How To Make Balloons Matte

How To Make Balloons Matte: Tips & Tricks

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Looking to enhance your balloons? Think about applying a matte finish to them!

It’s a fun and creative idea to make your balloons stand out. If you’re wondering how to make balloons matte, don’t worry – it’s easier than you think. 

Our team will show you the simple steps to get your balloons looking matte and fabulous in no time. So, let’s get started and turn your regular balloons into matte masterpieces. 

5 Helpful Tips To Make Your Balloons Matte

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1. Put It Under The Sun 

The UV radiation from the sun will cause the plastic coating on the balloons to break down, giving them a dull, matte finish. 

But remember that leaving the balloons in the sun for too long will eventually pop. So only leave the balloons in the sun for an hour, then move them to a shaded area to cool down. 

But how can you make a balloon heart?

2. Use Talcum Powder

Sprinkle a small amount of talcum powder inside the balloon before inflating it. This will help absorb moisture and give the balloon a matte finish.

3. Mix Baking Powder With Water

Make a paste by combining baking powder and water, and then spread it on your balloon using a brush. 

Leave the paste to dry for an hour, then brush off the powder for a soft, matte finish.

4. Rub With Cornstarch

Applying a small amount of cornstarch [1] to a cloth and gently rubbing the balloon will help it absorb the cornstarch, resulting in a matte finish. 

Too much cornstarch may cause the balloon to become brittle and break, so it is essential to use the correct amount.

5. Try Sandpaper

For a more textured matte finish, lightly sand the surface of your balloon with fine-grit sandpaper [2]. 

It will create a slightly rougher surface that absorbs more light, resulting in a softer matte look.

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What Do You Call A Matte Balloon?

Matte balloons, also known as satin finish or chalky pastels, are a favorite for party decorations due to their non-shiny surface. 

Their subtle elegance and gentle visual appeal make them ideal for weddings and baby showers. 

“Civilization sails prettily like a child’s rubber balloon until it hits a sharp object; then it is likely to collapse like the balloon.”

Austin O’Malley, Author

And its unique texture enhances the party’s ambiance, effortlessly fitting into diverse themes and color schemes. 

Is There A Matte Balloon Spray Available?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. While metallic and holographic sprays for balloons do exist in the market, a matte balloon spray does not. 

But there is still a way to achieve a matte effect on balloons without spraying. One option is to use a matte finish paper or fabric to cover the balloon, providing a more muted finish.

What Causes Balloons To Get Matte?

The most common cause of balloons losing their shine is oxidation. 

It occurs when the air around the balloon contains oxygen, which breaks down the shiny coating of the balloon, causing it to become dull and matte. 

Sunlight and heat can speed up this process, as can contact with acidic substances. Friction is another factor that can lead to balloons becoming matte. 

If the balloon is rubbed against something rough, it can cause the shiny surface of the balloon to wear away, leaving it looking less glossy. Check out these steps to make the confetti stick to the balloon here.

Where To Purchase Matte Balloons?

inflating balloon

You have a few options if you are looking for a way to get matte balloons. One of these is to purchase them in-store, such as Dollar Tree and Party City. 

You can quickly check out the sizes and colors available in person and find discounts and in-store sales.

Another option is looking it up online. The best part is that they offer delivery options, making getting the balloons easy. 

What Are The Perks Of Using Matte Balloons?

Matte balloons are an ideal choice for decorating parties and events. 

Not only do they come in a wide variety of colors and shapes to match the occasion, but their matte finish gives them a unique look and feel. 

Plus, these balloons are typically more durable than traditional balloons, and they won’t expand or lose their shape when exposed to the elements. 

This makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor celebrations and can often be more cost-effective than their traditional counterparts.


Is it possible to paint latex balloons?

Yes, it is possible to paint latex balloons. Latex balloons can be painted using special acrylic paints specifically designed for the purpose.

Can Sharpie be used on latex balloons?

Yes, Sharpie can be used on latex balloons. Before using the Sharpie all over the balloon, ensure it doesn’t leave any unintended marks by first trying it on an extra balloon. 

What’s a less expensive alternative to balloon shine?

One cheaper alternative to balloon shine is a product like Wynnes Dash, a dashboard protector that cleans and shines latex balloons.

How can you make inexpensive balloons last longer?

To make inexpensive balloons last longer, tie them tightly with an extra knot to prevent them from deflating. 

Keeping balloons away from direct sunlight and allowing them to cool off in a cooler environment can help extend their lifespan.

Bottom Line

Matte balloons are a great option to spice up your party decor creatively.

All you need are a few simple items and a few minutes of your time to make your balloons stand out from the rest and impress your guests. 

So don’t wait – start creating some gorgeous matte balloons today. 


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