How To Measure Wrapping Paper For Gift

How To Measure Wrapping Paper For A Gift: Guide

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Gift wrapping is an enjoyable and creative activity that demonstrates your affection for the person receiving the gift. The sole obstacle is making sure there’s enough wrapping paper to completely encase the present.

But no more guesswork – we’ll show you how to measure wrapping paper for gifts so you can make sure your presents look fabulous.

7 Simple Steps To Measure Gift Wrapping Paper

Measuring Gift Wrapper

1. First, you will need a measuring tape or ruler, the gift you want to wrap, a flat surface to work 

on, a pen or pencil, and scissors.

2. Use a measuring tape or ruler to measure your gift’s length, width, and height. Write down these dimensions for future reference.

3. Add the length of the gift, twice the height, and an additional 2-3 inches for overlap. But the width must be similar to the box’s width and twice the height. 

4. Put the decorative side of the wrapping paper down on a smooth, clean surface and place the plain side facing up.

5. Use a measuring tape or ruler to measure the required length and width of the wrapping paper based on the dimensions you calculated in Step 3. 

Mark the measurements on paper using a pen or pencil.

6. Use scissors to carefully cut the wrapping paper along the lines you marked in Step 5. Keep your cuts straight as possible for a clean and professional finish.

7. Before wrapping your gift [1], place the cut wrapping paper over it to ensure it is the correct size. 

The paper should be large enough to fully cover the gift, with enough overlap to secure it.

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How To Calculate How Much Wrapping Paper You’ll Need?

To ensure you have enough paper, you’ll want to measure the length of the gift and double or triple it. 

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

William Arthur Ward, American Writer

Let’s say you have a box that is four inches tall and five inches deep. If you calculate it by adding four and five inches twice and then adding 2 inches, the paper should be 21 inches tall.

Next, the width must equal your box’s and twice the height. 

For example, if you have a box that’s 10 inches wide but 3 inches high, you’ll need a sheet of paper at least 16 inches wide.

But how can you wrap a plant as a gift?

What Unit Of Measurement Is Used For Wrapping Paper?

Gift Wrapping Paper on a Rack

When wrapping paper, it’s all about width by the length. To determine how much you need, measure the area you cover and multiply the length and width.

If you’re looking for rolls of wrapping paper, you’ll want to measure the area’s circumference instead and ensure you have enough paper to cover the whole thing. 

Or you can look for the linear feet measurement on the packaging or label – that’ll help you decide how much wrapping paper you’ll need.

How To Pick Wrapping Paper

Finding the perfect wrapping paper for a gift can be a challenge. The key is to choose something that reflects the occasion and the recipient’s preferences. 

A bright and cheery paper is great for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. If you’re giving a gift for a formal event, a more muted color and design may be more appropriate. 

Finally, if the recipient has a favorite color or design, choose something that matches their taste. 

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How Long Should Gift Wrapping Take?

Wrapping a Gift Box

It can take three to five minutes to wrap a standard-sized gift, depending on the size and form of the present, the wrapping paper used, and the expertise of the wrapper.

But an unusual shape or intricate wrapping can take longer.

If you’re a beginner, it may take some practice to get faster, but no matter how long it takes, the thought and cares put into the wrapping will be appreciated by the recipient.

What Tool Is Used To Cut Paper For Wrapping Gifts?

A gift wrap cutter is an invaluable tool that helps you quickly and accurately cut wrapping paper to the desired size. 

Its built-in cutting edge and measuring guide make it easy to create straight, precise cuts without struggling with scissors and uneven edges.

And with a replaceable blade, you can ensure that your cutting edge stays sharp for a polished, professional look. 


What should you do if you don’t cut enough wrapping paper?

If you don’t cut enough wrapping paper, wrap it diagonally and bring the two ends together in the middle. 

You could also try using a different type of paper and overlapping the pieces to cover the gift completely.

How can you cut gift paper without scissors?

You can use a ruler and a straightedge to tear the paper, creating a neat edge. Or fold the paper, press it firmly from up to down, and cut it with your fingertips. 

How thick is high-quality wrapping paper?

Most high-quality wrapping paper is at least 80-120 gsm thicker than regular printer paper.

What gift is difficult to wrap?

Gifts that are oddly shaped or oversized are often difficult to wrap. Gift baskets, large toys, and items with intricate details can all be challenging to wrap attractively.

Why are gift bags more convenient than wrapping paper?

Gift bags [2] are much easier to use than wrapping paper because they are already pre-formed and require no folding or cutting. 

Besides, gift bags are much more portable and can be reused, while wrapping paper must be discarded after a single use.

In Summary

When wrapping gifts, the key to success is in the measurements. With the right tools and a little practice, you can ensure your gift is perfectly wrapped every time. 

So, measure up, and you’ll be wrapping like a pro in no time.


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