How To Make A Haunted House Out Of Cardboard

How To Make A Haunted House Out Of Cardboard: Full Guide

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Constructing a spooky cardboard haunted house can be a thrilling undertaking.

I remember the thrill of piecing together cardboard walls and eerie corridors, armed with nothing but scissors and imagination. It turned a weekend project into a spine-chilling masterpiece. 

So, how to make a haunted house out of cardboard? You might think this sounds complicated, but trust me, it’s easier than it looks. 

Now, I’ll show you how to create a haunted house that’s fun, simple, and spooky, all at the same time.

5 Simple Steps To Make A Haunted House Out Of Cardboard

Making Cardboard Haunted House

Materials You Can Use:

  • Cardboard box
  • Box cutter or sharp scissors
  • Sharpie
  • Paint
  • White tissue paper
  • Duct tape or hot glue
  • Additional cardboard for roofing and embellishments


Step 1: Create The House Base

Begin by assembling your cardboard box, taping all sides except one end. This open end will serve as the entrance to your spine-tingling creation. 

“I could party in a cardboard box with people who are funny and don’t care. For me, it’s really about who I surround myself with, so I try to always be with hilarious people.”

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Removing the flaps from the open end creates a hollow structure, ready to put your ghoulish delights.

Step 2: Cut The Cardboards Into Windows & Doors

Now, let your imagination take the lead. Use a black Sharpie to sketch out the locations of windows and doors on your cardboard box canvas. 

With a steady hand, wield a box cutter to carve out these designs meticulously. 

If you’re aiming for an interactive element, carefully cut around ¾ of the door, leaving one side attached to create a door that swings open.

Step 3: Make A Roof & Other Embellishments

Cut two long rectangular roof pieces from your additional cardboard to complete the structure. 

Securing them with either hot glue or tape, you’ll transform your house into a full-fledged haunted mansion. 

This is also the time to unleash your inner sorcerer by crafting additional accessories, like tombstones or eerie trees, to enhance the spooky allure further.

Step 4: Sprinkle The House With Decorations

Use paint to add color and life to your haunted house. Draw ghosts, witches, and other spooky things on the cardboard walls. Let your imagination guide you.

But what can you find in a haunted house?

Step 5: Set The Mood & Add More Decorations

Make your haunted house even spookier by adding tissue paper behind the windows. This will look like ghosts in the windows. 

You can also cut shapes in the cardboard and shine a light through them to create eerie shadows.

Lastly, when your haunted house is ready, it’s time to have fun. Put small toys inside to bring your haunted house to life. 

Imagine stories and let your toys explore this spooky world you’ve created.

Do Bugs Like Dry Cardboard?

Cardboards can invite pests such as silverfish, termites [1], and even rodents. 

These creatures, including roaches, are lured by the dark, moist, and concealed spaces that cardboard boxes offer. 

So, to reduce the likelihood of these pests appearing, always ensure storage areas remain clean and dry.

Do Molds Grow In Cardboard Boxes?

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are a breeding ground for mold [2] due to their porous and moisture-absorbing nature. This combination creates an ideal environment for mold growth to flourish. 

“Don’t just recycle cardboard—resurrect it as a spine-chilling haunted house masterpiece.”

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It’s essential to store cardboard boxes in dry conditions and to avoid exposing them to excess moisture to prevent the unwanted emergence of mold.

How Do You Make Your Home A Haunted House?

  • Bloody Hand Prints: Create an eerie atmosphere by placing “bloody” hand prints on your windows, sending shivers down spines.
  • Ghostly Hangings: Drape ghost decorations in strategic spots to add an ethereal touch to your haunted haven.
  • Spider Web Magic: Weave spider webs throughout your space for a creepy, abandoned ambiance.
  • Cemetery Vibes: Craft a mini cemetery with tombstone props to invoke a sense of the supernatural.
  • Scarecrow Guardian: Craft a scarecrow to stand sentinel, guarding your haunted domain.
  • Fog Machine Enchantment: Infuse mist using a fog machine for an eerie, mysterious atmosphere.
  • Evil Eyes: Scatter ominous-looking evil eyes to add an element of the unknown.
  • Spine-Chilling Sound Effects: Set the mood with haunting sound effects that heighten the sense of dread.

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What do you call a house made of cardboard?

A pioneering example is the Wikkelhouse—a sustainable marvel crafted predominantly from cardboard. 

This innovative dwelling boasts an exquisite design and impressive structural integrity. 

What’s the best thing you can make from a piece of cardboard?

Cardboard’s versatility allows for various creative uses. Some of the best things you can craft include a car, such as the interior of the Lexus origami car or a playhouse. 

What is the number one scariest haunted house?

The infamous Headless Horseman, nestled in New York’s Hudson Valley, reigns as the scariest haunted house. 

With its origins dating back to an 18th-century horse exchange tavern, this haunted attraction offers a spine-chilling experience within the walls of a historic manor, embodying the essence of eerie tales from centuries past.

Find out at what age you can go to a haunted house here.

In Summary

In summarizing this exciting cardboard haunted house adventure, you’ve learned how to craft a spooky masterpiece step by step. 

From making the base and adding windows and doors to getting creative with paint and decorations, you have the tools to create your eerie world. 

But remember, bugs like silverfish and termites are also drawn to cardboard. So, as you enjoy your creation, keep your storage areas clean and dry to avoid any uninvited guests.


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