How To Keep Engagement Ring And Wedding Band Together

How To Keep Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Together: Solved

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Have you ever faced the challenge of managing your wedding band and engagement ring at the same time? I certainly have.

As someone who’s been down the aisle and worn the ring of commitment for years, I know the importance of keeping your engagement ring and wedding band together. 

Losing either one can be heart-wrenching, not to mention the hassle of finding a replacement. But how to keep an engagement ring and wedding band together? 

With that, I’ve discovered simple yet effective hacks that unite these symbols of love. Keep reading. 

4 Simple Ways To Keep Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Together

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1. Ring Guards

A ring guard or wrap is a structure you can fasten around your engagement ring [1] to keep it in place. 

It wraps around the ring, holding it steady and preventing it from moving around too much.

2. Ring Soldering

This is a permanent solution to keep your engagement ring and wedding band together. In this process, a jeweler will fuse the two rings using a small amount of metal. 

“The thought of a ring around my finger always made me feel tied tight because rings had no openings to get out of.”

Shirley Jackson, American Writer

While this keeps your rings securely together, the process is irreversible without further professional intervention. But do engagement rings considered a gift?

3. Ring Clip/Connector

This is a little device that slides over the two rings to hold them together. Take it off without hurting the rings, making it an ideal short-term option.

4. Custom Made Bridal Set

Having your engagement ring and wedding band explicitly crafted so that they may be worn together is a solution that will run you more money but also looks more refined. 

Some jewelers offer interlocking ring designs that fit together like puzzle pieces. Find out why men wear black wedding rings here.

How Do You Wear It Together? 

Traditionally, you should wear your engagement ring and wedding band together on the left-hand ring finger – your wedding band must be closest to the heart [2], and put the engagement ring after. 

“Like two souls intertwined in a dance, let your engagement ring and wedding band embrace each other, forever united on the journey of love.”

Howkapow Gift Site

During the wedding ceremony, you can move your engagement ring to your right hand and switch them back afterward. 

There’s no set rule on how you should wear the rings; it’s up to your personal preference. You could have them soldered together, wear them on separate hands, or alternate between them.

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Should There Be A Space Between The Engagement & Wedding Rings?

Hand Holding Wedding Band and Engagement Ring

There is no correct method when wearing your wedding and engagement rings. Some people like how it looks when the wedding band fits right next to the engagement ring. 

Others may leave a small space between the two rings, allowing each piece to be appreciated individually. But when should you stop wearing the wedding ring?

Is It Best To Get A Big Or Small Engagement Ring?

If you’re unsure what size ring you need, it is best to have it sized up, which means It is far simpler to make adjustments to a ring that is too large than it is to a small ring.

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Do’s & Don’t Of Wearing An Engagement Ring


  1. Do Clean It Regularly: Keep your ring sparkling by cleaning it regularly. You can use a jewelry cleaning solution or mild soap and warm water. Or gently scrub the ring with a soft toothbrush. Always dry it thoroughly after cleaning.
  2. Do Get It Insured: Engagement rings can be expensive, and getting them insured is a good idea just in case something happens.
  3. Do Take It Off When Necessary: There are times when you should take off your ring to prevent damage. This includes swimming, cleaning, gardening, exercising, or anything else that could harm the ring.
  4. Do Get It Checked Regularly: Your ring’s setting may become loose over time. So, you should have your ring examined by a jeweler annually or frequently if you have any concerns about its stability.


  1. Don’t Remove It In Public: Avoid taking your ring off in public places as it increases the risk of getting lost or stolen.
  2. Don’t Let It Come Into Contact With Harsh Chemicals: Cleaning products, chlorine in swimming pools, and cosmetics can damage your ring. It’s best to remove your ring when cleaning or applying makeup.

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Does the bride go down the aisle wearing her engagement ring?

The bride usually goes down the aisle wearing her engagement ring on her right finger. 

Do you keep wearing your engagement ring after you’ve gotten married?

Yes, most people wear their engagement rings after getting married. Typically, the engagement ring is worn with the wedding band. 

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Is it considered rude not to wear a wedding ring?

It’s up to the person’s preference, but not wearing a wedding ring is not considered rude. But how much is a wedding band made of 14-karat gold worth?

In Summary

In mastering the art of ring-wearing, remember balance. I’ve fused my bands through ring investing in ring guards and soldering—a forever commitment to togetherness. 

Yet, for flexibility, ring connectors or clips offer less permanence. Regular cleaning and check-ups with a jeweler keep my ring sparkling and secure. 

But beware, the ring isn’t invincible. Daily routines like gardening or swimming can harm it. So, having insurance offers peace of mind. 

Take it from me; cherishing your ring is about striking harmony between love, care, and a touch of practicality. It’s not just an ornament—it’s an embodiment of commitment, handled with care. 


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