How To Make A Mother's Day Flower Arrangement

How To Make A Mother’s Day Flower Arrangement: Full Guide

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Honoring Mother’s Day is a crucial moment to express our gratitude for the extraordinary mothers we have in our lives.

So why not surprise her with a beautiful and unique flower arrangement? Make this extra gift special by creating it yourself. 

With that, we’ll be sharing tips and tricks on how to make a Mother’s Day flower arrangement. 

From choosing the right type of flowers to creatively arranging them, we’ll provide plenty of ideas to make your mom’s day extra special. Keep reading. 

9 Steps To Make A Flower Arrangement For Mother’s Day

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Step 1: Choose A Theme Or Color Scheme

Consider your mother’s favorite colors, flowers, or any. Specific themes she may like (e.g., rustic, modern, or classic). 

It helps you select the right flowers and materials for your arrangement.

Step 2: Gather Your Materials

You’ll need a vase or container, floral foam (optional), flower food, a pair of sharp scissors or pruning shears, and a clean work surface.

Step 3: Select Your Flowers & Greenery

Choose various flowers in different sizes, shapes, and colors based on your theme or color scheme. 

Remember to include some greenery, such as ferns or eucalyptus, to add texture and fullness to your arrangement.

Step 4: Prepare The Vase

Soak it in water with flower food according to the package’s directions if you’re using flower foam. 

Place the foam in the vase, making sure it’s secure. Fill the vase with water and flower food if you’re not using foam.

Step 5: Trim & Clean The Stems

Remove any leaves or thorns that will be below the waterline in the vase. It prevents bacterial growth and extends the life of your arrangement. 

Trim the stems at a 45-degree angle, ensuring they’re long enough to reach the water but not so long that they overpower your vase.

Step 6: Create A Base With Greenery

Start by arranging the greenery in the vase, creating a loose, balanced structure that will support the flowers. It lets you visualize the overall shape of your arrangement.

Step 7: Add Focal Flowers

Place the largest and most eye-catching flowers in the arrangement first. These are your focal points and should be evenly distributed throughout the bouquet.

Step 8: Fill In With Secondary Flowers

Add smaller flowers around the focal points to create dimension and balance. Be sure to vary the heights and angles of the flowers to add visual interest.

Step 9: Add Fillers & Accents

Use small filler flowers, such as baby’s breath or waxflower, to fill gaps and create a full, lush look. 

You can also add accents like berries or decorative branches to enhance the overall appearance. Then, you’re done. 

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What Exactly Is The Flower Arrangement Rule?

The flower arrangement rule is a set of guidelines that guide the placement of flowers in an arrangement. It includes the principles of unity, balance [1], proportion, rhythm, emphasis, scale, and color. But what flower represents Mother’s Day?

Is Making Your Flower Arrangements Cheaper?

Yes, it is a lot cheaper when making your flower arrangement. You have complete control over what blooms and materials you use. 

“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.” 

Max Muller, German Philologist and Orientalist

Plus, buying in bulk means lower prices for you. Besides, local markets and supermarkets often offer more affordable options than those high-end flower shops. 

And the best part? You can get creative and make the arrangement uniquely yours. Find out the most common gift for Mother’s Day here.

How Long Do You Let Flowers Soak Before Arranging Them?

Before arranging flowers, give their stems a long soak in clean, room-temperature water and leave them for two to three hours. 

As such, the flowers can take up much-needed hydration and return to looking their best. 

You can extend these hours if the flowers can handle it, but it’s best to research the specific variety beforehand – some, like lilies [2], take your time with lengthy soaking sessions. 

How Many Flowers Should Be In A Flower Arrangement?

The number of flowers needed will depend on the size and type used. Smaller arrangements should have 8-10 stems, and larger arrangements should have 25-30 stems. 

But keep in mind the size of the flowers. Smaller blooms, such as daisies, carnations, and roses, should be used in higher numbers to create a fuller look. 

Larger blooms, like lilies and orchids, are best used in fewer numbers. If you still need to figure it out, ask an expert florist for advice and get the perfect flower arrangement. 


What flowers stay the longest in a flower arrangement?

Most hardy flowers, such as chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, lilies, freesias, and carnations, will stay fresh in a flower arrangement for the longest time. 

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What helps flower arrangements last longer?

Placing flowers in a cool spot or temperature away from direct sunlight will help flower arrangements last longer.

Which liquid keeps the freshness of flowers the longest?

You can keep the water fresh for longer by adding a few drops of bleach every time you replace it, which will help your flowers last longer.

What do you place at the bottom of a floral arrangement?

The bottom of a floral arrangement is typically filled with some filler material, such as floral picks or green foam, to provide support and stability to the stems of the flowers.

Does apple cider vinegar make flowers last longer?

Adding apple cider vinegar to the water in a flower vase can help prolong the flowers’ lifespan. 

The vinegar’s acidic properties can help prevent the growth of bacteria in the water, which can cause the flowers to wilt and deteriorate more quickly.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to get creative and make a beautiful flower arrangement for Mother’s Day. 

With the steps outlined above, you can select the perfect flowers, arrange them in a stunning bouquet, and show your mother how much you care. 

So let your creativity flow and make a beautiful, heartfelt flower arrangement for your mom on this special day.


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