card. By using the Panera website smoothly, you’ve figured out how to add money to your card easily. 

This way, you can keep enjoying your meals without any interruptions. Remember, it only takes a few simple clicks to make your card ready to use again so that you can enjoy these pastries [2]. 

Plus, it’s easy to check how much money you have left on your card – you can do it online or at the store. 

And, oh, remember that the gift card needs to be activated first before you can use it. So, enjoy the convenience and happiness of reloading your Panera gift card. 


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