How To Make Balloon Bouquets Without Helium

How To Make Balloon Bouquets Without Helium: 5 Simple Ideas

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I’ve always loved adding a fun element to parties and events, and my usual method is by incorporating balloon bouquets.

But here’s the catch: helium can be pricey and sometimes hard to find. Fortunately, I’ve found a cheap and easy way to create fantastic balloon bouquets without helium.

So, how to make balloon bouquets without helium?

I’ll share my proven methods for making impressive displays that will wow your guests, all while keeping costs low.

5 Simple Ideas To Make Balloon Bouquets Without Using Helium

Birthday Balloon Bouquet

1. Balloon Stick Bouquet

Attach balloons to long sticks or wooden dowels using tape or balloon clips.

Arrange the sticks in a bouquet by securing them in a vase or container filled with decorative materials like sand, stones, or shredded paper.

2. Balloon Ceiling Installation

Transform your ceiling into a stunning balloon bouquet installation.

Inflate balloons in different sizes and colors, then attach them to the ceiling using removable adhesive or tape.

Arrange them in a way that creates a floating balloon bouquet effect.

3. Balloon Garland

Create a visually stunning balloon garland by inflating balloons and securing them to a string or balloon strip.

Use different sizes and colors of balloons to add variety. Hang or drape the garland to create a balloon bouquet effect.

4. Making Balloon Bunches

With this method, you can blow up the balloons using a pump or blow into them. Then, tie them up tightly and group them with ribbons.

You can hang these bunches on door and window frames, mantlepieces, stairs, or anywhere you like to add a lively touch of color.

5. Air-filled Balloon Bouquet

Fill balloons with air instead of helium. While these won’t float, you can attach them to sticks or straws and arrange them in a base such as a vase, a decorated box, or a basket.

Check out how you can decorate your place with streamers and balloons here.

How To Tie A Balloon To Make It Into A Bouquet?

Start by inflating the balloons and tying the ends in a knot. Then, cut a length of ribbon, fold it in half, and loop it around the knot of the first balloon. 

To keep the knot in place, pull the ends of the ribbon through the loop and tighten them. 

“Each firm held its rope; one by one, they realized that no matter how strongly they pulled, the balloon would eventually lift them off their feet.” 

Michael Lewis, American Author

Repeat this process with each balloon, adding one at a time and ensuring that the ribbon is pulled tight after each balloon is added. 

Gather the ribbon ends into a bow when you’re done attaching balloons. 

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When Should You Start Making A Balloon Bouquet?

When making balloon bouquets, it’s important to start early. We suggest ordering the balloons and other materials at least a week before the event. 

It guarantees that you have everything you need and that nothing is missing and provides time to practice and ensure that the bouquet looks exactly how you want it to. 

You should begin to assemble the bouquet at least two days before the event. 

So it gives you plenty of time to make necessary adjustments and get the balloons and other materials in place. 

And make sure that all the balloons are correctly inflated, and the bouquet looks perfect before the big day. 

How Many Balloons Should You Use To Make A Balloon Bouquet?

making balloon bouquets

For a basic balloon bouquet, you’ll need at least three to seven balloons for a table bouquet and up to 12 for floor bouquets. 

But the number of balloons you’ll need depends on the size and shape of the bouquet, the type of balloons you’re using, and where it will be decorated. 

Plus, a great way to create a unique balloon bouquet is to use a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors of balloons. 

Try to use contrasting colors and small, medium, and large balloons to create an eye-catching display. 

How Long Will It Last?

A bouquet of balloons will typically last anywhere from six to eight weeks if you use air instead of helium. 

But this can depend on the type of balloons used and the conditions they are kept in. 

Latex balloons are the most commonly used type in bouquets, typically lasting for a few days. 

“When helium is scarce, innovation takes flight, and balloon bouquets become works of art.”

Howkapow Gift Site

If the balloons are taken care of properly, they can last up to several weeks. 

They should be kept away from direct sunlight, heat, and sharp objects, which can cause them to pop or deflate.

But how long can a helium balloon stay afloat?

Would It Save Money To Make Your Balloon Bouquet?

Yes. Creating your balloon bouquet will cost you less than what you would pay for a professionally-made one. 

Rather than spending more money [2] on a pre-made bouquet, you can save money by purchasing the balloons and other supplies separately. 

Additionally, you can customize the balloons’ colors, shapes, and sizes to match the occasion or the recipient’s personality. 

Then, add special items like ribbons, confetti, or other decorations to the bouquet to make it even more personal. 

Not only that, if you already have some basic crafting supplies around the house (like scissors, glue, and balloons), you can save even more money by not having to buy anything else.


How do you create a balloon bouquet arrangement with numbers?

Begin by selecting the type of balloons you’d like to use in the bouquet, such as number-shaped balloons. 

Blow up the balloons and arrange them in the shape of a bouquet by tying them together with string. Add a number to each balloon to complete your balloon bouquet arrangement.

But what do red balloons represent?

How can flowers be attached to a balloon hoop?

Attaching flowers to a balloon hoop can be done using floral tape or wire to secure them. 

To give the flowers a more secure form of attachment, one can also use a hot glue gun to ensure the flowers stay in place on the hoop.

How can a balloon be displayed without helium?

A balloon can be suspended from the ceiling or hung from a wall using tape, string, or a fishing line. It can also be filled with air and float freely in the room.

But how can you stick the balloons to your wall?

Bottom Line

Following these simple techniques, you can create stunning balloon bouquets without relying on helium.

Whether you use sticks to create handheld arrangements, install them in the ceiling for a whimsical effect, or even transform them into beautiful balloon garlands, the possibilities are endless.

With creativity and resourcefulness, you can bring joy to any event without breaking the bank.

So, ditch the helium tanks and embrace this helium-free approach to balloon bouquets.


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