How To Make A Turkey Out Of Balloons

How To Make A Turkey Out Of Balloons: Full Guide

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If you’re looking for an easy but creative project, making a turkey out of balloons is a fantastic choice.

As someone who enjoys exploring unique crafts, I can tell firsthand that this activity is enjoyable and satisfying.

So, how to make a turkey out of balloons? Today, I’ll walk you through the simple steps to create your colorful and festive balloon turkey.

4 Steps In Making A Turkey Balloon

Thanksgiving Balloon Turkey Craft

Step 1: Start By Making The Turkey Head

  • You will need a few supplies to make the turkey [1] head. You will need a few balloons in different colors and a marker. 
  • Begin by inflating a yellow balloon and tying off the end. Now, inflate a red balloon slightly less than the yellow balloon. 
  • Twist the red balloon around the yellow balloon to form the head and neck of the turkey. 
  • For the eyes, you can either draw on the balloon with a permanent marker or use two wiggle eyes. 
  • To make the beak, twist a small piece of orange balloon and attach it to the red balloon.

Step 2: Craft The Body 

  • Gather a handful of balloons in various colors, some of which should be brown or orange. 
  • You will need one extra-large balloon for the turkey body and two smaller ones for the wings, a few pieces of string or ribbon, scissors, and some glue. 
  • To make the turkey body, inflate the large balloon and tie off the end. Then, tie two smaller balloons together and attach them to the large balloon with a piece of string or ribbon. 
  • This will be the wings of the turkey. Finally, cut the string or ribbon into two pieces, each about 8 inches long. 
  • Tie two pieces together to form the turkey’s neck, then glue them to the balloon. 

Step 3: Make the Turkey Tail & Feathers

  • You will need long balloons in different colors to make a balloon turkey’s tail and feathers. Start by inflating a large yellow balloon and tie off the end. 
  • Tie a smaller yellow balloon to the first one and twist the two together, creating a loop at the top of both balloons. 
  • This loop will be the turkey’s tail. You will need small yellow, red, and orange long balloons to make the turkey’s feathers. 
  • Start by blowing up each balloon and tying them off. Then, secure them to the underside of the turkey’s tail by twisting them into a fan.

Step 4: Assemble Turkey’s Body Parts

  • Attach the balloon pieces to form the turkey. And once the pieces have been assembled, the balloon turkey is ready to be displayed.


How Do You Make A Turkey Balloon Look Festive?

One way to make a turkey balloon look festive is to use colored ribbons. 

Choose ribbons in traditional holiday colors such as red, green, and gold and tie them around the neck of the turkey. 

Add a festive bow [2] to the front of the balloon, and it will be ready to use as a centerpiece or to hang up as a decoration. 

“Some men are mere hunters; others are turkey hunters.”

Archibald Rutledge, American Poet

Another way to make a turkey balloon look festive is to add glitter. Use glue to attach glitter to the balloon’s body and paint pens to create a turkey face and feathers. 

The glitter will sparkle in the light, adding a unique touch to the balloon. But how to decorate your wall with streamers and balloons?

How Much Money Can You Make by Making Balloon Animals?

hand holding Turkey Balloon

Depending on your skill level and the type of balloons you use, you can make around $76 to $150. 

You can charge an hourly rate to make balloon animals at birthday parties and other events, or offer home-based services where people can hire you to make balloon animals for special occasions. 

Another way to make money with balloon animals is to sell them in stores. Or create your custom designs and charge a fee for people to purchase them. 

“Bringing a turkey to life with balloons is a celebration of whimsy, a reminder that beauty can be found in the simplest of materials.”

Howkapow Gift Site

Plus, you can organize sets of balloon animals and sell them in sets, which can be quite profitable. But what state eats turkey the most on Thanksgiving?

How Long Do Balloon Animal Decorations Typically Last?

Generally, balloon animal decorations can last from a few hours to several days. 

In an ideal environment, such as a climate-controlled room, balloon animal decorations can last up to seven days or even a month. 

If the balloons are exposed to extreme temperatures, they may deflate and become unusable much sooner. 

Additionally, if the balloons are mishandled, they may break or become damaged, not lasting as long as expected. 

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What type of balloons are used for stuffing?

An 18-inch diamond clear latex balloon is the most common type or a professional’s choice for stuffing. 

But foil balloons are also popular for stuffing due to their brighter colors and long-lasting nature.

Check out some simple ways to stuff a balloon without a machine here.

What is the key to preparing a moist turkey?

Brining is the key to ensuring a juicy, moist turkey. Basting the turkey with apple juice, salt, brown sugar, ice, and hot water, will help keep the moisture locked in. 

Then, putting the turkey into the refrigerator for 10 hours is recommended. 

What kind of balloons work best for making animals?

Qualatex balloons are the most popular type for creating animal-shaped balloons since they are durable and easy to tie into different shapes.

Key Takeaways

Now that your turkey balloon sculpture is complete, you can use it as a conversation piece for Thanksgiving dinner or fun party decoration. 

No matter what you choose with your turkey, we hope you have enjoyed learning how to make a turkey out of balloons. 


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