How To Make Your Brother Listen To You in 7 Ways

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Are you exhausted from your brother’s lack of listening? Do you find yourself constantly repeating the same message? You are not the only one.

In many households, siblings often have difficulty communicating with each other. 

But don’t worry – there are several techniques that you can use to help make your brother listen to you. 

We will provide several tips on how to make your brother listen to you. So read on to learn more. 

7 Simple Tips To Make Your Brother Listen To You

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1. Find A Good Time To Talk

Finding a good time to talk to your brother is one of the best tips to make sure he will listen. 

Choosing a time when he is not preoccupied with homework, sports, video games, or other activities is essential. 

If you try to talk to him right when he gets home from school, he might need more time to hear what you’re saying. 

So, try to find a time when he has already had some time to relax and is in a good mood, such as in the evening or on the weekends. 

And the more you value his time and attention, the more receptive he will be to your words.

2. Avoid Talking In An Authoritative Or Condescending Way

Remember that your sibling deserves the same respect you would give anyone else. 

When talking to him, be sure to use respectful and polite language. Avoid speaking in a tone that could be interpreted as degrading or demeaning. 

Try to keep your cool and come across as understanding instead. It fosters a sense of trust and openness between the two of you.

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3. Offer A Trade

Offering a trade can be an effective way to get your brother to listen to you. It works by negotiating an exchange of something he wants in return for something you want. 

For example, if your brother wants to stay up late and play a video game, you can let him do it in exchange for listening to you. 

It incentivizes him to listen and lets him get what you want without demanding it. 

4. Ask Nicely

If you want your brother to listen to you, one of the most effective strategies is to ask nicely. 

When you ask him to do something or to listen to your perspective, try to use polite and gentle language. 

This will not only show your brother that you value him, but it will also make him more likely to listen to what you have to say. 

5. Give A Short, Sweet & Concise Explanation

One helpful strategy to get your brother to listen to you is to provide a brief, sweet, and concise explanation.

Avoid going into unnecessary detail or rambling about unrelated topics, as this can cause him to tune out or lose interest.

“ Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.” 

Marc Brown, American Author

Instead, focus on getting to the point quickly and concisely. Doing so can make your message more digestible and more accessible for your brother to understand. 

6. Offer Solutions

Rather than just pointing out problems or issues, offering potential solutions or suggestions for improvement is essential. 

This demonstrates that you have thought carefully about the situation and can also help engage your brother in finding a resolution together. 

By involving him in the process, you can make him feel more invested and committed to making a positive change. 

7. Use Humor

Sometimes, when tensions are high, or communication is difficult, injecting humor into the conversation helps diffuse the situation and makes both parties more receptive to each other’s perspectives. 

A lighthearted or playful tone can also create a more relaxed and open atmosphere for discussion. 

But it’s essential not to overdo it with humor [1], as this can be seen as dismissive or disrespectful. 

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What Makes Your Brother Not Listen To You?

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If a brother is offended or angry by how his siblings treat him, he may stop listening. Or if he feels that his siblings need to take his ideas seriously. 

Sometimes, a brother may not listen to his siblings due to a lack of trust. 

He may feel that his siblings are not being honest with him or not respecting his authority as the older sibling.  

In these cases, the brother may be less likely to listen to his siblings, lacking communication and understanding.

But how will you respond when someone tries to ruin your reputation?


How can I let my brother know that I care?

Make sure to hug him and tell him you love him daily. And spend quality time with him doing activities he enjoys and having meaningful conversations.

How can you tell if your brother is toxic?

If your brother constantly tries to manipulate or control you and your decisions, he is likely a toxic presence in your life. 

Or it can be that he regularly criticizes you and makes you feel bad about yourself. 

Is having brother issues normal?

Yes, it is normal to have issues with a brother. 

So, remember that everyone has their own unique family dynamic, and it’s best to be understanding and communicate openly about any problems that may arise.

Wrapping Up

Making your brother listen to you can be tricky, but with the right approach and attitude, you can learn how to get your point across effectively. 

Remember that brothers are people, too; they have feelings and opinions like you. 

Even if you don’t always agree, respect their opinions and try to find common ground. 

Be patient [2] and understanding, and you will find that your brother will be more likely to listen to you.


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