How To Put Ribbon On A Gift

How To Put A Ribbon On A Gift: Full Guide

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Adding a bow to a gift is an easy way to give your present a unique and personal touch.

Whether you’re wrapping up a surprise for a special occasion or want to make your gift extra special, adding a ribbon is an easy, affordable way to make your gift stand out. 

But do you know how to put a ribbon on a gift? If not, then we’re here to guide you. So grab your ribbon and your gift, and let’s get started.

2 Creative Ways To Put Ribbon On The Gift

Hand Tying Ribbon

a. Tying Ribbon Into Simple Bow

1. Measure enough ribbon around the gift box with a little extra for tying the bow. Place the gift box right-side up on a flat surface, with the top of the box facing you.

2. Hold one end of the ribbon against the center of the box and wrap it around the entire box, ensuring it crosses at the bottom and returns to the center at the top.

3. With the two ribbon ends at the center of the box, tie a simple knot by looping one end over the other, pulling it through the loop, and tightening it.

4. Hold one ribbon end in each hand and create two loops (one with each end) by folding the ribbon back on itself.

5. Cross one loop over the other, tuck the top loop behind the bottom, and pull it through the hole between the loops.

6. Adjust the bow by pulling on the loops and tails until it’s symmetrical and even. Trim the ribbon tails at an angle or V-shape for a clean, finished look.

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b. Tie The Ribbon Diagonally

1. Place the ribbon across the gift box diagonally. Hold the ribbon at one end and place it on one of the top corners of the gift box, with the end of the ribbon extending about 2 inches past the corner. This will be the starting point for wrapping the ribbon around the box.

2. Bring the ribbon across the top of the box to the opposite bottom corner, making sure the ribbon lays flat and smooth against the surface. 

3. Carefully flip the gift box over, keeping the ribbon in place. The ribbon should now be on the bottom side of the box, crossing diagonally from one corner to the other.

4. Hold the ribbon firmly and bring it up and across the bottom of the box, aligning it with the edge of the ribbon on the top side. 

Continue wrapping it around the side and back to the top, meeting at the starting point.

5. At the starting point, cross the two ends of the ribbon, making sure the ribbon is tight and secure around the box.

6. Make a knot using the two ends of the ribbon and double-check that it is tight. Ensure the knot is centered and aligned with the crossed ribbons on the bottom.

7. Form two loops with each ribbon end, and tie them together like you would for a shoelace. Adjust the loops and tails to your desired size and tightness.

What Type Of Ribbons Are Typically Used To Wrap Gifts?

1. Grosgrain Ribbon

Hand Holding Grosgrain Ribbon

The Grosgrain ribbon is thick, and the ribbon-like texture is incredibly durable, making it great for wrapping heavier gifts or tying large bows. 

It comes in various colors and widths, so you can pick the perfect ribbon to match your wrapping paper [1]. 

And if you’re looking for something more personal, you can even have the ribbon printed or embroidered with logos, designs, or your special message.

2. Satin Ribbon

This silky smooth ribbon is a luxurious and elegant choice that adds a touch of sophistication to any present. 

“Beautiful memories tell our story, and wrap themselves in ribbons of the heart.”

– Flavia Cacace, Italian Professional Dancer

Whether you want a classic single-loop bow, a cascading ribbon flower, or a simple knot, satin ribbon is a versatile choice to make any gift look extra special. 

3. Lace Ribbon

Hand Holding Lace Ribbon

This delicate and beautiful ribbon features a scalloped edge that gives it a lacy look, perfect for adding a romantic feel to any wrapping. 

And it is ideal for smaller gifts such as jewelry boxes or perfumes [2]. So, if you’re making a vintage or shabby chic look or want to add a hint of femininity, lace ribbon is a good choice.

4. Organza Ribbon

This sheer, light ribbon is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your presents. Its transparent fabric gives your gifts a delicate and airy feel. 

And the best part? It’s perfect for wrapping small gifts or creating delicate accents. 

5. Twine

Twine String

Say goodbye to traditional ribbons and hello to this eco-friendly alternative. Twine is the ultimate choice for gift wrappers who want a touch of rustic charm. 

Made from natural fibers like cotton or jute, twine has a charming, earthy look that’s perfect for any gift. It also comes in a range of colors and thicknesses. 

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How is a stacked ribbon made?

A stacked ribbon is made by folding several strips in a fan-like pattern and then carefully gluing the edges together to create a unified shape.

How do I use a ribbon to hang something?

To hang something with a ribbon, first measure the length of ribbon you will need and cut the ribbon. 

Attach one ribbon end to the object you hang using a knot or adhesive. Tie or attach the other end of the ribbon securely to a hook or nail on the wall.

How to create a decorative bow?

You will need two pieces of ribbon, scissors, and a glue gun to create a decorative bow. Cut the two pieces of ribbon to the desired length. Tie a small knot in the center of one of the ribbons. 

Take the other piece of ribbon and wrap it around the small knot. Secure the ends with a glue gun. Fluff and adjust the bow to get the desired look.

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Bottom Line

So, there you have it – with these easy steps, you can transform any gift into something that looks like it was wrapped professionally.

Get creative and have fun with different colors, styles, and ribbon patterns to make a unique and special look. 

Make someone’s day with a beautifully wrapped gift and a bow that will leave them smiling. 


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