How To Host A Gingerbread House Decorating Party

How To Host A Gingerbread House Decorating Party?

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Organizing a gingerbread house decorating event has the potential to bring individuals together in a enjoyable and celebratory manner.

Today, we’ll guide you on how to host a gingerbread house decorating party that’ll have your guests unleash their inner artist. Read on. 

9 Fun Tips To Throw A Gingerbread House Decorating Party

Tip 1: Choose A Date & Send Out Invitations 

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Organizing an event can be tricky when considering everyone’s schedule. But once you’ve settled on the perfect date, the next step is to get the word out. 

You can send invitations through email, mail, or social media platforms. Ensure your invitations include all the important details like the date, time, location, and dress code. 

Plan and give people enough time to arrange their schedules and RSVP. You should also keep in mind the tone of your event when creating the invitations. 

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Tip 2: Prepare The Gingerbread Houses

Making gingerbread houses is the key to a successful house decorating party. 

Gather all your materials beforehand, like gingerbread dough, icing, candy, and decorations. You can either make the houses from scratch or buy a kit. 

If you decide to make them, bake the gingerbread a few days before the party to give it time to harden. This makes it easier to handle when it’s time to decorate. 

Tip 3: Set Up A Decorating Station

Gingerbread House Decorating Party

Giving your guests plenty of room to decorate their gingerbread houses comfortably and having all the tools they need close at hand is essential. 

Set up a table or countertop with a tablecloth or cover to protect the surface. Place the gingerbread houses and bowls of icing, candies, and other decorations on the table. 

Give each person a piping bag filled with icing and a small spatula for spreading. 

You should also provide some examples or inspiration boards of gingerbread house designs to get their creative juices flowing.

Tip 4: Provide A Variety Of Icing & Decorations

If you want to host the perfect gingerbread house decorating party, you’ll need a variety of icing and decorations. 

Go for classic colors like white and red or something bold like green or blue. You can provide candy, sprinkles, gumdrops, peppermints [1], and candy canes for decorations. 

To make it extra special, add some icing tubes, edible glitter, and tiny candies to decorate with.

Tip 5: Offer Decorating Tools

Various decorating tools can make decorating much easier and more enjoyable for your guests. 

“We’re like the wicked witch. We promise gingerbread, then eat the little brats alive.”

Orson Scott Card, American Writer

Consider providing icing bags, spatulas, pastry bags, sprinkles, candy canes, gumdrops, and other fun and festive decorations. But how do you decorate a birthday table?

Tip 6: Encourage Creativity

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Let your guests get creative with a wide range of supplies. Get them to make something original by experimenting with various colors, textures, and patterns. 

You can even have a friendly competition and give prizes for the most creative or original gingerbread houses. 

Tip 7: Provide Aprons Or Smocks

Make sure your guests stay clean and mess-free by providing aprons or smocks. This way, they can decorate to their heart’s content without worrying about ruining their clothes. 

Not only will they be able to enjoy the experience more, but it also adds a fun, festive touch to the party. 

Besides, provide a variety of apron sizes so everyone can be comfortable while they decorate.

Tip 8: Plan A Festive Atmosphere

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Set the mood for your gingerbread house decorating party with festive decorations such as string lights, tinsel, and a holiday-inspired tablecloth. 

Playing cheerful holiday tunes in the background will help create a merry atmosphere. Keep everyone warm and cozy with a hot cocoa bar [2] offering different flavors and toppings. 

Don’t forget some seasonal snacks, like candy canes and ginger snaps, to complete the festive vibe. Know how to throw a bonfire night party here.

Tip 9: Set Up A Voting & Awards System

Invite your guests to have a blast decorating the gingerbread houses together. 

When it’s time to vote, create some fun categories such as “most creative,” “most realistic,” and “most festive” to add some variety to the process. 

After that, once the votes are tallied, award the winners ribbons, certificates, or even small prizes to show off their decorating skills and make them proud of their creations.

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How long does a gingerbread house need to sit before decorating it?

A gingerbread house should sit for at least 24 hours before decorating it to give the walls and roof time to harden and become more stable.

Is it okay to put a gingerbread house in the fridge?

Yes, it is okay to put a gingerbread house in the fridge. It will help keep the gingerbread house from being stale and preserve its freshness.

In Summary

You and your guests can have a great time and make some great memories by getting together to decorate a gingerbread house. 

Using our tips and tricks, you can pull off a great event that everyone will remember. 

Whether for birthdays or any other occasion, a gingerbread house decorating party is a great way to get creative and make memories with your loved ones. 


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