How To Give A Kindle Book As A Gift

How To Give A Kindle Book As A Gift: Beginner’s Guide

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Are you having a hard time picking out the perfect gift for someone special? Consider giving them the joy of reading and entertainment through a Kindle book.

With just a few clicks, you can gift a Kindle book, providing hours of reading enjoyment for your special someone. 

As such, our team will show you how to give a Kindle book as a gift and make sure it arrives on time for the special occasion. Read on. 

Step By Step Guide To Giving A Kindle Book As A Gift

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  1. Go to Amazon and login to your account. Find the Kindle book you want to give as a gift. You can search for it using the search bar or browse through the Kindle store.
  2. Look for the “Give a Gift” or “Buy for others” button on the book’s product page, then click on it.
  3. Enter the recipient’s email address, and select the delivery date. You can choose to have the gift delivered immediately or on a specific date.
  4. You can also include a personalized message to the recipient. Choose whether or not to have the gift sent via email or print out a gift card.
  5. Click the “Place Your Order” button to complete the purchase.
  6. If you choose to have the gift sent via email, Amazon will email the recipient with instructions on redeeming the gift. But if you want to print out a gift card, you can either print it out and give it to the recipient in person or send it to them via email.

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What’s Great About Giving Kindle Books

1. You can instantly deliver your gift with Kindle books [1]. You don’t need to worry about shipping times or delays in delivery. 

The recipient will receive their gift as soon as you complete the purchase.

2. Kindle books are convenient gifts. The recipient can read the book on their Kindle device, phone, or computer, and they don’t need to worry about storing physical books.

3. The Kindle store has a vast selection of books, including bestsellers, classics, and self-published works, ensuring you’ll find the perfect book for your recipient.

4. They are often cheaper than physical books, so you can give the gift of reading without breaking the bank.

5. Aside from that, it’s easy to use and navigate, making them an excellent gift for people who are not tech-savvy.

6. Lastly, digital books take up no physical space, making them an ideal gift for someone with limited room for physical books.

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What Happens If You Give A Kindle Book To Someone Who Already Has It?

3 Kindle Book

If you give someone a Kindle book they already have, the recipient will receive an email notification from Amazon letting them know they already have the book in their library. 

The email will also provide instructions on exchanging the gift for an equal-value Amazon gift card. 

“A book is a garden, an orchard, a storehouse, a party, a company by the way, a counselor, a multitude of counselors.”

– Charles Baudelaire, French Poet

And the recipient will use the gift card to purchase another Kindle book or anything else available on Amazon. 

But if the gift was purchased using a credit card, the giver can request a refund. But what are ways to give boudoir photos as a gift?

Why Can’t You Purchase A Kindle Book On The Amazon App?

Amazon Kindle books are digital versions of physical books, which are only available to purchase on the Amazon website. 

Hence, you cannot purchase a Kindle book on the Amazon app. 

It’s because the Amazon app does not have the same functionality as the Amazon website, and it cannot support the digital format of a Kindle book. 

For example, the app has different search capabilities and offers the same level of customer support as the website. 

Plus, it does not have the same payment processing options, which means that customers would not be able to buy a Kindle book on the app. 

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Can you get free Kindle books with Amazon Prime?

Yes, getting one Kindle book for free with Amazon Prime each month is possible. And you can borrow one book for free from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library each month.

How much does a Kindle subscription cost?

A Kindle subscription typically costs $9.99 per month. Additionally, Amazon also offers a free 30-day trial for first-time subscribers.

But can you give a Kindle unlimited subscription to someone?

What’s the distinction between Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime Reading?

With a Kindle Unlimited membership, you can access a library of over one million titles, including books, audiobooks, and periodicals.

Meanwhile, Amazon Prime Reading is included with an Amazon Prime membership, giving you access to about 1,000 e-books and magazines.

Do books in Kindle Unlimited expire?

No, books in Kindle Unlimited do not expire. Kindle Unlimited subscribers can keep the books [2] they borrow for as long as they like, as long as their subscription remains active.

How many books can be stored on a Kindle?

A Kindle can store up to 1,000 books, depending on the model and memory size. It also can store hundreds of magazines, newspapers, and other documents.

Key Takeaways

Buying someone a Kindle book as a present is a fantastic way to show them how much you care. 

Not only is it convenient and cost-effective, but it also allows the recipient to choose from many books. 

Plus, it can be sent instantly, so you don’t have to worry about shipping or waiting for a physical book to arrive. 

Whether you’re looking for a last-minute gift or want to give a unique experience, a Kindle book is sure to make your loved one smile.


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